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“All Americans should be free to live and work by their faith without the fear of the government punishing them,”


Bakers face $135,000 fine for refusing to make cake for gay wedding  Published April 25, 2015

A judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) recommended a lesbian couple should receive $135,000 in damages for their emotional suffering after Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to make them a wedding cake. 
As a result - Aaron and Melissa Klein could lose everything they own — including their home.
The Oregonian reports the recommended penalty is not final and could be raised or lowered by State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

A demonstration in response to a video of protesters trampling an American flag shut down a Georgia university on Friday.        
Hordes of people descended on Valdosta State University, lining the streets and waving flags. Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress told the Valdosta Daily Times before the demonstration that they "just want to come down here and support the American flag."  NBC News  
Romney: Donation to Clinton Foundation 'looks like bribery' 
Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Thursday evening that foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation make it appear as though Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "was bribed" while secretary of State.
“You know, I’ve got to tell you, I was stunned by it. I mean, it looks like bribery,” he said while appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show. “I mean, there is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed to grease the sale of, what, 20 percent of America’s uranium production to Russia, and then, it was covered up by lying about a meeting at her home with the principals, and by erasing emails.”

“And you know, I presume we might know for sure whether there was or was not bribery if she hadn’t wiped out thousands of emails. But this is a very, very serious series of facts, and it looks like bribery,” he added.Romney was specifically addressing a Thursday New York Times story that alleged that investors in a uranium company donated to the Clinton Foundation before an inter-agency committee including Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the sale of the company to the Russian nuclear agency.
But he said that it is likely she would have to do something he refused to do when he campaigned for president in 2012: release her tax returns.

Friday, April 24, 2015

WATCH: The Navy Just Achieved This ‘First Ever’ That Will Have America’s Enemies Sweating Bullets
 A major step in proving this could be...
It’s called the X-47B, the Navy’s carrier-launched drone or unmanned combat air vehicle. The tail-less, jet-powered drone which first flew in 2011 is a demonstrator that has successfully taken off from and landed on the deck of several aircraft carriers, including the USS George H.W. Bush. And now, the X-47B has just passed another milestone — a major step in proving this could be the battlefield-ready aircraft that never has to land.
Defensetech reports that the Navy has conducted the first successful aerial refueling of the X-47B off the coast of Maryland. This mid-air refueling is another critical achievement in proving the drone’s operational capability.
Herd of bison shot after stampeding through upstate New York towns.

A small herd of bison were reportedly on the loose in Bethlehem, N.Y., after escaping from Gem Farms in Schodack. (Published Friday, Apr 24, 2015)
A herd of bison that stampeded through a string of upstate New York towns on Friday after it somehow got loose from a farm near Albany, has been shot.
The 15 creatures, two calves among them, traipsed through several backyards, trampled a fence and even crossed the New York State Thruway as they headed south, local NBC affiliate WNYT reported.
The animals had escaped from Gem Farms in Schodack, and authorities said all had been shot at Schodock Island State Park — a last resort, authorities told WNYT, since they would rather corral the beasts.
The bison were shot by people working for the family that owns the herd, according to WNYT. The son of the bison's owner told the station his family has been trying to corral loose bison for years, with little success.
Authorities were warning locals not to approach the animals, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.
"Stay away. Just stay away from them," Bethlehem Police Lt. Thomas Heffernan said. "They’re large, unpredictable animals."

Such is the life of a president without a serious agenda, whose administration will end in little more than 20 some months.

Obama's Legacy: 70 Percent of Americans Dissatisfied With Our Country's Direction Donald Lambro
WASHINGTON - Anyone looking for signs that Barack Obama's presidency is running out of gas got a glimmer of hope this week from his daily schedule.
He traveled to Florida Wednesday for a tour along the swampy Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park to talk about "climate change" or, as it is called by his friends, "Global Warming."
The last time I checked the top 10 issues the American people worry about most, climate change wasn't one of them.
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Why Is Yemen Our War?  Pat Buchanan | Apr 24 2015

For a month now, the Saudi air force has been bombing Yemen to reverse a takeover of that nation of 25 million by Houthi rebels, and reinstall a president who fled his country and is residing in Riyadh.

The Saudis have hit airfields, armor and arms depots, and caused a humanitarian catastrophe. Nearly 1,000 dead, 3,500 wounded and tens of thousands homeless. The poorest nation in the Arab world is near collapse. Dependent upon imported food, Yemen faces malnutrition and starvation.
And the United States has been an accomplice in the Saudi bombing of Yemen.
Why? Why is Yemen's civil war America's war?
What did the Houthis ever do to us?
While they bear us no love, their Houthi rebellion was an uprising against a pair of autocrats who had been imposed upon them, and against al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
The Houthis' main enemy, AQAP, is America's worst enemy.
Why are we then making ourselves de facto allies of al-Qaida?
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Draft these pricks into the Army, send them to the middle east to fight against ISIS. OR since you don't respect our FLAG, VETS or COUNTRY then GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY

Frat Boys Spit on Wounded Vet, Urinate on American Flag    Todd Starnes | Apr 24, 2015

Investigations have been launched at two universities over accusations that fraternity members taunted wounded war heroes, urinated on an American flag, and spit on a wounded veteran and his service dog in Panama City Beach, Florida.
The April 17 incident, involving Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members from the University of Florida and Emory University, has infuriated residents of Panama City.
“They were being treated like the Vietnam veterans were treated,” said Linda Cope, the founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat.
The local charity provides an annual all-expense-paid vacation for more than a 100 combat-wounded warriors and their spouses or caregivers. All of the expenses are covered by Panama City Beach residents and businesses.
Cope tells me the fraternity members were staying in the same resort – and caused a night of mayhem. The college kids made derogatory comments about the warriors’ wives, threw items off balconies and desecrated an American flag.
She also said one of the warriors and his service dog were spit on.

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If she refuses to appear, she should be jailed immediately. Who do these people think they are ? They want to decide whether to appear or not, They are no better than us, most not as good !!

Trey Gowdy: Madam Secretary, We Request Your Presence Before The Select Committee    Matt Vespa | Apr 23, 2015

In a letter sent to Clinton’s lawyers today, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has requested former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to appear before the committee to address questions relating to her private email system and the 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya. Gowdy noted that both David Kendall–Clinton’s lawyer–and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD)–the committee’s ranking member–agreed to have the former first lady appear before the Committee sometime in November of 2014. This was obviously before we knew that Clinton had used a private email address for all State Department business, had operated a personal server, and had submitted emails the former secretary of state deemed work-related; all of this was included in the letter.
AskDrBrown's photo.

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Was looking for something else, but came across this. It's long but a lot of info

                                       Obama's Muslims
Items on this page are in order of discovery . . .
Obama Advisor Defends Sharia And The Overthrow Of The U.S. Constitution                              


click below to



Was there ever any doubt the pussyfied GOP wouldn't cave in to obama ??

 BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Confirmed Attorney General, 56-43  Daniel Doherty | Apr 23, 2015
Loretta Lynch has been confirmed as the 83rd Attorney General of the United States (via ABC News):
   The Senate narrowly confirmed Loretta Lynch as the next attorney general today, 166 days after she was first nominated for the post.
   The Senate approved Lynch’s nomination with a vote of 56 to 43.
In an unexpected turn, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voted with the Democratic caucus to confirm Lynch after slow-walking her nomination.
   The other Republicans who voted for Lynch were Sens. Orrin Hatch (UT), Lindsey Graham (SC), Jeff Flake (AZ), Thad Cochran (MS), Susan Collins (ME), Mark Kirk (IL), Kelly Ayotte (NH), Ron Johnson (WI) and Rob Portman (OH).

UPDATE: Before the vote, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke against Ms. Lynch's confirmation, listing all the reasons why he believes she should not succeed Eric Holder as Attorney General.
Unfortunately, he didn't stick around to vote.

UPDATE: This is interesting. John McCain and Ted Cruz don't agree on much. But they agreed on this:

  John McCain    

Voted "no" on confirmation of Loretta Lynch to AG - can't support her approval of Obama's exec action on immigration: 

For someone who claimed to be "broke" she seems to have an awful lot of MONEY

Radioactive: Clintons’ Putin profits cause alarm

It would be one thing for a politician to cash in her influence to get rich. Most do, to one degree or another. But what if a politician used  her official position to do favors for her patrons? That starts to sound like something that can cross the line between unseemly and potentially illegal. But what if those favors compromised national security? That’s the incendiary claim made against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a forthcoming book and laid out in today’s NYT. The author’s allegation, which will air on television for the first time today at 10 a.m. ET on the Fox News Channel, is that Clinton personally benefitted from a deal that would eventually make the United States dependent on Vladimir Putin’s Russia for its supply of uranium.  

Mighty "white" of him...I'm sure it comforts the families of those killed to know obama takes FULL responsibility for their deaths.......

Warren Weinstein, Adam Gadahn Killed in U.S. Drone Strikes                 By Jim Miklaszewski and Tracy Connor


This image made from video released anonymously to reporters in Pakistan, including the Associated Press on Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013, which is consistent with other AP reporting, shows Warren Weinstein, a 72-year-old American development worker who was kidnapped in Pakistan by al-Qaida more than two years ago, appealing to President Obama to negotiate his release. © AP Photo via AP video This image made from video released anonymously to reporters in Pakistan, including the Associated Press on Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013, which is consistent with other AP reporting…
Dr. Warren Weinstein, an American aid worker held hostage by al Qaeda, was accidentally killed in a U.S. drone strike, along with Italian hostage Giovanni Lo Porto and another American who was an al Qaeda leader, the White House announced on Thursday.
Officials also announced that a separate strike killed Adam Gadahn, an American who became a prominent propagandist for al Qaeda and was close to Osama bin Laden.
The White House said it was unaware the four were present at the sites, which were hit on Jan. 14 and Jan. 19 near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. President Barack Obama apologized to the families of the hostages and said he took full responsibility as commander in chief.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Players get paid millions of dollars to play a game, knowing it can be physically dangerous. That is a chance they take, and now they want to sue for even more money ?

Judge approves NFL concussion lawsuit settlement  

10:15 PM on "earth day" and I checked, this is what I found.........

Happy Earth Day 2015: The Earth is doing just fine, thank you  By   Published April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015: Black winged stilts fly around Freedom Island where environmental activists are conducting coastal clean-up to mark World Earth Day at suburban Las Pinas, south of Manila, Philippines. The Freedom Island, which is home to about 80 species of local and migratory birds, is the receptacle of wastes, mostly plastics, that were washed ashore especially during rainy season. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day. To hear the experts like Usher and Al Gore tell the story, the planet is in a miserable state. We're running out of our natural resources, we're overpopulating the globe and running out of room, the air that we breathe is becoming toxic, the oceans are rising and soon major coastal cities will be underwater, and the Earth is, of course, heating up, except when it is cooling down.
This is perhaps the single greatest misinformation campaign in world history. Virtually none of these claims are even close to the truth -- except for the fact that our climate is always changing as it has for hundreds of thousands of years.

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN ? Doesn't everyone know the U S and obama know more about immigration than any body else ???

Authorities seize wrong Mexican girl, force her to U.S. kicking and screaming   THE ASSOCIATED PRESS  Wednesday, April 22, 2015,

Alondra Luna Nunez, 14, smiles while back home in Mexico after she was forced to the U.S. after a Texas woman claimed her as her missing daughter.Mario Armas/AP   Alondra Luna Nunez, 14, smiles while back home in Mexico after she was forced to the U.S. after a Texas woman claimed her as her missing daughter.

MEXICO CITY — A 14-year-old Mexican girl who was taken by authorities and sent screaming to live in the United States was returned home Wednesday after DNA tests showed she is not the daughter of the Houston woman who claimed her.

The case of Alondra Luna Nunez drew international attention after a video of the distraught girl being forced into a police vehicle last week circulated in media and on social networks.
The Foreign Ministry said Mexican officials were carrying out a court order to send Alondra to Dorotea Garcia, a Houston woman who claimed the girl was her daughter who had been illegally taken to Mexico by her father years ago. Alondra's family insisted authorities were mistaken but their pleas were ignored.
"They stole my daughter," Susana Nunez told Milenio Television on Wednesday. "I didn't know this woman existed."


Carrying gender equality too far...SO NOW.... You must admit women to an all male fraternity ??

Connecticut fraternity says wanted to resist order to admit women         
 The president of an all-male fraternity locked in a legal fight with a Connecticut university over its no-women membership policy acknowledged in court on Wednesday that his group had been reluctant to admit women but had not ruled it out.

Wesleyan University advised its Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity in September that as part of a new university policy requiring all campus groups to go co-ed, it must allow at least six women to live in its on-campus houses within three years.

It is our only source of protection from "TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT" And only then if we are willing to act on it, physically, not verbally........

Is the Second Amendment Essential to Liberty? Wed, April 22, 2015

When the Founders wrote the Bill of Rights in 1789, they wanted to secure a right that they believed was ancient...the right to defend oneself. But in recent news, that right has become more and more controversial (even the ATF wanting to ban some types of ammunition).
                          Of course, ban for us....but for them ??

Reminder: Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend    Katie Pavlich | Apr 22, 2015
It's Earth Day and millions of people across the world are celebrating with events about global warming. President Obama will travel to Florida via fossil fuel powered Air Force One to give a speech in the Everglades and last weekend people in Washington D.C. celebrated early by trashing the National Mall.
But like many far-left movements, Earth Day has a dark past and was co-founded by a guy who killed and composted his girlfriend.
Ira Einhorn was on stage hosting the first Earth Day event at the Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on April 22, 1970. Seven years later, police raided his closet and found the "composted" body of his ex-girlfriend inside a trunk.

A self-proclaimed environmental activist, Einhorn made a name for himself among ecological groups during the 1960s and '70s by taking on the role of a tie-dye-wearing ecological guru and Philadelphia’s head hippie. With his long beard and gap-toothed smile, Einhorn — who nicknamed himself "Unicorn" because his German-Jewish last name translates to "one horn" —advocated flower power, peace and free love to his fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania. He also claimed to have helped found Earth Day.
Protecting the environment is a laudable goal, so long as eco-fascism is left out of it. Composting your girlfriend however, is not.

Remember.........Crime doesn't pay, no matter how long ago

Mila Kunis being sued for allegedly 'stealing' a chicken as a child   Published April 22, 2015

Chalk this up as one of the most ridiculous lawsuits of all time. Mila Kunis is being sued for allegedly stealing a chicken from a childhood friend, reports TMZ.
Kristina Karo who claims she grew up with Kunis in the Ukraine, alleges that when they were around five they would play with her beloved chicken named Doggie.
According to the lawsuit, Karo adored the chicken, as did Kunis, who would come over to play with the it. But when the chicken suddenly disappeared Karo says that Kunis ‘fessed up to the chicken theft telling her, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”
But Karo claims she could not get over the loss and became an “emotional wreck,” who required therapy to get over Doggie’s disappearance.
The lawsuit adds Karo felt the loss so intensely that when she eventually moved to L.A. to pursue a singing career, being so near to the “Ted” actress brought back terrible memories of her dear chicken and she needed further treatment.
Naturally, Karo is seeking damages to the tune of $5,000 to cover her therapy costs and compensation for the emotional trauma of losing a chicken as a young child.

Believe or not...........

Jesus Predicted The Antichrist’s Name 2,000 Years Ago

A new video has reminded us that Jesus Christ himself predicted the name of the antichrist 2,000 years ago, and the name is shocking.
Jesus predicted that the name of the antichrist would be “Baraq Bamah,” which sounds an awful lot like Barack Obama. Watch as investigators explore the Bible, and reveal that Jesus did indeed try to warn us about Obama.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Senate leaders on Tuesday cleared the path for a full floor vote on Loretta Lynch for attorney general, but the trio of Republican senators seeking the presidency – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio – all say they will not give her the nod.
“My vote on Loretta Lynch is going to be unambiguously no. Unequivocal,” said Cruz, explaining he was dissatisfied with her answering of questions at the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, Breitbart reported.
Cruz also sent out an email opposing Lynch.
His statement: “Lynch does not respect the Constitution. If confirmed as America’s next attorney general, she will expand the power of the executive branch and give Obama even more authority.”

He went on to denounce Lynch’s views of immigration and her belief that Obama’s executive orders on immigration were “reasonable,” as well as her push to ban “a laundry list of firearms and ammunition.” Cruz also said Lynch was a big supporter of civil asset forfeiture, a tool for government “to seize private property without due process … [from] individuals not charged with crimes.”


I specifically mentioned her status as a Nobel laureate because I just find it exceptionally hard to fathom that someone with such amazing credentials could say something so utterly despicable and stupid

Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison: “I Want To See A Cop Shoot A White Unarmed Teenager In The Back”

Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison: “I Want To See A Cop Shoot A White Unarmed Teenager In The Back”

   During a recent interview with The Telegraph, novelist, editor, professor and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison listed what must occur before she is willing to admit that racism has ended.
“I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back,” she explained. “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman.”
“Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”
Interesting …
   Last March, two Albuquerque police officers shot homeless unarmed white man James Boyd in the back. And three years ago, black Mobile police officer Trevis Austin killed 18-year-old unarmed white teenager Gilbert Collar.
   Are these two closely related examples good enough for you, Miss Morrison, or do you still require that “a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back”?

To read her interview in full, look here.
Judge Jeanine Pirro--- Hillary Clinton Is On The Run • 4/18/15
April 18th, 2015 • Why is the most transparent woman in U.S. history on the run? Judge Jeanine Pirro suggests a few possible reasons. Watch her Opening Statement to find out.

When I was in Japan, they had the "Bullet" train. It couldn't run full speed because of keeping the tracks in repair. No worry about this one, it doesn't run ON the tracks

Japan's Maglev Train Breaks World Speed Record, Again

Prototype Train Breaks Own Speed Record Clocking 374mph NBC News      
TOKYO — A state-of-the-art Japanese train broke its own world speed record when it topped out at 374 miles per hour early Tuesday in a test run near Mount Fuji.        
Central Japan Railway confirmed that the seven car Maglev — short for magnetic levitation — had beaten the 366 mph record it set last week. The previous record of 268 mph had been held since 2003.
The company said the purpose of the record-breaking run was to test the safety of the trains, which hover around four inches above the tracks and are propelled by electrically-charged magnets.
"Both the car and the track is designed for commercial use and I believe both the level of comfort and safety has improved," the director at the testing facility Yasukazu Endo told reporters after the test run.
However, he said future passengers won't necessarily get a chance to travel as fast as the Maglev did on Monday. The company has said trains with passengers on board are expected to travel at around 313 mph.
The company plans to have a Maglev running between Tokyo and the central city Nagoya by 2027. The train is expected to complete the journey in just 40 minutes, less than half the time taken by the shinkansen bullet trains currently in service.
— Arata Yamamoto and Henry Austin

Convoy of Iranian Ships Parked in Arabian Sea, U.S. Officials Say        NBC News

The convoy of Iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons destined for rebels in Yemen is parked in the north Arabian Sea, U.S. officials said Tuesday.
The aircraft carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt and a guided missile cruiser, the Normandy, are safely to the northeast, the officials said. The Theodore Roosevelt and seven other American ships arrived in the Arabian Sea on Monday, and U.S. officials said that they could intercept the convoy.
Iran backs the rebels, known as the Houthis, who have seized the Yemeni capital of Sanaa and other parts of the country. The United States has supported a Saudi-led campaign of airstrikes on rebel targets.
The Iranian convey is parked south-southeast of the Yemeni border with Oman, the U.S. officials said. Saudi and Egyptian warships are positioned to the southwest of the convoy, forming a blockade of the Gulf of Aden and the port city of Aden.
It was not clear Tuesday whether there had been any bridge-to-bridge contact between the Iranian convoy and the U.S. or coalition warships.
The Obama administration said Tuesday that the presence of a U.S. aircraft carrier near Yemen is intended to ensure freedom of navigation and commerce in the area.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest cited energy — among other important commodities — as key shipments near the coast of Yemen that need to be safeguarded. 
 U.S. Warships Prepare for Possible High Seas Standoff With Iran

Monday, April 20, 2015

Police, Officials Resign After Small Missouri Town Elects First Black Female Mayor    |  By

Most of the police force and several officials resigned after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first African American woman as mayor, reported KFVS.
Tyrus Byrd, a former city clerk, was officially sworn in as mayor on Tuesday after beating incumbent Randall Ramsey. Ramsey had served as mayor of Parma for 37 years under two terms.
The outgoing mayor said five of the city's six police officers submitted their resignation, citing "safety concerns." Parma's city attorney, clerk and water treatment supervisor also quit.
    Some Parma residents say they aren't worried about safety now that the police force has shrunk. "I think it's pretty dirty they all quit without giving her a chance," resident Martha Miller told KFVS. "But I don't think they hurt the town any by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people."
At her swearing in ceremony, Byrd said that she is looking to getting things in order for the city.

View image on Twitter
Business as usual. Newly elected mayor will wait to address the loss of police personnel in the city of Parma
NewsBusted 04/14/15  
Pot for Pets: Marijuana Cookies for Ailing Dogs Hit Market
With medical marijuana now legal in 23 states, and recreational use permitted in four states as well as Washington, D.C., a burgeoning cannabis industry is blooming in America.
The latest crop of potentially lucrative products? Pot for pets.
    Biscuits, edibles and capsules containing cannabis compounds are being marketed to owners of ailing and elderly animals as natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory supplements. But these products aren't getting Fido stoned, claim proponents. 

Willie Nelson Rolls Out His Own Brand of Pot
PHOTO: Willie Nelson performs in concert during the Heartbreaker Banquet on March 19, 2015 in Luck, Texas.
The move makes the 81-year-old "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die" singer the latest celebrity to jump into the marijuana marketplace.
"Willie's Reserve" will be grown and sold in Colorado and Washington, where recreational pot is legal. Nelson said in a statement that he's "looking forward to working with the best growers in Colorado and Washington to make sure our product is the best on the market."
Nelson joins other famous pot personalities, including rapper Snoop Dogg, who endorses vaporizing products; singer Melissa Etheridge, developing marijuana-infused wine; and reality TV star and self-help guru Bethenny Frankel, who is working on a strain of Skinnygirl weed that wouldn't leave users with the munchies.

Bear Necessities: Warning as hungry grizzlies awaken, venture out for food  By  Published April 20, 2015

Around the nation, bears are waking up after winter hibernation, and wildlife experts warn they are hungry and possibly dangerous.
Campers and hikers in the West should be especially careful, as grizzly bears have been spotted leaving their dens in eastern Idaho, and national parks including Yellowstone and Grand Teton, in Wyoming. In the next few weeks, simple math says human encounters are likely to increase.

"If you see a grizzly up close, it’s all about bear spray and hoping it isn’t a mama grizzly with cubs."- Tim Warner, Greater Yellowstone Coalition
Larry Darrell Upright's Obituary: 'Do Not Vote for Hillary Clinton'By Shamar Walters  TODAY
Larry Darrell Upright, 81, died at a hospital in Concord, North Carolina, last Monday, according to an obituary posted on a local funeral home's website.
It describes the father of two and grandfather of three as an "avid golfer" and "loving" man whose "greatest joy was his family."
However, his relatives added an unusual request. "The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016," the obituary concludes.
It also asked people to donate to a Florida children's hospital instead of sending flowers.
A memorial service for Upright was held on Thursday.