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Man, they sure did a number on our Capitol. Oh, wait. These are pictures of Marxist Anarchists destroying our cities

Tucker Calls Kavanaugh a “Cringing Little Liberal”

Tucker Carlson 
During his confirmation hearing, we didn’t understand that something had broken inside of Brett Kavanaugh. Unfortunately, many of us believed he was a sincere conservative.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tucker: This is worse than we thought  Jan13 2022 Fox News

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host explains the dangers of government ‘censorship of political opinion.' #FoxNews #Tucker

Whose pants did Lindsay put on...?. Must have built in balls

Lindsey Graham just threatened Mitch McConnell over Donald Trump  Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large - 5h ago

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham sent GOP Leader Mitch McConnell a very clear message Wednesday night: Get on board with Donald Trump or get out.

Asked by Fox's Sean Hannity about the "swampiness" of the Kentucky senator, Graham answered this way:

"Elections are about the future. If you want to be a Republican leader in the House or the Senate, you have to have a working relationship with Donald Trump. Can Senator McConnell effectively work with the leader of the Republican party, Donald Trump? He is the most consequential Republican since Ronald Reagan. It's his nomination if he wants it. ... Can Senator McConnell effectively work with the leader of the Republican party, Donald Trump? ...

"I am not going to vote for anybody for leader of the Senate as a Republican unless they can prove to me that they can advocate an 'America First' agenda and have a working relationship with Donald Trump because if you can't do that you will fail."

Which reads like a threat, no? Graham is saying that McConnell needs to fix the relationship with Trump -- or else. Graham's... er... advice, comes just days after Trump called McConnell a "loserin an interview with NPR and amid a growing trend among Republican Senate candidates who say they will not support McConnell for leader if they win their races.

There's no question that the on-again, off-again relationship between Trump and McConnell is currently in the off-again stage. Trump, unhappy with what he believes are McConnell's capitulations to the White House and Democrats in the Senate majority on things like raising the debt limit and President Joe Biden's infrastructure package, has taken to attacking McConnell publicly while privately working to find someone to challenge the GOP leader for primacy within the Senate. (Trump is also now referring to McConnell as "Old Crow" or, alternately "old broken-down Crow.And, no, I have no idea why Trump capitalizes "Crow.")

McConnell, on the other hand, appears to be attempting to will Trump out of existence -- refusing to engage with the former president even when asked directly about him.

When CNN's Manu Raju asked McConnell late last year about Senate candidates lining up behind Trump, McConnell responded this way:

"I do think we need to be thinking about the future and not the past. I think the American people are focusing on this administration, what it's doing to the country, and it's my hope the '22 election will be a referendum on the performance of the current administration, not a rehash of suggestions about what may have happened in 2020."

Notice what he didn't say in that answer? The words "Donald Trump." That's been McConnell's strategy for months now -- ever since the events of January 6, 2021, and Trump's utter refusal to take responsibility for his role in them.

While McConnell voted against convicting Trump for his action (and inaction) that day, the Republican leader minced no words in laying the blame at the former president's feet. "There is no question that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day," McConnell said at the time. "The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their President."

Oath Keepers leader, 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 Capitol riot   By Michael Balsamo, Colleen Long and Alanna Durkin Richer, Associated PressThursday, January 13, 2021  

WASHINGTON -- Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group, has been arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy in the attack on the U.S. Capitol, authorities said Thursday.

Ten other people also were charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the attack on Jan. 6, 2021, when authorities said members of the extremist group came to Washington intent on stopping the certification of President Joe Biden's victory.

These are the first charges of seditious conspiracy that the Justice Department has brought in connection with the attack led by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Rhodes, 56, of Granbury, Texas, and Edward Vallejo, 63, of Phoenix, Arizona, were arrested on Thursday. The others who were charged were already facing criminal charges related to the attack. Rhodes is the highest-ranking member of an extremist group to be arrested in the deadly siege.

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the citizen militia group known as the Oath Keepers speaks during a rally outside the White House in Washington on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

The arrest of Rhodes and the others is a serious escalation of the accusations against the thousands of rioters who stormed the Capitol. And the charges answer in part a growing chorus of Republicans who have publicly questioned the seriousness of the Jan. 6 insurrection, arguing that since no one had been charged yet with sedition or treason, it could not have been so violent.

Rhodes did not enter the Capitol building on Jan. 6 but is accused of helping put into motion the violence that disrupted the certification of the vote. The Oath Keepers case is the largest conspiracy case federal authorities have brought so far over Jan. 6, when rioters stormed past police barriers and smashed windows, injuring dozens of officers and sending lawmakers running.

The indictment against Rhodes alleges Oath Keepers formed two teams, or "stacks," that entered the Capitol. The first "stack" split up inside the building to separately go after the House and Senate. The second "stack" confronted officers inside the Capitol Rotunda, the indictment said. Outside Washington, the indictment alleges, the Oath Keepers had stationed two "quick reaction forces" that had guns "in support of their plot to stop the lawful transfer of power."

Jonathan Moseley, an attorney representing Rhodes, said his client was arrested Thursday in Texas.

"He has been subject to a lot of suspicion to why he wasn't indicted," so far in the Jan. 6 riot, Moseley said. "I don't know if this is in response to those discussions, but we do think it's unfortunate. It's an unusual situation."

Moseley said Rhodes was supposed to testify before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection in a deposition but it got called off. He was talking to Rhodes on the phone about the committee when Rhodes was contacted by the FBI.

Rhodes has said in interviews with right-wing hosts that there was no plan to storm the Capitol and that the members who did so went rogue. But he has continued to push the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, while posts on the Oath Keepers website have depicted the group as a victim of political persecution.

Authorities have said the Oath Keepers and their associates prepared in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6 as if they were going to war, discussing weapons and training. Days before the attack, one defendant suggested in a text message getting a boat to ferry weapons across the Potomac River to their "waiting arms," prosecutors say.

On Jan. 6, several members, wearing camouflaged combat attire, were seen on camera shouldering their way through the crowd and into the Capitol in a military-style stack formation, authorities say.

Oath Keeper defendants have argued in court that the only plan was to provide security at the rally before the riot or protect themselves against possible attacks from far-left antifa activists.

Rhodes, a former U.S. Army paratrooper and Yale Law School graduate who founded the Oath Keepers in 2009, has appeared in court documents in the conspiracy case for weeks as "Person One."

Authorities say Rhodes held a GoToMeeting call days after the election, telling his followers to go to Washington and let Trump know "that the people are behind him." Rhodes told members they should be prepared to fight antifa and that some Oath Keepers should "stay on the outside" and be "prepared to go in armed" if necessary.

"We're going to defend the president, the duly elected president, and we call on him to do what needs to be done to save our country. Because if you don't guys, you're going to be in a bloody, bloody civil war, and a bloody - you can call it an insurrection or you can call it a war or fight," Rhodes said, according to court documents.

Authorities have said Rhodes was part of an encrypted Signal chat with Oath Keepers from multiple states leading up to Jan. 6 called "DC OP: Jan 6 21" and it showed the group was "activating a plan to use force" that day.

On the afternoon of the 6th, authorities say Rhodes told the group over Signal: "All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. So the patriots are taking it into their own hands. They've had enough."

Around 2:30 p.m., Rhodes had a 97-second phone call with Kelly Meggs, the reputed leader of the group's Florida chapter, who was part of the military-style stack, authorities say. About 10 minutes later, Rhodes sent a photo to the group showing the southeast side of the Capitol with the caption, "South side of US Capitol. Patriots pounding on doors." Around that same time, those in the stack formation forcibly entered the Capitol, prosecutors say.

The Oath Keepers and members of other extremist groups, such as the Proud Boys, make up just part of the more than 580 people who have been charged in the riot. But several of their leaders, members and associates have become the central targets of the Justice Department's sprawling investigation as authorities work to determine to what extent the attack was plotted in advance.

The last time U.S. prosecutors brought such a seditious conspiracy case was in 2010 in an alleged Michigan plot by members of the Hutaree militia to incite an uprising against the government. But a judge ordered acquittals on the sedition conspiracy charges at a 2012 trial, saying prosecutors relied too much on hateful diatribes protected by the First Amendment and didn't, as required, prove the accused ever had detailed plans for a rebellion.

Among the last successful convictions for seditious conspiracy stemmed from another, now largely forgotten storming of the Capitol in 1954, when four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire on the House floor, wounding five representatives.

Overall, the bar for proving sedition isn't as high as it is for the related charge of treason. Still, sedition charges have been rare and are difficult to win.

Tucker Carlson Goes All In: Blasts Fauci As ‘Filthy Little Demagogue’   BY JOHN HANSON  JANUARY 12, 2022 

On Tuesday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted top White House doctor Anthony Fauci, calling him a “filthy little demagogue” after his exchange with Senator Rand Paul during a Senate hearing earlier that day.

Carlson made his remarks during a monologue on his program “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Scott Morefield  @SKMorefield
Tucker Carlson on Dr. Fauci: "Ugh, he's such a filthy little demagogue. Filthy little demagogue. Doesn't answer the question, makes it all about him, solipsist that he is, and then he whips around and accuses Rand Paul of endangering his life."

Carlson Excoriates ‘Filthy Little Demagogue’ Fauci

Carlson said at the beginning of his monologue, “Turns out, Tony Fauci’s even more loathsome and complicit even than his toughest critics ever alleged.”

“Today, two Republican congressmen, James Comer and Jim Jordan, released emails that show Fauci was warned by scientists at the very beginning of the Corona pandemic this virus very likely leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Carlson said.

“That’s the same lab where a Fauci agency was funding gain-of-function research.”

Carlson cited a letter from House Oversight Committee Republicans which read, “On February 1, 2020, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins, and at least 11 other scientists convened a conference call to discuss Covid 19… It was on this conference call that Drs. Fauci & Collins were first warned that Covid 19 may have leaked from the WIV &, further, may have been intentionally genetically manipulated.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Polling shows Harris is the least popular Vice President in 50 years.

And Kamala Harris gave this surprising answer when asked about her biggest failure.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Numerous disasters have happened under Kamala Harris.

But the vice president doesn’t seem to be aware of any of them.

Kamala Harris revealed what she thinks her biggest failure is. Her answer will shock you.

At the beginning of the year, Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of solving the southern border crisis.

Illegal immigration into America across the border reached record highs with 1.7 million encounters of illegal border crossings over the past year.

Harris hasn’t attempted to help. Her best solution is just to help Central American countries economically grow, ignoring the pressing problem.

Before the holiday season, Harris admitted that inflation was a problem but still pushed for big increases in government spending.

She also bragged that she was a key player in Biden’s horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan that left thousands of Americans trapped under Taliban rule.

The Biden administration abandoned our allies who worked with us for years and instead took random unvetted Afghanis who were at the airport just so that Biden could brag about the number of people he airlifted.

The badly planned Afghanistan withdrawal directly led to the deaths of thirteen brave American soldiers.

There’s a reason why Harris’ approval rating is the worst number ever recorded for a vice president in a USA Today/Suffolk poll at just 28%.

Yet Kamala Harris said her biggest failure as vice president so far was not getting out of Washington, D.C. more when asked by CBS News host Margaret Brennan in an interview that aired Sunday.

“I mean, and I actually mean that sincerely for a number of reasons,” she continued. “You know, I — we, the president and I came in, you know, COVID had already started. It was — the pandemic had started. And when we came in, we really couldn’t travel. You know, a large part of the relationship that he and I have built has been being in this, you know, together in the same office for hours on end, doing Zooms or whatever because we couldn’t get out of D.C. and on issues that are about fighting for anything from voting rights to child care to one of the issues that I care deeply about maternal health. Being with the people who are directly impacted by this work, listening to them so that they, not some pundit, tells us what their priorities are, I think is critically important.”

Harris said that she did not want to be out of touch with the American people by being trapped in a “bubble.”

Whether she’s in D.C. or on the road Harris has made it clear that she isn’t capable of dealing with the issues that real Americans are facing and doesn’t have any idea how badly she’s failed them.

If you want Black Eye Politics to keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story and the rest of the breaking news in politics, please bookmark our site, consider making us your homepage and forward our content with your friends on social media and email.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tucker Hilariously Mocks Pelosi: ‘Michael Jackson Has Had A Lot Of Work Done Since We Saw Him Last’  BY RUSTY WEISS  JAN 11, 2022 

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson put on his Babylon Bee hat to take a jab at Nancy Pelosi’s appearance in a recent interview, suggesting she looks like Michael Jackson.

The House Speaker appeared on “Face the Nation” (irony?) the day before sporting inexplicably arched eyebrows that conveyed a sense of surprise throughout the segment.

“So yesterday was Sunday, and you may have found yourself on the couch idly flipping around the TV dial,” Carlson began his segment. “And if you flipped far enough, you could’ve had the shock of your life. Michael Jackson was on Face the Nation.”

Carlson then rolled a clip of Pelosi’s appearance on CBS.

“See?” he said once the video ended. “Michael Jackson. That was him. No ‘Billie Jean.’ Apparently, he’s given up singing and is telling lies about politics. Same man.”

“If you’ve ever seen Michael Jackson, you cannot forget the face,” the Fox host added, “though admittedly, he’s had a lot of work done since we saw him last.”

Michael Jackson was spotted on live television over the weekend.

Check this out from last October......How much have we really heard from Durham,..? I;m surprised he's been allowed to go on with the investigation

Ingraham: The media's Durham investigation blackout   Oct. 2nd2021  Fox News

ngraham: This is what really happened today at the Capitol  Jan7th 2022  Fox News

Pelosi’s propagandistic production was a blatant, cheap attempt to deflect attention from cascade of calamities piling up under her Democrat majority. #FoxNews #TheIngrahamAngle