Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sean Whalen

I was NOT a fan of Obama.

Didn’t like him at all and I thought he was a terrible leader.

That being said, I NEVER wished failure on him.


I NEVER wished personal harm to him or his family.

I NEVER hoped or wished for tragedy to come to him.

Wishing the leader of my country to FAIL is the equivalent of saying I hope the pilot of my plane fails.

I’ve never seen anything like the hatred and vile towards TRUMP.


It’s unfathomable how people truly wish this man failure and even death.

How can you call the man a Nazi?

Do you have any idea what the Nazis actually did?

They murdered MILLIONS of people.

Hitler literally orchestrated DEATH.
He stood on podiums and declared such.

Do you see TRUMP murdering MILLIONS?

Has he spoken of murdering you or your neighbor or a race or creed of people?

No he hasn’t.

I’ve literally been called a racist, bigot, homophobe and Nazi just because I support him.

Jesus people, get a damn grip.

It’s ok to dislike someone without wishing DEATH and FAILURE to them and their family.

Some of y’all are disgusting human beings.

You think you’re all noble and virtuous by wishing the leader of YOUR NATION to fail?

You think it’s ok to call the man a Nazi yet he’s literally the exact OPPOSITE but because you’re ignorant to world history you think it’s ok or funny?

What kind of human wishes another mans family death?

What does it say about you as a human being that you punch and hit people for supporting the POTUS?

It’s unreal the amount of hatred people have and how it’s consumed some of you.

Literally you pray for his failure.

Fathom that.

It’s not only insane, it’s absolutely telling of what type of person you are.

I did not like Obama, but I never wished him harm or failure.

Lastly, if TRUMP were to “fail” then what?

The rich are still rich.
The poor are still poor.

If TRUMP “fails” how does that benefit you, help you, empower you or enrich you?

It doesn’t.

It does nothing for you and the next person will step in and rich will still be rich, poor will still be poor.

And very simply, you’ll still be a bitter and uneducated asshole.

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