Friday, April 24, 2015

Herd of bison shot after stampeding through upstate New York towns.

A small herd of bison were reportedly on the loose in Bethlehem, N.Y., after escaping from Gem Farms in Schodack. (Published Friday, Apr 24, 2015)
A herd of bison that stampeded through a string of upstate New York towns on Friday after it somehow got loose from a farm near Albany, has been shot.
The 15 creatures, two calves among them, traipsed through several backyards, trampled a fence and even crossed the New York State Thruway as they headed south, local NBC affiliate WNYT reported.
The animals had escaped from Gem Farms in Schodack, and authorities said all had been shot at Schodock Island State Park — a last resort, authorities told WNYT, since they would rather corral the beasts.
The bison were shot by people working for the family that owns the herd, according to WNYT. The son of the bison's owner told the station his family has been trying to corral loose bison for years, with little success.
Authorities were warning locals not to approach the animals, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.
"Stay away. Just stay away from them," Bethlehem Police Lt. Thomas Heffernan said. "They’re large, unpredictable animals."

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