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TRUMP needs to disembowel  the FBI and start fresh with politically unaffiliated people. (if there is such a thing)


Border Patrol Caught Over 5k Illegals With Criminal Records
06/26/2018  Source: TTN  by: TTN Staff
Border Patrol Caught Over 5k Illegals With Criminal Records

Border Patrol agents have been busy at the border, arresting thousands of people crossing the border illegally. Of these hundreds were gang members and over 5,000 aliens with criminal records.

According to the Daily Mail:
Hundreds of gang members and more than 5,000 convicted criminals were arrested trying to sneak back into the U.S. in just eight months.

They included 505 confirmed members of violent groups MS-13, 18th Street gang, and the Mexican Mafia hoping to rejoin their organizations.

Last week six violent criminals were detained for deportation after crossing the border, including a convicted murder and pedophile.

Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican national near El Centro, California who was convicted of child molestation on June 22.
The need to protect our borders is more important than ever and the numbers reported here are concerning. Border Patrol is protecting American citizens from being subject to the incredible amount of criminals flooding our borders thanks to the Trump administrations ramped up efforts. 
Waters Faces Possible Secret Service Probe
  • 06/26/2018
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff 

  • Waters Faces Possible Secret Service Probe

The House Office of Congressional Ethics is processing a letter it received from the watchdog group Judicial Watch, asking for an investigation of the inflammatory statements made against Trump officials by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.)

The issue at question is whether she violated House ethics rules "by encouraging violence against members of the Trump administration."
Waters told supporters Saturday at an outdoor rally in Los Angeles: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them! And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere.”

Her rant, to a handful of cheering fans, included her now-familiar chorus about impeachment and her claim that President Trump has “disrespected all of us.”

She claimed God is on her side and told her followers to “show up” wherever someone from the Trump administration appears and get them “booed out of restaurants,” vowing they would get “no sleep.”

“Rep. Maxine Waters incited violence and assault against members of President Trump’s Cabinet. It is urgent that the House ethics quickly act to hold her accountable for this dangerous incitement,” said Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton.
Fitton cites the requirement for decorum, found in House Rule 23, clause 1, stating that all members "shall conduct himself at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditability on the House."
Trump says people from Mexico 'invade' US
President Donald Trump compares people entering the U.S. from Mexico to invaders and says they should be immediately sent back without appearing before a judge. The American Civil Liberties Union said in response that such a step would be illegal and violate the Constitution that Trump swore to uphold...….THE CONSTITUTION BACKS UP TRUMPS POSITION

President Donald Trump compares people entering the U.S. from Mexico to invaders and says they should be immediately sent back without appearing before a judge.



House Mulls 'Largest Amnesty Bill in History'
06/27/2018 Source: AAN by: AAN Staff 

House Mulls 'Largest Amnesty Bill in History'

The immigration compromise House Speaker Paul Ryan plans to vote on today would provide the biggest amnesty in American history, turning more than two million illegal immigrants into citizens in one fell swoop. (The Washington Examiner)
“If the bill were enacted it would be the largest amnesty in more than 30 years, despite President Trump's campaign promise of ‘no amnesty’ and after multiple GOP congressional leaders expressed opposition to amnesty for any illegal aliens,” according to Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Vaughan, who testifies before Congress often on immigration issues, did the math on how expansive the bill would be granting amnesty to a group larger than the population of Houston, Texas. She wrote:

It would potentially provide amnesty and a path to citizenship for well over two million direct beneficiaries over 15 years. They would include not only the 700,000 current recipients of President Obama's controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but also an additional 1.2 million illegal aliens who allegedly qualify for DACA but did not apply, plus as many as 300,000 adults who originally arrived with their parents on temporary guest worker visas.
Opposition to the legislation from conservative Republicans and frustration from the White House have led many insiders to suspect it will fall short of the majority needed to pass. 

Sitting here thinking...What does the constitution say about immigration, I was surprised at the answer, you may be also. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOT SUPPORTED BY THE CONSTITUTION ! ! !.

The Constitution Is The Rule Of Law On Illegal Immigration
DIARY / Ken Taylor // Posted on April 28, 2010 by Ken Taylor 

( I purposely didn't go directly to the constitution because I didn't know if I would understand it the way/ language it was written. Rather went for someone more educated and more understanding than I )

While there are only two specific references in the Constitution to immigration , stated in this most important of documents as , “naturalization, ” there is clear evidence by the Framers as to what they intended concerning the rights of the people who live in this country and how those rights affect immigrants both legal and illegal.

The two references in the Constitution that specifically mention , “naturalization, ” are found in Article I, Section 8 in creating the authority of the Congress, “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” Thus from a Constitutional stand point it is the responsibility of Congress to establish all laws and rules of naturalization or immigration.

The second reference is located in the 14th Amendment shown above stating that , “All persons born or naturalized in the United States,” are, “citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

The key thought in the 14th Amendment which along with several other provisions established in the Constitution shows that the intent of the Framers was that only citizens of the United States whether born or naturalized are granted the rights and privileges that are available in America.

While Congress has the Constitutional authority to establish laws of naturalization or immigration they do not have a true Constitutional authority to create blanket legislation that allows non – citizens the rights of born or naturalized Americans. 
In other words amnesty is technically unconstitutional because it bypasses the laws which are established for immigrants to become American citizens.


Where the children go      MSN 1 hour ago ·

Inside the detention facilities housing undocumented children along the U.S.-Mexico border. Where the children go By Jeremy Schultz, Reuters.
Slide 1 of 25: Occupants at Casa Padre, an immigrant shelter for unaccompanied minors, in Brownsville, Texas. Picture received June 14. ACF/HHS/via


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Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill GOP Rep's Family Over Immigration  06/26/2018   Source: TTN

A Florida man dove off of the deep end and got arrested for it. Laurence Key has been arrested for threatening to kill the children of GOP Rep. Brian Mast.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:
A man from Stuart, Florida is in jail after being accused of threatening to harm the children of Republican Rep. Brian Mast (Fla.).

Mast, who represents the state's 18th Congressional District has three young children, all under the age of 8. The arrested man, Laurence Wayne Key, is facing federal charges for the offense of "communication of a threat to kidnap or injure a person." He threatened Mast’s children in response to the Trump administration's immigration policies, according to NBC affiliate WPTV.

A criminal complaint alleges Key called Mast’s Washington, D.C. office and told an intern he would "find the Congressman’s kids and kill them." He continued, "If you’re going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids. Don’t try to find me because you won’t."

The intern reported the phone call to a supervisor, and the FBI arrested Key soon after the alleged call to Mast’s office. Key told the FBI he did not threaten to kill Mast’s kids, but said the congressman should be separated from his kids if he supports President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. The criminal complaint notes he admitted "to saying something about Congressman Mast never seeing his kids again."
The situation is getting dangerous for Republicans who believe in tougher immigration policies. It isn't helped by Dem lawmakers encouraging violence on people who do not agree with them.
Florida Sheriff's advice: "If you need to shoot somebody, shoot ‘em a lot”

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida is back in the news again and he’s giving advice to citizens afraid of “active shooter” scenarios.
“The armed assailant doesn’t plan on you fighting back,” Sheriff Judd said on camera to local Fox News affiliate Fox 13. “He plans on having a gun, doing all the shooting, and you’re just a sitting duck. Well, the ducks need to shoot back.”
Judd believes all of his constituents should seek proper firearms training then obtain a concealed carry permit. “If you’re not afraid of a gun, get one,” he said. “And if you need to shoot somebody, shoot ‘em a lot.”
The Sheriff is actively involved with firearm education at the nearby Southeastern University. He has helped properly train both educators and students and if there is an active shooter scenario on campus any trained faculty are deputized.
How Trump differs from Obama on foreign policy

FBN’s Kennedy discusses how President Trump’s stance on foreign policy differs from Barack Obama.
This was written by a friend of my wife, published as a facebook post and I think good enough to be read by more people, so.....

For the past few weeks I have heard from JUAN WILLIAMS and his cohorts repeat and repeat and repeat again and again "THIS IS NOT WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR' Well here is my two cents on 'THIS IS NOT WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR;

Not allowing someone to eat in your restaurant because you work for the President. 
Since when did your political affiliation have anything to do with eating out. Heckling someone eating out forcing them to leave and the owners standing by and doing nothing. 
Since when does America stand for a washed up actor threatening the children and grandchildren and not being arrested. 
Since when does America stand for colleges who are receiving federal funds not allowing opposing views to be spoken about on their campus. 
Since when does America stand for giving out names and phone numbers of government employees in hopes of them being heckled. 
Since when does America stand for elected officials throwing F bombs and giving the president the finger. 
Since when does America stand for those in the news media to call an entire segment of the country "Nazi" because they do not agree with him; 
Since when does America stand for schools indoctrinating students and not allowing for different points of view; 
Since when does America stand for not allowing of freedom of speech; 
Since when does America stand for not enforcing laws; 
Since when does America allow her cities become like third world countries allowing crime and disease run rampant; 

Too bad, Billy.

Obama Conducting Secret Interviews of 2020 Candidates

Rumors have run rampant in Washington for the last few months that the DNC is already prepping candidates for the 2020 presidential campaign and former president Barack Obama
is leading the committee by holding secret meetings with potential candidates. 

At least nine potential candidates for the Democratic nomination have met in one-on-one sessions with Obama undoubtedly hoping for his blessing.

One of the nine candidates is former VP Joe Biden, who has been feeling the waters out for a potential run in 2020. Though he is waiting for the midterms to formally decide if he will run or not, Biden had met with Obama numerous times.

WTH: With Knife Crimes on Rise, British Judge Recommends Duller Kitchen Knives  By Kelly  Jun 16, 2018

A veteran British judge says Britons should round off the tips of their large kitchen knives as a way to cut down on the rising number of knife attacks in England, which has strict gun controls.

Judge Nicholas Madge made his proposal at his recent retirement ceremony after 77 knife-related incidents, including three deaths, occurred in Bedfordshire, England, over the prior two months, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

Image: PxHere, CC0A veteran British judge says Britons should round off the tips of their large kitchen knives as a way to cut down on the rising number of knife attacks in England, which has strict gun controls.

“Why do we need 8-inch or 10-inch kitchen knives with points?” Madge said at the May 25 event. “Butchers and fishmongers do, but how often, if at all, does a domestic chef  use the point of an 8-inch or 10-inch knife? Rarely, if at all.” 

Sotomayor and Ginsburg Issue Scathing Dissent of SCOTUS Travel Ban Decision    MSN NEWS

Travel ban dissent

The Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump’s travel ban Tuesday, siding with the president in Trump v. Hawaii. The 5-4 decision legally allows vast immigration restriction from several majority-Muslim nations: Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

While the court’s opinion stated the president had “sufficient national security justification” to order the travel ban, Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg issued a scorching dissent calling attention to Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric on the campaign road.

“The United States of America is a Nation built upon the promise of religious liberty,” they wrote.”Our Founders honored that core promise by embedding the principle of religious neutrality in the First Amendment. The Court’s decision today fails to safeguard that fundamental principle. It leaves undisturbed a policy first advertised openly and unequivocally as a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’ because the policy now masquerades behind a fa├žade of national-security concerns.”


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THIS....From the Washington Post

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name stripped from children’s book award over ‘Little House’ depictions of Native Americans
by Meagan Flynn    June 25

Classic children's books and movies are still popular today. Here are some example of iconic stories that contain prejudice unacceptable by modern standards.  

Laura Ingalls Wilder was on the brink of having an award named in her honor, from the Association for Library Service to Children, when in 1952 a reader complained to the publisher of “Little House on the Prairie” about what the reader found to be a deeply offensive statement about Native Americans...
The reader pointed specifically to the book’s opening chapter, “Going West.” The 1935 tale of a pioneering family seeking unvarnished, unoccupied land opens with a character named Pa, modeled after Wilder’s own father, who tells of his desire to go “where the wild animals lived without being afraid.” Where “the land was level, and there were no trees.”
And where “there were no people. Only Indians lived there.”

I am sure she meant "no Caucasian people" just Indians, but of course that's NOT how it was taken, it's not how WAPO wants it to be it's an issue 

And this is why it is all fake news because she assumed something that was not true. She assumed and again there’s that word again assumed that this man was a Nazi not even knowing one single thing about him. And even in her own words in her apology she is still trying to make you believe he’s a Nazi What an ass and I’m not assuming that.

New Yorker fact checker 'resigns' after after slandering ICE agent and Marine veteran as Nazi
The New York fact checker who falsely accused an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employee of being a Nazi over an innocuous tattoo has…


Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence
|Posted: Jun 25, 2018 

Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence

Many of us are predicting that eventually these foam-spitting, psycho liberals are going to embrace violence out of frustration at their inability to recover the power we stripped from them, but we’re already past that point. Just ask Steve Scalise, alive today only because the Bernie bro who tried to massacre a bunch of Republicans, as well as Jeff Flake, did not know how to shoot.

But we Normals do know how to shoot, and that’s significant. Because,
as I have grown hoarse from shouting, I see these leftist morons charging headlong down the same slippery slope I was stationed at the bottom of in Kosovo.

The bottom of the slope is really bad, and they should stop their descent. Now.

But there’s no sign of sanity. This week they turned the hate up to “11,” then cranked it to “17.” There are not many places to go once you reach “You are real live Nazis murdering children by not letting aspiring Democrat voters flow into the country at will!” At some point, instead of a few wild-eyed randos with crummy aim trying to off libs’ political/cultural opponents, they are going to start collectively going to go for the throat.

Our collective throat. Which I do not anticipate us
Normals responding to in a huggy, loving kind of way.

You can see it coming as they grow more and more unhinged. Peter Fonda, astonishingly still only the second most garbage Fonda, got on Twitter to pedo-threaten Trump’s kid and to call for the public rape and torture of a conservative women, and exactly zero prominent Democrats seemed to complain. I don’t mean one or two. I mean zero.    (why wasn't something done about this ??)

None. Maybe I missed the liberal outcry in defense of the right of conservative kids and women not to be abused. Or maybe there wasn’t one because no prominent Dem is willing to anger a liberal base that accepts both options if it helps get Trump out of power and them back in.


Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

"Trump attacks Jimmy Fallon in Twitter rant"

When I saw the headline I thought WTF. What is Trump doing ? then I read and watched the video.....I didn't see an attack, I didn't even see a diss, what I saw was Trump responding to Jimmie Fallon, telling him to "man up". It seems President Trump is wrong, no matter what he says or does (and Trump was right, Fallon was whining and whimpering.) President Trump could have been much harder on Fallon for using him as the butt of many distasteful "jokes" for well over a year now. I don't know if these are Fallons idea or his writers or is it NBC?
..BOTTOM LINE....Trump bashing has gotten MORE than ridiculous.! (and that ASS..seth Meyers who is on after Fallon, I'm surprised Trump hasn't set him up for an ASS whooping. His mouth needs an enema....

Jimmy Fallon Responds To Trump's Diss Tweet With RAICES Donation | News Flash | Entertainment Weekly