Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Without censorship, the Democratic Party can't continue to hold power   Fox News

Oct 31, 2022
Fox News host Tucker Carlson dissects the media's response to the attack on Paul Pelosi and how Democrats will try to capitalize on it on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #tucker

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Not my words, Just someone who has a lot of questions, As do I...

D**a L***d

DON'T GET ME WRONG...WHAT HAPPENED TO PAUL PELOSI is shouldn't happen to ANYONE....and I know that ALL OF OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH HIM and his family.....

BUT...2 + 2 are NOT MAKING 4...or, maybe I'm wrong...I just have some questions....maybe you know the answers...

Who EXACTLY heard the attacker yelling "WHERE'S NANCY????"
Did Paul have the where-with-all to tell that to the police as he was being hit with a hammer?

How was it that the police were there to see the attacker actually HIT PAUL with the hammer, and let it happen, without shooting him...

How is it that "THEY" (you know who "they" are) are saying that the attacker was a conspiracy theorist that believed in the "BIG LIE", and other FAR RIGHT theories....YET, he was homeless, lived in Berkley, made hemp bracelets, came home one day believing he was JESUS, abused his wife and children, was a nudist..

YET, this attack was DONALD TRUMP and his follower's fault!!!!

"MENTALLY ILL"? Nope he's a trump follower according to the news..

HOW IS IT that the home of 3rd in line to the presidency didn't have SECURITY CAMERAS and ALARMS EVERYWHERE????

HOW was it that Paul Pelosi told the attacker he had to use the bathroom, then called 911 and TALKED CODE so the attacker didn't know he was calling them...."The emergency services dispatcher, Heather Grimes, heard an exchange between Paul Pelosi and his attacker as he spoke in “code” to alert the authorities there was a problem. “What’s going on? Why are you here? What are you going to do to me?” Pelosi reportedly said while on the call."

SO, if Paul was in the bathroom calling 911, possibly woken up by a window being smashed with no reference to an alarm going off, came back into the room, was battling the attacker who was then smashing him in the head, when was there time for Paul to tell the police that the attacker said WHERE'S NANCY????? It seems like that would be the last thing he would report to the police as his skull was fractured....

AND ISN'T IT INTERESTING that the MAIN STREAM MEDIA said that the attacker was yelling "where's nancy" just like those recorded from the "insurrectionists" as they yelled the same "WHERE'S NANCY", as they went through the halls of Congress, which, of course, they played over and over again so they could lay blame on Trump and 1/6???


If you were going to break into Pelosi's why would they only have on their shirt, no pants, just his whitey tighties...


Why is the broken glass, on the door, on the OUTSIDE of the house, and not the inside????

Why wasn't the door that had the broken glass the same door that the intruder the pictures, it was still closed...only the 2 doors on the next bank of doors were open, not where you'd expect him to put his hand in the broken window and unlock that door.