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Yes, the mayor is running — from the press.

Reporters mobbed Mayor Bill de Blasio in Brooklyn on Friday as he made his first public appearance since Thursday’s bombshell
pay-to-play testimony by disgraced donor pal Jona Rechnitz.

But despite their shouted questions — including “What’s your price, Mr. Mayor?” from a certain local broadsheet — all de Blasio did was quicken his pace.

And smile, smile, smile.

“Mr. Mayor, does Jona Rechnitz have your cellphone number?” came one shouted question, as Hizzoner and his entourage strode half a block down 60th Street toward his waiting SUV on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park.

“Did he call you on your cellphone?”

“He testified he called you every week, Mr. Mayor. Did he call you every week?”

Still more smiles from the mayor.

“He’s not taking questions right now,” a man in the mayor’s entourage shouted back. “No questions.”

De Blasio had landed in Sunset Park’s Chinatown neighborhood in order to hold an afternoon press conference announcing plans for the construction of a Friendship Archway.

But all anyone among almost a dozen attendant reporters wanted to know about was Rechnitz, who was testifying for the second day in the Manhattan federal bribery trial of former city corrections union chief Norman Seabrook — and dropping stink bomb after stink bomb, claiming he bought off the Mayor’s Office and the Police Department.

“When will you talk, Mayor, about this?” another reporter shouted as de Blasio neared his car.

“You said you barely knew him, was that a lie?” asked another.

And with that — and one final smile — de Blasio got into his car and drove off.
“Thank you!” shouted an aide.


Hannity: Clinton's silence on the dossier scandal is telling

Published on Oct 26, 2017
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The mainstream media should be demanding Democrats tell the American people the truth.



Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cops Take A Knee Then Walk Out On Redskins Leaving Them Stranded In Their Locker Room Overnight

The Washington Redskins allowed 11 of their players to take a knee for the National Anthem Monday night, enraging fans and local law enforcement in Philadelphia. After the game, the 14 officers assigned to seeing the team safely to their bus decided to show them the same respect they’re showing our veterans.
 The men lined up in front of the door, took a knee, put a fist in the air and shouted “Blue Lives Matter!” Then the captain informed them that they were “on their own” and the corp walked out. With nobody to make sure they weren’t mauled by angry fans, they ‘Skins decided to hunker down for the night and have a little slumber party right in their locker room instead.
Because they had no other choice. Their buses sitting right outside and a long ride ahead of them, it wasn’t until after 5 AM when tailgating closes at the stadium that the team was safe enough to start their long-haul back to DC.
The Philadelphia Police Department released a statement that those officers are on the stadium payroll during games and therefore not subject to disciplinary action. Stadium officials say the matter will be handled internally. In other words, good job, fellas. Show those entitled brats how things really work.

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Who Killed Kate Steinle? Sanctuary Cities - And It's Time for the Media to Admit it   Arthur Schaper   Posted: Oct 25, 2017
Who Killed Kate Steinle? Sanctuary Cities - And It's Time for the Media to Admit it
The trial for Kate Steinle’s alleged illegal alien murderer began on Monday, two years after her tragic, unnecessary demise. The Sacramento Bee editorial board argues that sanctuary cities are not to blame, but rather San Francisco’s lack of social services for homeless transients. I am surprised that the editorial board didn’t demand more gun control.
Steinle’s unthinkable murder forced destructive sanctuary city policies to the forefront of the national debate on immigration. However, in typical liberal fashion, the editorial snidely disputes this argument, even disdaining “conservative” opinion on illegal immigration. First there’s the mocking “cue the chant ‘Build the Wall’” phrase, trying to turn the demand for border security into a mindless, meaningless mantra. For decades, Americans have demanded a barrier along the Southern border. Even moderate conservative Charles Krauthammer advocates for “the wall”— and he is no fan of President Trump. The editorial then takes a subtle jab at Bill O’Reilly—"when he still had a job at Fox News”—because he demanded the arrest of all elected officials complicit in sanctuary city policies. Actually, it is a federal crime to aid and abet illegal aliens


Gowdy Opens Investigation Into DOJ's Exoneration of Hillary Clinton, 2016 Decisions  Katie Pavlich Posted: Oct 24, 2017

BREAKING: Gowdy Opens Investigation Into DOJ's Exoneration of Hillary Clinton, 2016 Decisions
House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte announced Tuesday morning they have officially opened a joint investigation into decisions made at the Obama Justice Department surrounding the FBI's criminal investigation into former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They also want to know why the FBI kept quiet about ongoing investigations into members of the Trump campaign, like Paul Manafort, while publicly discussing the Clinton probe. 
"Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status. The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and evenhandedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight," Gowdy and Goodlatte released in a statement. "Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered."
The Committees will investigate the following:
-FBI's decision to publicly announce the investigation into Secretary Clinton's handling of classified information but not to publicly announce the investigation into campaign associates of then-candidate Donald Trump;
-FBI's decision to notify Congress by formal letter of the status of the investigation both in October and November of 2016;
-FBI's decision to appropriate full decision making in respect to charging or not charging Secretary Clinton to the -FBI rather than the DOJ; and
-FBI's timeline in respect to charging decisions.
"The Committees will review these decisions and others to better understand the reasoning behind how certain conclusions were drawn. Congress has a constitutional duty to preserve the integrity of our justice system by ensuring transparency and accountability of actions taken," the statement continues.
The Department of Justice and FBI have come under extra scrutiny in recent months after it was revealed former FBI Director James Comey drafted a letter exonerating Clinton long before agents were finished with their investigation. The letter was also drafted before Clinton and her top aides were interviewed for the case. 
Comey was fired in May after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded he had usurped his authority by publicly announcing Clinton's exoneration. 

This Is Scary: Group Is Actually Planning On Starting Another U.S. Civil War

The American Civil War was a tragic time in U.S. history. Thousands of U.S. soldiers died, and the suffering across the nation was massive. It’s not a scene that any sane person would actually want to experience. But, unfortunately, there is a current political group who aims to actually force a violent revolution in the United States.
Now, I understand why you would think that this is just silly rhetoric, and I can see how this might sound like something out of a 1950s Communist Party propaganda pamphlet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A political group which the mainstream media is treating as “mainstream” is openly calling for revolution. Paul Joseph Watson gives us details,
Far-left [antifa] militants plan to “gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country” in the hope of building momentum for civil unrest that leads to nothing less than domestic regime change.
“Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power,” states a call to action on the RefuseFascism website.
A longer screed posted on the Revolutionary Communist website makes it clear that Antifa is not prepared to wait for electoral change from Democrats, and will engage in a “ferocious struggle,” based on plans outlined in a book written by Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which is called The Coming Civil War.
Now, understand, the mainstream media keeps giving credibility to these militants as if anitifa activists are calm, rational people who only want to do what’s best for our society. We can have a discussion as to whether antifa activists’ goals are good for our country and they may actually have good intentions for our country (in the same way that many Marxists actually want to do good. They just (wrongly) think that Marxism is the best way to do good.). What can’t be disputed is that antifa activists have been consistently violent during their protests, often fighting with non-antifa protesters and rioting. Also, antifa protesters show no interest in the Constitutional electoral process or in the will of the people. Antifa activists arrogantly think that they know what’s best for everyone.

Look, if rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore have been able to shape a national conversation based on rioting (and they have), then it’s logical to think that antifa activists think that they can shape the national conversation about the Presidency and government policies by rioting. That’s not peaceful. It doesn’t care about the viewpoints or rights of others. And it’s exactly the kind of thing that has blown up into real revolutions in other countries.

If that happens, you’ll want to disappear to allow those with violent intent to wear themselves out on each other. You’ll want to be prepared to protect yourself and your family, and you’ll want to have ways to provide for your family while their communist ideals work their way through our economy. In other words, you need to be prepared.

Will the truth about Killary finally come out now ??

Hillary Lawyer Caught In Trump Lie  10/25/2017  Source: Daily Mail

Hillary Lawyer Caught In Trump Lie    
A Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who launched what would become known as the anti-Trump 'dirty dossier' denied involvement in the project for a year as reporters pressed him for information.

Marc Elias brokered a deal between the Clinton camp, the Democratic National Committee and opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on the president while he was running for office.

But a pair of New York Times reporters said Tuesday night on Twitter that Elias and others involved had lied about their ties to the arrangement.

'Folks involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year,' Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted after The Washington Post linked the dossier to Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie.

George H.W. Bush apologizes to actress Heather Lind after accusations of sexual assault   by |


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Surprise! Big Media Ignores the Real Russian Scandal

Surprise! Big Media Ignores the Real Russian ScandalSusan Stamper Brown  Posted: Oct 23, 2017

While the mainstream media is chasing their tail about supposed Trump-Russia collusion, the scandal involving Uranium One unfolds to expose a Clinton-Russia connection as well as a stunning coverup by the Obama administration.

Rather than reporting real news, they continue to churn out phony news about phony news that Russia swayed the 2016 election with Facebook ads and a hodgepodge of other thus-far debunked Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theories.

The Clintons’ chief political go-to guy Mark Penn, recently disproved the conspiracy theory that Russia swayed the 2016 election with $100,000 in Facebook ads. Penn wrote in the Wall Street Journal that in the end, only $6,500 was spent on “actual electioneering” and most ads “did not solicit support for a candidate.”

Even if $100,000 was spent on actual electioneering, compare that to the Clintons’ multi-million-dollar influence-peddling scheme going on while Russia was conspiring to grab 20-percent of U.S. uranium reserves with the acquisition of Uranium One.

As I wrote in a March column, Uranium One is a Russian-owned uranium mining company that lobbied the Obama State Department through a firm co-founded by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta.


Monday, October 23, 2017

I don't know ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about scientology. They have always been so secretive, usually hear only rich, affluent people are members. I wonder what really goes on in there ???

Scientologist’s Facilities Closed After Police Find People Held Prisoner Inside   October 20 

The caller told officers that he had been held there against his will for nine months and was being given unknown medications supposedly meant to “cleanse” him.

Scientology centers in Tennessee have been closed after police rescued two patients being held and medicated against their will.

Whoa! ~TCC
Jimmy Carter Unleashed: Russians Didn't Alter Election, Obama Didn't Deliver, We Didn't Vote For Hillary .........At 93, Jimmy Carter is cutting loose.