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MAY 19, 2016
A budget item for a public school system has gotten the attention of citizens in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Public Schools’ proposed budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year includes $471,073 under an entry named “Black Lives Matter.”

A description in the proposal says that the school system will be devoting the funds to working on a partnership program that will “develop a cultural studies program,” and training for staff to improve student performance and culture through “meaningful dialogue and support on issues surrounding race and trauma.” Another part of the proposal listed under Black Lives Matter says the money will go towards the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which aims to improve social and academic performance of black male students.

The proposal has brought on confusion as to where the money is actually going. Black Lives Matter is an organization that has drawn criticism, but it is unclear whether they are actually the ones who are partnering with the school district.

Kyle Olson, founder of the local watchdog Education Action Group, told Fox News, “All I’ve seen from ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a fomentation of hatred against the police, increased racial division and making excuses for the combination of poor parenting and failed policies from big city liberal politicians.” But Tony Tagliavia, a Milwaukee Public Schools spokesman, told the network in a statement, “No funding is going to any Black Lives Matter organization.” He clarified that the money would be going towards hiring three social studies teachers and staff development.

According to WISN radio, the school district said the name Black Lives Matter was used to refer to “a group of people who espouse the value” of the movement.

The specific mentioning of the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative indicates that this is true.That program was launched by PresidentBarack Obama, not Black Lives Matter.
A cartoon comparing Michelle Obama to Melania Trump is igniting
 controversy across the internet. The cartoon displays the First Lady 
as angry and somewhat masculine, while Trump is featured as s
miling, elegant and patriotic. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

White Teacher Suspended After Black Student Calls Him The N-Word 

We have learned over the last couple of weeks that a white person may not use the N-word in any context or under any circumstance, but there’s a new wrinkle to these absurd race-based rules: if a white person gets called the N-word by a black person, the white person is still a racist and must have their life destroyed. This is no bullshit, a white teacher was suspended after a black student called him the N-word in New York.
CBS New York reports that Chris Passuello, a white gym teacher at Hewlett High School in Long Island, NY, has been suspended indefinitely after a confrontation with a black student. Apparently the black student was messing around on his phone and the teacher asked him to put it away.
“You don’t listen to anyone. I am respectfully asking you to put your phone down. You don’t. I’m respectfully asking you to stop talking. You don’t — You just don’t stop,” said Passuello.
“You don’t need to touch your face on my face. That’s the thing. You don’t have to take my f***ing bubble,” screamed the student.
Take my f*cking bubble? Whatever the hell that means, the teacher was not impressed.
“You are so tough You’re toughness is really intimidating,” said Passuello sarcastically.
At some point the black student calls the white gym teacher a “n*gger.” Why? Who knows, but Passuello finally lost his patience with this disrespectful student.
“You’re calling me a n*gger? You just called me a n*gger? Get out of the class,” demands Passuello.
The black student was breaking school rules, being disobedient, used profanity and a racial slur, but it was the white teacher who was suspended. Okay, sure Passuello also used the N-word, but he didn’t direct it at the black student, he used it in a question in response to being called the N-word.
The black student was also suspended from school, but let’s face it, he’s the only one that did anything wrong here. Plus he probably doesn’t want to be in school anyway, while the teacher definitely does want the paycheck he gets from teaching. I feel like only the teacher was really punished in this case.
The school district refused to comment on this situation. They wouldn’t say how long Passuello’s suspension was or when he would be reinstated, if ever. Yeah, the white gym teacher may have been fired for this.
Once again, white people may not use the N-word in any context but it’s totally cool for black people to use it against white people, which doesn’t make any sense at all. What makes even less sense is that white people can now have their livelihoods robbed from them if a black person calls them the N-word. Let’s call this the realization of a Sharptonian America.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

However, if it were a white man that made the FALSE claim, I'm sure he would have been charged......WHITE PRIVILEGE ???

University of Iowa student lied about violent hate crime

University of Iowa student Marcus Owen's injuries after altercations off campus on April 30, 2016.

© Owens family University of Iowa student Marcus Owen's injuries after altercations off campus on April 30, 2016. A black University of Iowa freshman who claimed he was the victim of a violent hate crime started the assault himself, then lied about it after taking a beating, police said.
Marcus Owens, 19, earned national attention after claiming three white men beat him outside a bar while shouting racial slurs April 30. He shared photos showing his bruised and bloody face after the attack.
Police said Owens did indeed suffer an attack — but he brought it upon himself. A two-week investigation revealed he was the aggressor in a series of drunken disputes, lashing out after he heard a patron use a racial epithet at another man. Police released surveillance footage of the fights, which contradicted Owens’ claims of what happened.

Phil Robertson Willing to Be Trump's 'Spiritual Adviser' 

Leah Barkoukis Posted: May 18, 2016

Phil Robertson Willing to Be Trump's 'Spiritual Adviser'
Despite endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz earlier this year, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson said he’s now on “the Trump train.” He also offered to serve as the presumptive GOP nominee’s spiritual adviser.

"I was forced into the Trump train, but I am happily volunteering my services for Mr. Trump, mainly because the Republican Party has spoken," Robertson said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends."

“The people have said, 'We want Mr. Trump.' So Mr. Cruz goes down, I love him, but now I’m on the Trump train and I’ll do everything I can to help him. Hey, we have to be loyal to the party."

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It was a made-for-primetime event, months in the making. After more than half a year of public (and largely one-sided) feuding, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump sat down with Fox News star Megyn Kelly for an interview that aired on the FOX broadcast network last night. The program began with a video recap of the billionaire's tempestuous, and often acrimonious, relationship Kelly -- complete with a presidential debate no-show,failed boycott of her cable news show, and a series of demeaning tweets and comments. The full interview is below, followed by a few quick reactions:

Proof? Who needs proof?

The Shameless New York Times
Brent Bozell Posted: May 18, 2016

 The Shameless New York Times

The New York Times proclaimed the results of its six-week "investigation" of Donald Trump's behavior with women on the front page of the Sunday paper. It discovered that Trump is kind of sleazy around women. The Times wants us to know this right now -- as opposed to six months ago -- when it's clear he will be the Republican nominee running against Hillary Clinton.
No Republican is surprised. The New York Times' shameless partisanship knows no bounds.
When Juanita Broaddrick accused President Bill Clinton of sexual assault in February 1999, the Times was not impressed. It never found her story worth publicizing. Times reporters were first told about Broaddrick's allegation near the end of the 1992 presidential campaign, but they regarded it as partisan "toxic waste."
After former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of sexually harassing her in the Oval Office, columnist Frank Rich criticized her in a column titled "The Liars' Club."
This is the paper where feminist columnist Anna Quindlen dismissed Paula Jones' sexual harassment case compared to Anita Hill's. She said there was "no reason to let right-wing activists, no friends to either the President, women, or the issue of sexual harassment, shame us into foolish lock step."



Obama Was Just Dealt This Crushing Defeat

Will the third time be the charm?
Twice now, conservatives were betrayed by the Supreme Court when a majority of Justices rewrote ObamaCare in order to declare the scheme constitutional.
But now Republicans just won a major court victory that could help cripple Obama’s government takeover of healthcare.
A U.S. District Court judge sided with House Republicans who sued the Obama regime over the president spending money through ObamaCare that Congress never appropriated.
The House GOP brought the suit after the Obama regime continued to pump money into a cost- sharing subsidy program, whereby the government would reimburse insurance companies in cases where the law required them to hold down out-of-pocket costs for low income Americans.
While the program was passed as part of the statute, it is the “power of the purse” under Article I of the Constitution that gives them the authority to decide how money is spent.
And in typical Obama fashion, he ignored the will of Congress and did what he wanted.
The lawyer for House Republicans praised the Judge’s decision.
12 Splendid Portraits of Immigrants Arriving at Ellis Island      
Pictures from when immigrants came through the FRONT door...legally. DIVERSIFIED ...Were any muslim ? Maybe, but at least we knew who they were and where they were        

Millions of immigrants came in through Ellis Island from the day it opened in 1892 to the day it closed in 1954. Amateur photographer Augustus Sherman, who worked there as a registry clerk from 1892 to 1925, took hundreds of photos of the new arrivals, often in elaborate traditional dress they had brought with them. He gave the photos simple labels—“Italian woman,” “Scottish boys,” “German stowaway”—that tell the barest of background stories. Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, here are 12 of Sherman’s portraits of immigrants on their way to a new life in the U.S.          1/13 SLIDES © Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections  

Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections,  3 Dutch women

Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections,'Rev. Joseph Vasilon, Greek-Orthodox priest'

Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections,'Guadeloupean woman'

Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'German stowaway'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Turkish man"
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Scottish boys'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Three Dutch women'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Gypsy family'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Algerian man'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Dutch children'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Italian woman'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 'Cossack man from the steppes of Russia'
  • Courtesy of the Ellis Island Collection at The New York Public Library Digital Collections,'Norwegian woman'
  • Obama Creates The Civil Right To Be Mentally Ill
    Ted Cruz campaign bus

    By CHQ Staff
    Science be damned, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has suddenly solved the mysteries of gender confusion—for the whole country. Students must be allowed to use the facilities of their choice – at any given moment – and if you don’t like her decision it’s going to cost you – and your local school district.

    Republican Lawmakers Just Bowed Down and Kissed Obama’s Ring .........ASS

    GOP-controlled Senate steamrolled conservatives to give Obama even more money than he asked for

    Republicans control the Senate, and Barack Obama is an unpopular lame duck — but you wouldn’t know that if you saw what the GOP just did.Terrified of being criticized by the mainstream media, the Republican-controlled Senate just passed a budget bill that spends even more money than Obama requested.
       The FY2016 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, written and passed by Republicans, spends $355 million more than last year and gives Obama $261 million more than he requested.
       And not only did Republicans shower Obama with more cash than he asked for, they aggressively defeated every effort to attach conservative reforms to the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, (H.R. 2028).
       Senate Republican leaders crushed dissent and gave Obama more than he requested because they didn’t want to be criticized by the D.C. media for not working with Democrats.

    Legal victory in Washington for gun rights advocates

    A gun instructor teaches a class to obtain a concealed gun carry permit© Provided by AFP
    A gun instructor teaches a class to obtain a concealed gun carry permit
    A federal judge ruled Tuesday that people seeking a permit to carry concealed firearms in the US capital no longer need to provide "good reason" for doing so.
    Judge Richard Leon ruled that the licensing screening is likely unconstitutional, a victory for gun rights advocates who favor loosening gun laws in the name of self-defense.
    Washington has traditionally had one of the most stringent laws in the country regarding concealed carry permits, requiring individuals to justify the need to carry a gun in public.
    Gun lobbies have pushed for years to strike that clause from legislation.
    In his 46-page ruling, Judge Leon wrote that the clause likely violates the Second Amendment of the US constitution, because "the right to bear arms includes the right to carry firearms for self-defense both in and outside the home."
    Authorities in Washington may yet lodge an appeal against Leon's ruling. He is the third judge to consider the case.
    Under the capital's rules, individuals granted the right to carry concealed arms must stow them under clothing in a bag, or in the glove compartment of a vehicle

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016

    As President Barack Obama has advanced his progressive agenda over the past seven-and-a-half years with help from a submissive Congress, there has been one state consistently at the forefront of the opposition, Oklahoma.
      In Oklahoma, Obama failed to win even a single county in that state during the 2012 election.
    Through the actions of the state legislature and governor, Oklahoma has made several moves to stymie the Obama administration issues such as gun control, illegal immigration, and religious liberty to name a few
      Oklahoma has reaffirmed the constitutional right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, has allowed for concealed carry on school campuses by trained faculty, and has moved towards allowing unlicensed concealed carry by lawful citizens. All this runs contrary to Obama’s push for stricter gun control.
      As Obama has relaxed borders, increasing illegal immigration, Oklahoma has cracked down on illegals. Some of the crackdown procedures include holding illegals in custody until they can be deported, keeping DNA samples for better identification, and mandating drivers license tests be conducted in English only.
      Oklahoma has also rejected the Common Core educational standards and has stood strong against the Obamacare healthcare reform law. Oklahoma also staunchly opposes the regulations put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency. Seen by many across the state as  job-killing regulations.
      Oklahoma is an example for any states tired of a continuously expanding and over-reaching federal government. Maybe other states will soon join them in presenting a united front of states which no longe bow to the diktats of Washington bureaucrats.
    A Case for Donald Trump - Muslim Immigration
    By Larry A. Craig, author "The Importance of Healing"
    In Part 3 of his series on why he supports Donald Trump, CHQ reader and author Larry A. Craig says bringing Muslims into our country could be the single worst mistake in our nation’s history. Our nation will bend to their will, first through polite accommodation, then through demands for equality and fairness, and then frankly you will be afraid not to give them everything they want because, frankly, you will be afraid of what will happen if you don’t. Bad laws can be undone. Bad taxes and bad trade policies can be undone. Bad immigration cannot. Donald Trump is the only candidate for president who has talked about stopping, even if only temporarily, Muslim immigration to America.

    Nobel Peace Prize Winning Obama Has Been At War Longer Than Any Other American President   Leah Barkoukis  May 17, 2016

    Nobel Peace Prize Winning Obama Has Been At War Longer Than Any Other American President
    When the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded President Obama the prestigious honor shared by the likes of Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King Jr. in 2009, they probably didn’t anticipate that near the end of his tenure in office, he’d be at war longer than any American president in history.
    May 6 marked the dubious milestone for our nation’s commander in chief, who upon entering office, pledged to end America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that his predecessor, George W. Bush, had gotten the country into. But it seems just he opposite has happened.

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    Obama’s American Vision -- 'A Shining Stall in the Restroom'  Bob Barr May 17, 2016

    Obama’s American Vision -- 'A Shining Stall in the Restroom'
    A long, long time ago, American presidents set lofty goals for our nation; a country they considered without question to be the most exceptional in the world. Presidents envisioned a young and daring nation expanding westward to uncharted territory; others led efforts to fight real wars and vanquish some of history’s most feared tyrants; and some sent Americans outside the reaches of the sky and onto the surface of the moon.
    These milestones in our national history, as well as the once-manifest sense of American exceptionalism, inspired President Ronald Reagan to urge mankind to strive for that “shining city on a hill,” which people around the world and through the years saw as a model for human freedom and achievement. America’s sights were high.

    Yet, we now have a President, an Attorney General, and an army of bureaucrats, who have decided they have nothing better to do than set a goal of mandating who can use a particular restroom on any particular day anywhere in America.

    I try to post this video occasionally so we don't lose sight of what the infiltration by "illegal immigrants"can do and why it is important to limit the amount of "muslim refugees"into our country. Watch and listen to this video and learn why it is important.
       The fact that the "white Christian" population is getting smaller and smaller should alarm all of us. (those that care) ! When I read and see pictures or videos of whats happening in Europe from the "immigrants", its scarey, because I see the U.S. headed in the same direction, thanks to our wonderful "community organizer" residing in the white blackhouse. 7 more months and counting.......

    As I said previously, states should STOP GIVING tax money to the Federal government. the funds obama is threatening to withold is citizen paid in TAX money,. It doesn't belong to the FED. GOV'T.

    6 States Whose Leaders Are Giving a Big Ol’ Middle Finger to Obama’s ‘Gender-Neutral Bathroom’ Order   May 16, 2016

    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R)
    – Says the U.S. Justice Department is displaying “overreach” by warning legal action and withholding federal funds unless HB2—which limits bathroom/locker room use to the gender on an individual’s birth certificate—is scrapped.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R)

    – Has declared that he will be working closely with North Carolina’s governor in opposing the federal guideline.

    Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R)
    – Has stated that Texas does not want any “dirty money” tied to policies that amount to extortion:

    Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R)
    – Advised schools in his state to ignore the guidance:

    Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (R)
    – Says the issue should be decided by parents, teachers, and principals—not by federal bureaucrats.

    Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R)

    – Released a statement saying that the federal government had no authority to interfere in local school districts’ bathroom policies.

    Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R)
    – Released a statement saying that Obama was abusing his power, and that America needs guidance and prayer.

    Monday, May 16, 2016

    I wonder if he asked for a different SIZE, or maybe different COLOR ??

    Nation First penis transplant in U.S. performed in Boston -

    Thomas Manning gives a thumbs up at Massachusetts General Hospital on May 13, 2016.(Photo: Sam Riley, AP)
    Surgeons in Boston have performed the first penile transplant in the United States, a procedure that soon could help severely wounded troops, surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital said Monday.
    Thomas Manning, 64, whose penis was removed in 2012 due to penile cancer, is recovering well and showing no signs of rejecting the transplant, his surgeons said.

    Clinton’s Crimes and Comey’s Choice Kurt Schlichter Posted: May 16, 2016

    Clinton’s Crimes and Comey’s Choice
    FBI Director James Comey knew he had to make a decision that would change his life, and maybe the history of his country, as he surveyed the piles of papers spread out in his office. The Deputy Director in charge of the investigation of Hillary Clinton – a criminal investigation, not some benign “security review” as the Clintonistas had tried to spin it – sat quietly, letting his boss think. The evidence was overwhelming. Hillary Clinton was clearly guilty of multiple felonies, and the Obama Department of Justice was not going to prosecute her. Now, it fell to Director Comey to decide what he would do about it.
    James Comey was a veteran prosecutor and former Deputy Attorney General who convicted hundreds of criminals during his career before coming to direct the troubled Federal Bureau of Investigations. Until now, his integrity always came first, and he served faithfully regardless of the party in power, always careful to put aside any personal political agenda, though he'd seen more than enough people who didn't.
    “There's no question, sir. None at all. She’s guilty.” said the Deputy Director, telling Comey nothing he did not know.


    Las Vegas Gun Range Attracting Some Real Foxes

    We like to tease all the gun bunnies out on the range, but these foxes are legit.

    An adorable family of foxes took up residence in a portion of the Clark County Shooting Complex near Decatur and Grand Teton.
    Their happy habitat forced a portion of the range to close down.
    The mother fox and her three kits were spotted at the rifle and pistol range.
    “Wow poor planning on the fox’s part,” said Clark County Shooting Complex’s Program Administrator Steve Carmichael. “The more I get thinking about it, we’re not giving them near enough credit because they’re probably safer in here than anywhere they could be,” Carmichael added.
    Carmichael says Coyotes they prey on foxes like the one found in the shooting range.
    “She needed to place a den and obviously, she felt comfortable out here and we shoot out here five or six days a week. She knew exactly what she was moving into,” said Carmich
    Range supervisor will wait 48, hours and if he doesn’t see the fox family, they will reopen the range.
    Support your local police - act now

    We forget... education funding comes from TAX money.....STATES .....DON'T PAY FEDERAL TAXES.....USE THAT MONEY TO FUND YOUR SCHOOLS

    Texas Governor: Obama 'Is Not King,'
    We Will Fight His Transgender Bath-
    room Directive
    Katie Pavlich   Posted: May 13, 2016

    Texas Governor: Obama 'Is Not King,' We Will Fight His Transgender Bathroom Directive
    Jeff Foxworthy Just Called Obama “Idiot” and That’s Not It

    Jeffrey Marshall “Jeff” Foxworthy (born September 6, 1958) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, television and radio personality, author, and voice artist.

    Known for his “You might be a redneck” one-liners, Foxworthy has released six major-label comedy albums.
       He just posted on
    his facebook page a brutal message that explains the condition of our nation:

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
       If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
       If an 80-year-old woman who is confined to a wheelchair or a three-year-old girl can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
       If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    He ends with this powerful statement: THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE

    UPDATE.....Yellowstone Bison Calf Is Euthanized After Trip in Tourists’ Trunk......SOME WILD ANIMAL FARM COULDN'T HAVE RAISED IT ??? IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE...

    Yellowstone National Park Tourists Kidnap Bison
    "Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they thought it looked cold"
    Tourists visiting America’s famous Yellowstone National Park have been criticised for putting a bison into their car because they thought it looked cold.
    Karen Olsen Richardson shared a photo of the incident on Facebook, explaining she witnessed the scene during a recent trip to the park in the mountainous region of Wyoming.
    “The highlight of the trip,” she wrote. “Dear tourists: the bison calf is not cold and it is not lost.
    Put it back! (yes, the park rangers took care of the situation).”
    yellowstone bison (Picture: [copyright])© Provided by The Independent yellowstone bison (Picture: [copyright])

    Weston Olsen later posted: “Haha! My sister was in Yellowstone and caught some idiots doing this.”
    Ms Richardson told East Idaho News how the tourists lifted the bison calf into the back of their SUV because they thought it was cold, and drove it to the ranger station.
    “They were demanding to speak with a ranger,” she said. “They were seriously worried that the calf was freezing and dying.”
    The parent was reportedly among a group of adults on a school field trip to the park accompanying fifth graders – children aged between 10 and 11.
    Another parent, Rob Heusevelet, added: “They didn’t care. They sincerely thought they were doing a service and helping that calf by trying to save it from the cold.”
    He explained the pair were told to remove the bison from the car and warned they could be in trouble for touching the animal.
    They were ticketed over the incident and told to drive back to where they picked up the bison so they could release the animal, he adds.
    Yellowstone National Park officials have warned visitors about the dangers of getting too close to the wildlife.
    “Bison can run three times faster than humans can sprint and are unpredictable and dangerous,” they explained.
    “Visitors must give the animals enough space and alter their own behaviour to avoid interacting with an animal in close proximity.”
    Yellowstone National Park could not be reached for comment.
    Just for fun. If the population of the world was only 100 people, what would society look like?