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Tucker reacts to President Biden's speech:
"How dare you tell us who we can spend the Fourth of July with."

Tucker responds to Pentagon's criticism of his show
Fox News....22 hours ago

Tucker Carlson Tonight' hits back at critics of his opinion on Biden's military decisions.

Senate Dems introduce ‘assault weapons’ ban bill on 205 gun models, incl. shotguns, hunting rifles   MARCH 12, 20

Senate Democrats introduced legislation that would ban 205 “assault weapons” Thursday, just hours after the House passed two other gun control bills.

Introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the legislation called the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2021” would also outlaw magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds and is co-sponsored by 34 other Senate Democrats.

According to a press release from Feinstein, the bill “bans any assault weapon with the capacity to utilize a magazine that is not a fixed ammunition magazine and has one or more military characteristics including a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock.”

Some of the firearms listed in the proposed ban are “All AR types,” “All UZI types,” Ed Brown Hunting and Model 704 Bolt Action Rifles, ‘Springfield Inc. M6 Scout Rifle/Shotgun, Beretta CX4 and Sig Sauer P556 pistol, as well as belt-fed semi-autos.

Current owners of the “assault weapons” listed in the legislation would be allowed to keep them, but any private transfers would require an FBI background check prior to receiving the firearm.

Additionally, the bill prohibits bump stocks, which have already been illegal since March 26, 2019.

“It’s been 17 years since the original Assault Weapons Ban expired, and the plague of gun violence continues to grow in this country. To be clear, this bill saves lives,” Feinstein claimed in her announcement of the bill. “When it was in place from 1994-2004, gun massacres declined by 37 percent compared with the decade before. After the ban expired, the number of massacres rose by 183 percent.”

The Department of Justice National Institute of Justice issued a report in 2004 stating that the “assault weapons” ban from 1994 did not actually reduce crime.

“We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence,” the report stated, according to a copy which was viewed by The Washington Times.

The report noted that the “assault weapons” were “rarely used in gun crimes before the ban.”

“Should it be renewed, the ban’s effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement,” the report continued, later stating, “The ban’s effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement.”

On Thursday, the House passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 (H.R. 8) with a vote of 227-203, passing legislation that would criminalize private gun sales conducted without a background check.

The lower chamber of Congress also voted in favor of the Enhanced Backgrounds Checks Act by a vote of 219-210, a bill that would allow the FBI to put a hold on transferring a firearm for a minimum of 10 days and up to 30 days, rather than the three days currently allowed by law.
The Media Hopes You Didn’t Watch Biden’s Speech

Last night, Joe Biden gave his first prime time address since taking office. Biden, who still hasn’t held a press conference and who still hasn’t delivered a State of the Union, reminded everyone who watched it just why the White House is so hell bent on hiding the President from the media: because he is an unmitigated disaster when he speaks.

Even by Biden standards the speech was dismal. Biden rambled, looked lost, and delivered cringe-worthy attempts at “showing emotion.”

It was more Saturday Night Live than Lincoln, but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t watch the speech.

If you just watch and read the coverage of the speech, and skipped the speech itself, you would think that Biden delivered an absolute homerun of oration last night – rather than the stumbling mess he actually delivered.

Biden Tries To Erase Trump - The Dan Bongino Show
The Dan Bongino Show Published March 12, 2021 Ep. 1476

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/11/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS Mar 11, 2021

Biden to mark the anniversary of the Covid19 shutdpwn

let's see if they just arbitrarily take this video down...

Trey Gowdy on FOX News Primetime 3/11/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 11,21

Hannity: Media mob is afraid to ask 'what happened to Biden?'  Mar 11, 2021   fox Mews

Hannity' host questions whether president possesses mental acuity to hold office.

Scalise: I Noticed the Pollsters Didn't Mention Who's Getting the Stimulus Checks...Cortney O'Brien  @obrienc2  Posted: Mar 11, 2021

President Biden's American Rescue Plan got a final vote in Congress on Wednesday and passed by a vote of 220-211, with only one Democrat voting "no." Republicans have avoided calling it a "COVID relief" bill, as only 9 percent of the bill appears directed toward actual health spending.

And Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) made another observation ahead of the vote on Wednesday. Because some of the stimulus checks are going toward individuals in federal prisons, that would mean some of the nation's worst criminals will be benefitting from the so-called COVID "relief" bill.

"Yes, Mr. Speaker, that's in this bill," Scalise said. "Pick your prisoner of choice. The Boston Marathon bomber gets a $1,400 check in this bill and we're borrowing that money from our children."

All The Republicans Who Voted for Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Gun Control Attempt   March 11, 2021 AAN Staff

All The Republicans Who Voted for Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Gun Control Attempt


Fred Upton (MI)   Chris Smith (NJ)    Maria Salazar (FL)   Adam Kinzinger (IL)
Carlos Gimenez (FL)    Andrew Garbarino (NY)    Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
Vern Buchanan (FL)

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: 5 Lessons I Learned When the Deep State Came After Me and My Family  WESTERNJOURNAL.COM

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: 5 Lessons I Learned When the Deep State Came After Me and My Family

You do not have to watch the news for long to see that America is rapidly changing. The downward slide can be found not only in our leadership but also in the shifting definitions of right and wrong blindly accepted by many Americans today.

Our leaders would have us believe that these changing values are inevitable and that they are good. That is why they are called “progressive.”

Yet to those of us who still believe in the immortal truths upon which America was founded, their so-called “progress” is alarming, to say the least.

Sadly, some will allow this alarm to grow into defeatism. They will turn their faces away from the battle before us in hopes of finding a position to retreat to.

To those who would prefer retreat or surrender rather than the fight, I ask you one simple question:

If America falls, where will you go?

WILL NOT COMPLY...! Last I read they want UNIVERSAL background checks

House passes gun legislation that would expand background checks  CNN Politics APPLE.NEWS

“The Media Might Want to Forget What Happened in 2020, I Haven’t” – President Trump Is Not Going to Drop the 2020 Election Fraud   By Joe Hoft  Published March 10, 2021

President Trump shared with Jason Miller this evening shortly before he was on the War Room with Steve Bannon that he has not forgotten what happened in 2020.

President Trump of course is referring to the stolen Presidential election in November.  How could the President or any God-loving justice-minded American ever forget ?

According to Miller, the President shared:

The media wants to forget what happened in 2020. I haven’t and we have a lot of work we have to do…the media might want to forget what happened in 2020. I haven’t. We’re not going to forget what happened. We’ve got to stop this bill (HR1). We have to stop this, we cannot let this go through. Democrats are trying to rig this thing for every election going forward.



REQUIRED VIEWING! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information! Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, has been a persistent problem. All is well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus....

Major General Higginbotham U.S. Marines (Ret)
The History of Kamala Harris

For your knowledge and interest about the Biden VP. Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. The editorial begins:

Kamala Harris’ father was an avowed Marxist professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Both of Harris’ parents were active in the Berkeley based Afro-American Association; Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the heroes of the Afro-American Association.

The group’s leader, Donald Warden (aka Khalid al-Mansour), mentored two young Afro-American Association members, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale; they created the Maoist inspired Black Panther Party which gained strong support from Communist China; the Black Panther Party served as the model for creation of the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization Khalid al-Mansour subsequently went on to arrange financing and facilitated for Barack Hussein Obama to be accepted as a
student to matriculate at Harvard Law School.

Following her graduation from college, Harris returned to California and subsequently became the mistress of the 60-year-old married Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, Jr. Brown’s political campaigns were supported and funded by Dr. Carlton Goodlett, the owner of The Sun Reporter and several other pro-Communist newspapers.

Brown was elected as Mayor of San Francisco, and strongly endorsed Harris’ Marxist political philosophy; he guided Harris’ political rise in California politics, leading to her election as California’s Attorney General. Willie Brown, Jr. was a well-known long-time Communist sympathizer. Willie Brown, Jr. was initially elected to public office with the substantial help of the Communist Party USA.

Today, Willie Brown is widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.


wow..! a DemoRat that actually gives President Trump credit for what he did in acquiring the Covid vaccine under "Warp Speed"...!

Slavitt: I would ‘tip my hat’ to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed  By Ben Leonard 48 mins ago

Slavitt, a senior adviser to the White House's Covid team, on Thursday credited the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed for spurring the development of a Covid vaccine at an unprecedented pace.© Andrew Harnik/AP Photo Andy Slavitt speaks at a news conference.

“We’re grateful for the work that came before us and are doing the best we can to continue it and accelerate it,” Slavitt said Thursday on Fox News. “I would absolutely tip my hat….The Trump administration made sure that we got in record time a vaccine up and out. That’s a great thing and it's something we should all be excited about.”

The Biden administration has previously said that the Trump administration left them “a mess on Covid vaccination and President Joe Biden himself called Trump’s vaccine rollout in the early days a “dismal failure.” Slavitt said Thursday that the Biden administration hasn’t been trying to “point fingers.”

After the Warp Speed program fast-tracked vaccine development, initial Covid vaccine rollouts were sluggish but have since ramped up. Governors previously said Warp Speed didn't keep promises on dose deliveries and some experts have said the rollout was disorganized.

Video: Biden, Dems prevail as Senate OKs $1.9T virus relief bill (Associated Press)n, Dems prevail as Senate OKs $1.9T virus relief bil

Click to expand

Slavitt’s comments come a day after former President Donald Trump, who was banned from Twitter earlier this year, issued a short, tweet-like statement arguing that without his administration’s work, “you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful 'shot' for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all.”

“I hope everyone remembers!” Trump wrote in the statement.

When asked on Fox if Biden would give Trump credit for the vaccine rollout in a primetime address Thursday, Slavitt said that Biden is looking ahead.

“He will try to look forward and talk about the commitments that he has made and that we’ve got to make to geting the country vaccinated, to getting people back up and standing,” Slavitt said. "Our view is there really are no bad guys here. We are going to succeed together or we are going to fail together.”

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

He finally found his testicles....???

JUST IN: McConnell calls for end of razor wire, troops in Capitol: "We are WAY OVERREACTING" 
Forbes Breaking News 3/10/2021
Forbes Breaking News

Sen. Mitch McConnell calls to an end of the razor wire and National Guard troop presence in Washington, D.C.

Biden is making a 'mockery' of US Military: Tucker Carlson  Mar 9, 2021   Fox News

Veteran Rep. Jim Banks, R-IN, slams the latest addition to U.S. Navy's reading list on 'Tucer Carlson Tonight.'

Tucker: Most important thing to Democrats is ethnicity
March 8, 2021 Fox News

Tucker Carlson does a deep dive into Biden's pick for Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland.

 Because NOTHING screams DEMOCRACY like a fence with RAZOR WIRE..!!

DAMN RIGHT this concept was lost, we need to get it back on track....!

these pictures of what Pepe la Pew is doing to these women and girls is terrible,,,,,,OH..? .wait a minute..??.....NEVER MIND..!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Tucker Carlson Explains What The Left is So Afraid of
March 5, 2021 By: TTN Staff

Liberals hate Tucker Carlson because he’s unafraid to call them out on their ridiculous behavior instead of letting it slide by. Recently, Carlson blasted Democrats for continuing to hold National Guard members around the Capitol building which has also been surrounded by fencing since January. Carlson remarked that the People’s House now looks like Baghdad’s Green Zone.

However, the Fox News host explained why the left continues to claim there’s an imminent threat and keeps extending the military occupation of D.C. Carlson says that their fear of “the other” is what has Democrats most would up now.

According to Townhall

“When you’re a liberal, the world is a very scary place, but there is one fear that rises above all other fears in the liberal mind: The fear of “the other.” Like all primitive cultures, modern liberalism is tribal,” he said. “Liberals understand most of the American continent as a mysterious dark space, like a medieval map populated by drooling Trump voters and violent illiterates with extra chromosomes.

“Liberals despise people like this, of course, and on some level, they know they’re hated right back,” he continued. “They worry that someday there will be a backlash against the people in charge, which, of course, is them. That’s their biggest fear, a peasant revolt.”

“A lot of liberals were certain that March 4 was the day the right-wing revolution would finally begin. March 4, they believed, with something called ‘QAnon Inauguration Day,'” he said, adding that they have no idea what that means and can guarantee the vast majority of Trump supporters don’t either.

“They’d heard about it from Nancy Pelosi, who told her bodyguards to write up a report on the threat of QAnon Inauguration Day. So that’s what they did. We never really learned any details, but members of Congress were not taking chances,” Carlson continued. “Many of them fled the Capitol Thursday. House leaders rescheduled votes so that the rank-and-file legislators could escape with their lives, if not with their dignity.”

While liberals may be afraid of their own shadows most of us are not. It’s time for the left to face their fears and send the National Guard home.

Why Mitch McConnell Might Not Get a Donald Trump Reprieve  Philip Elliott 5 hrs ago

This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday.
© Greg Nash—The Hill/Bloomberg/Getty Images Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) speaks during a Senate Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., on March 3, 2021.

During non-pandemic times, Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri organizes a lunch each Tuesday to update his party members on upcoming votes, policy and issues they should study-up on. The Republican Policy Committee confabs are typically cordial affairs, steps from the Senate chamber and without the intra-party divisions that often feature in more ideological segregated meetings during the rest of the week. Presidents, Vice Presidents and Cabinet members sometimes pop in. On the Senate side of the Capitol, these gatherings are the biggest of the big tents of the Republican Party. And the food tends to be pretty good.

Come 2023, those Tuesday lunches could get a lot spicier. This week, Blunt announced he will be joining at least four other Republicans in retiring when his term ends after next year’s election. The new crop of GOP lawmakers lining up to replace them, from Alabama and North Carolina to Ohio and Pennsylvania, could include more divisive figures, with some already campaigning in the style of former President Donald Trump. Just when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell thought himself finally rid of the 45th President, Trump and his image may be the party’s most plausible way back to power.

Blunt is a solid conservative, sporting an 86% lifetime rating over 23 years with the American Conservative Union scorecard

Where is Biden getting these people he's nominating to his cabinet...??

JUST IN: Ted Cruz GRILLS Vanita Gupta on Equality Act, religious liberty  Mar 9, 2021  Forbes Breaking News

Sen. Ted Cruz questions Vanita Gupta, nominee for Biden Justice Department, at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Arizona sheriff says Biden playing 'politics' at border is creating 'huge crisis': 'We're seriously in trouble'   Michael Lee 6 hrs ago   Washington Examiner

An Arizona sheriff warned that the United States is “in serious trouble” due to the Biden administration’s immigration policies that will cause a “huge crisis.”
© Provided by Washington Examiner

"Where it's going is a huge crisis,” said Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels. “It’s already knocking on that door. There’s no doubt about it. Talking to my federal partners, talking to local law enforcement, talking to our health department — I mean, when it comes to public safety, national security, when it comes to the health pandemic, we’re in trouble. We’re seriously in trouble, and this all started under the word 'politics.'”

Dannels said President Biden failed to consult with Arizona lawmakers before making immigration enforcement decisions, leaving the state to “pick up the pieces” at a border that is “wide open” for cartels.

“When this administration failed to engage with my governor, my attorney general, our health departments, our emergency services coordinator, along with other border states and beyond, that’s when it started. So, we’re trying to pick up the pieces right now. It’s an unfunded mandate by the federal government to local communities,” Dannels said.

Dannels also warned that the administration seemingly didn’t have a plan to deal with immigrants amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“These people that are being released under catch and release on the MPP program are wards of the federal government,” Dannels said. “But there’s no funding attached to it, and I’m worried about public safety and the global pandemic."

Dannels also called on Dr. Anthony Fauci to comment on the situation at the border over the weekend, saying he would “love to hear” from the infectious disease expert as untested immigrants are being released into communities.

“Nobody is talking about what’s going on on the southwest border when it comes to the health pandemic in this country,” Dannels said. “They are not testing them. They’re being released without being tested into communities. And then, you look at the public safety aspect of this. It’s upsetting. It’s almost like we’re not part of this country, which is very upsetting.”

Dannels’s remarks came as Texas announced it was facing similar circumstances at its border with Mexico, with Gov. Greg Abbott deploying the National Guard troops and extra law enforcement to assist.

Today Texas launched Operation Lone Star to respond to the border crisis,” Abbott tweeted Saturday. “It deploys Nat'l Guard + DPS Officers + air, ground, marine, & tactical border security assets to deny Mexican Cartels & smugglers the ability to move drugs & people into Texas.

Of course HE owns it, Trump had the border under control...

Texas Democrat on migrant surge at border: Biden owns this now   Mar 6, 2021   Fox News

Dem. Rep. Henry Cuellar, who represets a district on the U.S.-Mexico border, says he has a lot of tough questions for the Biden administration on immigration policy.

From a few weeks back...

Tucker: Biden immigration policy designed to  punish Americans  Feb 8th 2021  Fox News

Tucker Carlson explains the motive behind not COVID testing people coming across the border

I really feel so BAD for these poor folks....YEAH RIGHT..!!


I didn't/wouldn't watch this charade, so I'll let Ben give his/my opinion of the "poor little rich kids"...!

 Ben Shapiro Reacts To Meghan & Harry's Whine-Fest


Monday, March 8, 2021

Tucker: Most important thing to Democrats is ethnicity
Mar 8 2021 Fox news

Tucker Carlson does a deep dive into Biden's pick for Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland.

Coming a neighborhood near YOU...!!

Hannity: Biden plans to spread migrants throughout the continental US  Mar 6, 2021  Fox News

'Hannity' host warns the president's immigration policies will lead to a 'massive humanitarian crisis

Kayleigh McEnany rails against Jen Psaki's latest 'inaccurate' statements  Mar 5 2021  Fox News

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reacts to Nancy Pelosi's 'peculiar' remarks during a conference. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

  JUST IN: Ted Cruz MOCKS Pelosi's "TUNNEL OF LOVE"   Mar 4, 2021    Forbes Breaking News

Sen. Ted Cruz slams the contents of the American Rescue Plan.

What are the black flags at the US Capitol and why are there so many buses around the Congress?
Mar 2, 2021 penguinsix

A number of requests have come in to film the black flags at the US Capitol building along with the seemingly endless parade of buses at the US Capitol. I went out yesterday to make some video of both of these things, but I also went through my archives over the last month and found some other videos that might be helpful.

In short, it seems the black flags are POW/MIA flags that are now required to be flown at the Capitol, the White House, military cemeteries, and post offices due to a law signed by President Trump in 2019. The National POW/MIA Flag Act, Public Law 116-67, was signed by President Trump on November 7, 2019 and should mean you’ll see this flag anytime you see the Capitol or White House on TV, or even when you visit your local post office. The second question was about the buses. Why are their tour buses when there are no tourists? From what I’ve seen, the National Guard has been using these unused tourist buses as a shuttle service. I’ve gone back in my video files over the last month and pulled up some scenes of these buses moving around between the DC National Guard Armory, the Capitol and hotels and other locations downtown. I’ve seen them during the day and at night. Is every single flag flying a POW/MIA flag? Is every single bus I see a National Guard bus? I can’t possibly know that. No one can. I can only show you what I see during my walks. If you have a specific place you want me to film, hit me up and I’ll try to take a hike down there so you can see it too.

Thanks fo watching.

just because this vid. caught my interest...!!

The somewhat hidden ruins of the US Capitol building deep in a forest in Washington D.C.  Prem Feb 20, 2021 penguinsix

A cold weekend away from the rather quiet political scene in DC when not much is happening a the Capitol or the White House, so I decided to go for a bit of an adventure. Sometimes when you construct something new you have to destroy something old first. That's true when it comes to the US Capitol building in Washington D.C. as well. There's just happens to be a bit of an urban legend that is actually true--you can find the ruins of the US Capitol building tucked quietly away in the middle of a forest in Washington D.C. if you know where to look.

Today I hiked up into the woods to find the US Capitol Stones, remnants of a 1950s era construction product that ended up in a pile buried deep away behind a maintenance shed. Officially it's not open to the public, but on a snowy and cold day, it's not like there is a security guard outside telling you to get lost. We also went up to the US Arboretum to check out the famous Capitol Columns, 22 pillars that used to sit outside the US Capitol but were eventually replaced as the building got bigger. PenguinSix is apolitical guy in a political town who likes to walk a lot. He has hiked over 17,000 miles (27,000kms) in the past six years and is still walking today. He is an American expat who spent the last decade in Hong Kong with his family and is now back in Washington DC, continuing his daily ritual of taking very long hikes around the city catching the sights and sounds of the city while live streaming to share with others. History, culture, life as an expat (with reverse culture shock), and the patheticness of the Chinese food in Washington DC are regular topics of discussion.

WHO Is In Charge At The White House? - The Dan Bongino Show  Ep. 1472  Published March 8, 2021


American population: 330,483,530Stimulus bill: $2,000,000,000,000 ($2 Trillion)

Dividing the cost by every American is $6,051.74 The government could have given every person over $6,000, but instead will give $1,200 to each adult under a certain income. Want to know where the missing 96% of your tax dollars went? Here you go:

1. $1.300,000,000 for Migrant and Refugee Assistance pg.. 147.
2. $10,000 per person for student loan bailout.
3. $100,000,000 to NASA, because, who knows why.
4. $20,000,000,000 to the USPS, because why the hell not.
5. $300,000,000 to the Endowment for the Arts - because of it.
6. $300,000,000 for the Endowment for the Humanities/ because no one even knew that was a thing.
7. $15,000,000 for Veterans Employment Training / for when the GI Bill isn't enough.
8. $435,000,000 for mental health support.
9. $30,000,000,000 for the Department of Education stabilization fund/ because that will keep people employed (all those zeros can be confusing, that’s $30 BILLION).
10. $200,000,000 to Safe Schools Emergency Response to Violence Program.
11. $300,000,000 to Public Broadcasting / NPR has to be bought by the Democrats.
12. $500,000,000 to Museums and Libraries / Who the hell knows how we are going to use it.
13. $720,000,000 to Social Security Admin / but get this only 200,000,000 is to help people. The rest is for admin costs.
14. $25,000,000 for Cleaning supplies for the Capitol Building / I kid you not it's on page 136.
15. $7,500,000 to the Smithsonian for additional salaries.
16. $35,000,000 to the JFK Center for Performing Arts.
17. $25,000,000 for additional salary for House of Representatives.
18. $3,000,000,000 upgrade to the IT department at the VA.
19. $315,000,000 for State Department Diplomatic Programs.
20. $95,000,000 for the Agency of International Development.
21. $300,000,000 for International Disaster Assistance.
22. $90,000,000 for the Peace Corp pg. 148.
23. $13,000,000 to Howard University pg. 121.
24. $9,000,000 Misc. Senate Expenses pg. 134.
25. $100,000,000 to Essential Air carriers pg. 162. This of note because the Airlines are going to need billions in loans to keep them afloat ($100,000,000 is chump change.)
26. $40,000,000,000 goes to the Take Responsibility to Workers and Families Act This sounds like it's direct payments for workers pg. 164.
27. $1,000,000,000 Airlines Recycle and Save Program pg. 163
28. $25,000,000 to the FAA for administrative costs pg. 165
29. $492,000,000 to National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) pg. 167
30. $526,000,000 Grants to Amtrak to remain available if needed through 2021 pg. 168 (what are the odds that doesn't go unused) Hidden on page 174 the Secretary has 7 days to allocate the funds & notify Congress.
31. $25,000,000,000 for Transit Infrastructure pg. 169
32. $3,000,000 Maritime Administration pg. 172
33. $5,000,000 Salaries and Expensive Office of the Inspector General pg. 172
34. $2,500,000 Public and Indian Housing pg. 175
35. $5,000,000 Community Planning and Development pg. 175
36. $2,500,000 Office of Housing
What DOES ALL of this have to do with the Virus?
(Are you angry yet? This information should be shared with everyone on your contact/mail list.)