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Here's What's Happening with the 10 House Republicans Who Voted for Trump's Second Impeachment  Aaron Parsley - Yesterday 10:55 AM 

Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to be impeached for a second time by the House of Representatives on Jan. 13, 2021, when 10 Republicans joined all 222 Democrats in charging him with incitement of insurrection after the U.S. Capitol was attacked by a pro-Trump mob the week prior

Trump was previously impeached in December 2019 on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress related to his Ukraine scandal, though no Republican members of the House voted in favor of his impeachment then.

Both times, he was acquitted by the Senate, allowing him to remain in office

Since he left the White House, Trump has remained extremely relevant in Republican politics, endorsing candidates he supports — and who support him — while often speaking out against those he considers as disloyal.

What's become of the 10 Republicans who crossed party lines in 2021 to impeach the leader of the GOP? Four announced their retirement from Congress. Six decided to run for reelection this year, where they've been met with mixed results. Here's how they're faring: 


A Wyoming Republican with a conservative legacy (her father is former Vice President Dick Cheney), Rep. Liz Cheney has become one of the most outspoken adversaries of former President Trump. She's the vice chair of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and has taken center stage during its public hearings this summer.


Fox News Is Reportedly Banning Donald Trump From The Network   RoyalPatriot 

( )- The New York Times reports that Fox News hasn’t had Trump on in over 100 days as part of a plot to erase him as a GOP player.

Trump last appeared on “Hannity” on April 13th. Trump has grumbled his old pal “doesn’t give him much attention anymore,” the Times reported Friday. Trump feels Fox’s tactic of avoiding him is an effort to “displace him” from the news cycle and as GOP leader.

The Murdoch-owned New York Post and The Wall Street Journal criticized Trump’s Jan. 6 moves and opposed a 2024 presidential run. The Times reported Trump’s refusal to accept the 2020 election outcome was at the heart of the Murdochs’ criticism of the former president.

Trump’s sudden dislike for Fox News is not unlike his feeling toward CNN. Trump blamed their coverage of his administration for his 2020 defeat to Joe Biden.

This week, Trump called “Fox & Friends” “awful” and “dark” on Truth Social.

Trump has pointed out that former House Speaker Paul Ryan, an anti_trump RINO, is on Fox Corp.’s board of directors.

Fox has reportedly tried to replace Trump with other GOP 2024 candidates, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. has recently aired interviews with ersatz Trump “supporters” who “unanimously” endorsed DeSantis for 2024.

Newsmax presenter Eric Bolling remarked last week that he’d spent 11 years at Fox. He knows nothing prerecorded that touches a Fox screen without top-level management approval, especially during an election.

Former Fox News analyst Dick Morris, now with Newsmax, said The Times’ findings shouldn’t surprise viewers.
“Lachlan Murdoch wants Fox to be more like CNN,” stated Morris.

Morris said that the Fox ban of Trump is politically motivated, not based on journalistic value, since Trump leads the Republican Party,

Recent surveys show Trump overwhelming Republican primary opponents.

A Harvard-Harris survey showed Trump with 56% of the vote versus 7 GOP candidates, including DeSantis with 16%.

Morris’s new book, “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback,” says Trump will win the forthcoming Republican primary and is the only GOP candidate who can beat the Democrats in 2024.

Morris pointed out that millions of former Fox News viewers now watch Newsmax. They cover genuine news, including the ex- and future president.

Fox’s wealthy chairman, Rupert Murdoch, and his son, business CEO Lachlan Murdoch, support the choice to ignore Trump.

Both Republicans purportedly dislike Trump.

The FBI is too all powerful...the American "GESTOPO"

Is There Another FBI Spy In The Trump Orbit? (Ep. 1828) - Published August 11, 2022 

In this episode, I address the growing fallout from the scandalous raid of Mar a Lago. I also address breaking news about the troubling case.

Peter Strzok. Lisa Page, James Comey,

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, with almost four decades of membership in the House and Senate, openly warned incoming President Trump in January 2017 against criticizing the U.S. intelligence community because U.S. intelligence officials have six ways from Sunday to get back at you” if you are “dumb” enough to take them on.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Trump Attorney to Newsmax: FBI Raided Despite Cooperation   Newsmax 

Christina Bobb, a lawyer for Donald Trump, told Newsmax that the FBI raided the former president's Mar-a-Lago residence despite his legal team's prior cooperation with the agency.

Bobb said during a Wednesday interview on "Eric Bolling The Balance" that she believed Trump's attorneys gave the government "access to whatever they wanted access to" since June.

"There was a lead attorney in Washington, D.C., who ... came down personally to Mar-a-Lago to meet them and give them access. And then the next thing I know, I'm getting a phone call they're raiding the place," Bobb said of the supposed classified files.

"I had no other interaction with them between that, so it was a bit mind-boggling to me, and it seemed extremely unnecessary and a gross overreach of authoritarian power," she added.

Bobb also said she is under the impression that "there was not a very good probable cause" for the warrant Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart issued to the FBI to conduct their raid on Trump's Florida residence.

Reinhart has received some criticism for approving the raid as information on his background has steadily come to the surface.

Newsweek reported Wednesday that Reinhart was a donor to former President Barack Obama and had served previously as a legal counsel to employees of notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

"Of course, I don't actually know what they based their probable cause on because they sealed that," Bobb said. "But it seems a little bit overkill, and the fact that's the background of the judge seems to align with that."

Although Bobb stated she had seen the warrant and had a general idea of the cause, the Trump attorney refused to publicly disclose its contents, saying it wasn't her "call to make."

"I have seen the warrant. I have voiced my frustration. I don't think the search was warranted, was necessary. But if and when the attorneys running this case decide to do that, I'm sure they'll make it available or decide not to. That's their call," she said.

Dan Bongino Explodes Over FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago, Offers ‘Solution’ To Fix The Problem  By Daily Wire News Aug 8, 2022

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino erupted Monday afternoon after the FBI executed a search warrant at the Florida home of former President Donald Trump.

The investigation is centered around classified material that Trump brought with him to Mar-a-Lago from the White House.

“Yeah, I mean, you think this is some third world bulls**t right here. Let me say it again. Third world bulls**t. I mean every word of that,” Bongino said. “I don’t care that it’s cable news. I was a federal agent. I raised my right hand and I swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and I love this country.

“This is a freakin’ disgrace, a disgrace. We don’t live in Cuba. We don’t live under Kim Jong Un. We live in a constitutional republic, a representative democracy,” he continued. “Hillary Clinton paid off a bunch of foreign agents, her team, literally to fabricate a story that occupied the nation for four years. What’s she doing right now? Getting a manicure in freakin Chappaqua. She’s not doing squat. Nothing.”

“Hunter Biden is having sex on tape while doing crack, while doing crack, and what is he doing? He’s living in a Malibu mansion,” Bongino continued. “The management of the FBI has now shredded any single shred, sliver of credibility this agency had left. Nobody will take them seriously from this point on. It is over.”

“You is you cannot tell me we still live in a constitutional republic and not the freakin’ third world when you have Hillary Clinton paying foreign agents to interfere with an election, people lying under oath repeatedly, Hunter Biden doing crack on tape,” he added. “And what happens? Where are the federal agents? They’re not in Malibu. They’re not in Chappaqua. They’re in Mar a Lago.”

Bongino concluded by saying that “the solution” to the problem was for voters to show up in the midterm elections and vote for Republicans, even if they don’t like Republicans, because he said that Democrats were the source of people’s problems right now.

“Here’s the solution, last thing, we have now got to win in 2022. You have no choice now, folks,” he said. “We don’t like the swampy Republicans. I don’t like them either. Republicans may not be the solution to your problems, but Democrats are certainly the cause of all your problems right now. If there was ever a clarion call to remove your ass from the seat and go vote in 2022, this is it.”

So FBI, why no raid of Hunter Biden's house?! FBI Director Christopher Wray is guiding the agency the wrong way, fast

FBI searched Melania’s wardrobe, spent hours in Trump’s private office during Mar-a-Lago raid   By Miranda Devine | New York Post  Published 

Federal agents at Trump residence from 9:00am until 6:30pm

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

She was probably DRUNK !!

Pelosi: Doesn't Remember US Military 'Ever Telling Us Not To' Visit Taiwan  By    |   Wednesday, 10 August 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't remember the U.S. military "ever telling us not to go" to Taiwan.

"I don't remember them ever telling us not to go," Pelosi told reporters Wednesday. "We are very proud of our military. Their preparation actually, I think, minimized the impact of the Chinese on our trip. So they took very good care of us."

Pelosi, D-Calif., last week visited Asia, a trip denounced by Chinese President Xi Jinping and many U.S. Republican lawmakers. China said Pelosi's visit to Taiwan violated the "one-China policy" and launched a series of military exercises around the self-governing island in response.

Pelosi condemned China's efforts to "isolate" Taiwan from the world and defended her visit as necessary to "salute this thriving democracy."

"What we saw with China is that they were trying to establish a new normal," Pelosi said. "And we just can't let that happen."

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The DemoRats know they can't beat Trump legally, so now , out come all the DIRTY TRICKS they can think up. LOOKING FOR ANYTHING TO USE AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT !! FISHING !!

DeSantis, Rubio, Fried, Crist: How Florida leaders are reacting to Mar-a-Lago raid  Aug 9, 2022  FOX 13 Tampa

As the federal investigation into former President Trump continues, reactions are pouring in across the country, including here in the Sunshine State. The governor, the candidates running against him, and Florida lawmakers are all weighing in. Many Republicans are criticizing the surprise raid while DemoRats applauded the move. MORE:

Biden was ‘not aware’ of FBI search on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago before it was conducted, White House says  Rebecca MorinKevin Johnson


Attorney General Merrick Garland (AKA "Herr Garland") 'could not be confident' that Trump would have complied with a grand jury subpoena: Mueller lawyer
Raw Story - 5h ago  By Brad Reed  

'could not be confident' that Trump would have complied...But didn't give a chance to find out ... HE ASSUMED !

The FBI search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort on Monday sent shockwaves through Washington D.C. -- and attorney Andrew Weissmann believes there's no way Attorney General Merrick Garland would have signed off on it without good reason to believe that Trump would have blown off a lawful subpoena.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Weissmann broke down exactly why Garland would have opted to go with a search warrant for the documents rather than a subpoena.

You use a search warrant, and not a subpoena, when you don’t believe that the person is actually going to comply," he said. "For me, the biggest takeaway is that the Attorney General of the United States had to make the determination that it was appropriate in this situation to proceed by search warrant because they could not be confident that the former President of the United States would comply with a grand-jury subpoena."

Weissmann also speculated that Trump could have asserted Fifth Amendment protections as reason to not supply with a subpoena under the so-called "act of production" privilege.

"It’s a part of the Fifth Amendment that says you don’t have to produce documents in your possession if the act of producing them would be incriminating," he said. "So, for instance, there is a lot of speculation that this is about whether the former President has classified documents in his possession that he should not have. If he produced those pursuant to a subpoena, that would be incriminating himself, because it would show that he had them and knew where they were."

Read the full interview at this link.

Dan Bongino goes off on the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Iago residence   Aug 8, 2022  Sunday roast   Fox news

fox new contributor Dan bongino went off on the FBI raid on trump residential home in Florida maralago this is some third world bs


Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/8/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 8, 2022   RGG EMDÄ°R


Jesse Watters: If you thought Hunter Biden's business deals were shady, just wait   Aug 8, 2022  FOX NEWS

Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to Nancy Pelosi bringing her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., on her trip to Taiwan on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.' #FoxNews #jessewattersprimetime

Biden Gives Befuddled Speech about Spending Bill

Biden says ‘inflation’ bill funds healthcare, ‘God knows what else’ in bizarre speech   By Steven Nelson  August 8, 2022

President Biden seemed unfamiliar Monday with the specifics of the massive spending bill dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act that Senate Democrats passed Sunday, saying it funds healthcare “and God knows what else.”

Moments earlier, Biden misstated the size of last year’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law while touring flood damage in the Kentucky hamlet of Lost Creek.

“We’ve never done this before, but because of a number of things we got done on a bipartisan basis — like a billion, 200 million-dollar infrastructure project — like what we’re doing today, we passed yesterday, helping take care of everything from health care to God knows what else,” Biden said.

“What we’re going to do is — we’re going to see, for example, they got to put a new water line in in the community,” the president went on, speaking without a prepared script.As President Biden toured flood damage in Kentucky, he said that the Inflation Reduction Act recently passed in the Senate funds health care and “God knows what else.”AP

“There’s no reason why they can’t at the same time be digging a line that puts in a whole new modern line for Internet connections. Why? Why can’t we do that? So it’s going to be different. We’re going to come back better than before.”

Biden spoke for only about four minutes while standing in front of a condemned mobile home on his first official trip since recovering from a “rebound” case of COVID-19.

At one point in his remarks, Biden suggested it may become possible to control the weather, before jokingly telling his audience, which included Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear and Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), that it was time to “run laps.”Biden incorrectly stated the size of last year’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure spending law during his speech.  REUTERS

“We’re all Americans. Everybody has an obligation to help. We have the capacity to do this. It’s not like it’s beyond our control. The weather may be out beyond our control for now. But it’s not beyond our control,” Biden said.

Biden’s remarks about the Senate-passed package were flagged by conservatives, who said Biden had underscored their argument that the bill isn’t about lowering inflation, which soared to an annual rate of 9.1% in June.

RNC deputy rapid response director Kyle Martinsen tweeted, “Biden basically admits the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is not about bringing down inflation. 



Mylan, which controlled 96 percent of the US market for epiephrine auto-injectors, was able to engage in these shenanigans by colluding with Pfizer, the owner of EpiPen’s competitor, Adrenaclick. Pfizer withdrew Adrenaclick from the market, delivering a monopoly to Mylan, in return for a cut of the price-gouging proceeds, which would allow Pfizer to earn more than it would by producing a cheaper competitor. (Interestingly, over the course of this price-gouging episode, Mylan was among the largest donors to the campaign of Democratic senator Joe Manchin, who is also the father of Mylan’s CEO, Heather Bresch. As the Intercept revealed last year, her mother, Gayle Manchin, then head of the National Association of State Boards of Education, encouraged states to force schools to stock her daughter’s lifesaving and, very expensive, monopoly commodity.)


REMEMBER...If they can do this to an ex-potus/probable pres. candidate, think about WHAT THEY COULD DO TO YOU !!! .


Judicial Watch
The unprecedented, reckless and wildly abusive FBI raid on Trump's home shows the Biden administration is hurtling towards despotism. This raid is part of the worst political scandal in the American history -- the Obama-Biden Deep State abuse of President Trump. Pray for America!


Monday, August 8, 2022

“Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before.”

'Dark Times': Trump Slams FBI Raid at His Mar-a-Lago Home as a Political Assault By    |   Monday, 08 August 2022  NEWSMAX

Former President Donald Trump on Monday said his opponents "desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024" and will "likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections."That, he said, is why FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday even though he said he had been "working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies."

Calling the unprecedented move against a former president "dark times for our Nation," and saying the action was no different thatn Watergate and had turned the United States into a "broken Third-World," counry Trump issued a lengthy statement condemning the action.

Trump issued a statement reading:

These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before. They even broke into my safe! What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.

The political persecution of President Donald J. Trump has been going on for years, with the now fully debunked Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and so much more, it just never ends. It is political targeting at the highest level!

Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 E-mails AFTER they were subpoenaed by Congress. Absolutely nothing has happened to hold her accountable. She even took antique furniture, and other items from the White House.

I stood up to America’s bureaucratic corruption, I restored power to the people, and truly delivered for our Country, like we have never seen before. The establishment hated it. Now, as they watch my endorsed candidates win big victories, and see my dominance in all polls, they are trying to stop me, and the Republican Party, once more. The lawlessness, political persecution, and Witch Hunt must be exposed and stopped.

I will continue to fight for the Great American People!

The U.S. Justice Department decline to comment.

Justice has launched an early-stage investigation into Trump's removal of official presidential records to his Florida estate, a source familiar with the matter said in April.

The investigation comes after the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration in February notified Congress that it had recovered about 15 boxes of White House documents from Trump's Florida home, some of which contained classified materials.

The U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee at that time announced it was expanding an investigation into Trump's actions and asked the Archives to turn over additional information. Trump previously confirmed that he had agreed to return certain records to the Archives, calling it "an ordinary and routine process.

It is "particularly urgent" political adviser Dick Morris, told Newsmax to "for us to elect Donald Trump president again. Our entire country depends upon it. A system of government depends upon it. Here's the demo every banana republic in the world -- and I've worked all over the world -- arrests their former presidents . They go to jail and they get tried, and inevitably, they get found guilty, and they usually get condemned to house arrest. And if we start doing that, me, United States we are sunk."

Reuters contributed to this report.

Nikki Haley provides a peek into just how transphobic the GOP's presidential primary will be   LGBTQ Nation - 14m ago

transgender issues could take center stage in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, as former UN ambassador Nikki Haley (R) showed in a recent interview where she railed against trans-inclusive policies in schools and the military.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, the former South Carolina governor spouted transphobia when responding to a question about her possible candidacy for president.

“I look at what’s happening with this woke culture, in our schools, wantingour kids to decide their gender. I look at the fact that we’ve got men playing women’s sports. I look at the fact that we’ve got our military focused on gender pronoun classes,” Haley responded.

“What I will tell you is we need to snap out of it,” she continued. “This is absolute craziness. We’ve got enemies trying to come after us, and America has been naive. It’s been weakened. It’s been asleep at the wheel.”

While it might seem odd that, considering all of the problems facing Americans, Haley would respond to such a question with transphobia. But her response seemingly falls in line with the election playbook of Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA).

Youngkin won over Virginia voters in 2021 by capitalizing on voter fears about “woke” trans-inclusive policies and lessons about institutional racism in schools. He said that such policies and curricula override parents’ wishes of how they want their children to be educated.

Youngkin also supported the banning of LGBTQ books from school libraries and spread disinformation claiming that one district’s trans-inclusive bathroom policy led to a child’s sexual assault. In truth, the assault allegedly occurred before the policy was even adopted.

Youngkin’s 2021 campaign foreshadowed the Republicans’ 2022 midterm campaign strategy. Now, Republicans across the country have introduced over 240 anti-LGBTQ bills in state legislatures, most of which target trans-inclusive school policies, including the right of trans students to enter bathrooms and sports teams matching their gender identities.

These divisive bills are largely meant to engage the far-right evangelical voter base and to persuade fearful undecided voters who worry that trans-inclusive policies will endanger their children’s safety, athletic scholarships, and personal beliefs about gender.

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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Hypocrisy: Senate Democrats Cancel COVID Policy Ahead of HeftyInflation Act Vote  Sarah Arnold  Posted: Aug 06, 2022

Senate Democrats are reportedly embracing a “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell” Wuhan Coronavirus protocol this weekend as they try to push a $764 billion spending bill through a 50-50 chamber.

Dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” it needs all 50 Democrat votes so that Vice President Kamala Harris can cast a tie-breaking vote in its favor.

Hence the abrupt change in policy.

Democrats know that just one positive Covid test can wreck their plans to pass the hefty bill, which many Republicans argue will actually make inflation worse.

“Senate Democrats, some of whom have decried their G.O.P. colleagues’ lenient attitude toward masking, have adopted an unofficial ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell,’ protocol of late, particularly as they endeavor to pass the historic Inflation Reduction Act this weekend,” a Senior Senate Aide told Puck News.

“They’re not going to delay it if a member has gotten COVID… Counterparts are saying they’re not going to test anymore. It’s not an official mandate but we all know we’re not letting COVID get in the way. The deal is happening. Less testing, just wear masks and get it done,” the Senate Aide added.

Another source reportedly told the outlet that “even if a senator did catch the virus, ‘“you can bring your ventilator and still vote.”’


After 2 solid years of attacking Republicans for not taking COVID seriously enough, they’re not even testing themselves anymore because they’re afraid of losing a vote on their climate tax and spend bill.