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Ask yourself "Where are these kids getting these weird ideas"..... Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

University Lesson: 'If a few of the worst Republican politicians were assassinated, it wouldn't be the end of the world'  09-01-2020  Todd Starnes  CBNNEWS.COM

I received a disturbing note from one of my radio show listeners the other day about a political science lesson that was presented to students at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

"The Moral Foundations" questionnaire probed student opinion on some highly charged political statements. Students were asked to either strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree or disagree.

"If a few of the worst Republican politicians were assassinated, it wouldn't be the end of the world," read one of the statements. "Conservatives are morally inferior to liberals."

"I am in favor of allowing the government to shut down right-wing internet sites and blogs that promote nutty, hateful positions," read another. "Political violence can be constructive when it serves the cause of social justice."

I reached out to the university's media relations department as well as the chairman of the government and justice studies program. I gave them 48 hours to respond and provide some context for the lesson. So far, they have not replied to my inquiries.

However, a university leader did reply to a parent – explaining that the assignment is to "show students how we need to respect and better understand individuals on both sides of the political aisle."

Students were asked to either agree or disagree with statements like:

All political conservatives are fools.
I can't imagine myself becoming friends with a political conservative.
Deep down, just about all conservatives are racist, sexist and homophobic.
Conservatives are morally inferior to liberals
Political violence can be constructive when it serves the cause of social justice.

As I wrote in my new book, "Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation," many of our taxpayer-funded universities have been turned into radical indoctrination centers. Professors are using their classrooms to foster great unrest and social anarchy in our nation. Click here to read my book.

And get a load of the statements targeting capitalism:
The rich should be stripped of their belongings and status.
Capitalism's hyper-competitiveness has made it increasingly difficult to build community and trust with our neighbors.
The head of most large corporations are as immoral as the Ku Klux Klan.
It's virtually impossible to be both upper-class and a good person.
It is important that we destroy the West's nationalist, imperialist values.
Demanding true social and economic equality requires restricting certain personal and civil rights.
Most rich Wall Street executives deserve to be thrown in prison.
I can imagine myself committing an act of political violence to help a left-wing revolution succeed.
I would prefer a far-left leader with absolute authority over a far-right leader with limited power.
If I could remake society, I would put members of historically and presently marginalized groups at the top.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Appalachian State University is laying the foundation for an overthrow of the United States of America. Now you understand what's happening in the streets of so many of our American cities.

The survey was especially focused on shutting down free speech:
Hateful speech must always have serious real-world consequences (firing, internet humiliation, blacklisting from jobs).
Political correctness does not hinder free speech – it expands it.
I oppose allowing people who advocate nutty right-wing views (say on abortion, capital punishment, gun rights, and gay marriage) to speak in public.
Fox News, right-wing talk radio and other conservative media outlets should be prohibited from broadcasting their hateful views.
I am in favor of allowing the government to shut down right-wing internet sites and blogs that promote nutty, hateful positions.
Colleges and universities that permit speakers with intolerant views should be publicly condemned.

To be fair there were a handful of statements that were skewed towards students who might be conservative:
I would never want to burn the American flag.
I try to expose myself to conservative news sources
There is nothing wrong with Bible camps.
Conservatives can be good people.
Forced-labor camps for right-wing extremists are a terrible idea.

"The survey and reading highlights how both Liberals and Conservatives develop policy preferences based on their morals," the professor went on to say. "The difference is Liberals and Conservatives approach issues from different moral perspectives."

But that's not what the online lesson was really about. The lesson clearly states there are no right or wrong answers – just honest responses.

Now some folks might say, what's the big deal? It was just a survey.

Tell that to Congressman Steve Scalise. He was nearly killed by a left-wing activist who opened fire on Republican lawmakers on a baseball field. Three other individuals were also wounded.

I'm not sure what's more disturbing – that a leftist college student would be willing to assassinate a Republican lawmaker or that a university would suggest that such an act is neither right nor wrong.

Marxist Prof. Angela Davis: BLM riots are 'rehearsals for USA revolution'  By WND News Services  Published August 29, 2020

Prominent Marxist activist Angela Davis has declared that the recent Black Lives Matter riots are merely “rehearsals for revolution” in the very near future.

Davis made the admission while speaking with filmmaker Ava DuVernay in an interview with Vanity Fair.
In the interview Davis warns that the violent BLM and Antifa protests across the country are the early stages of a larger far-left “revolution.”
Davis claims the civil unrest is needed to bring about lasting radical social and economic change.
“Sometimes we assume the most important work is the dramatic work—the street demonstrations,” Davis told DuVernay.
“I like the term that [Marxist cultural critic] John Berger used: Demonstrations arerehearsals for revolution.”
Read the full story

All the videos they BAN, yet this is allowed to go thru.....

'Put a bullet in Donald Trump': 
Watch 2 minutes of Dem threats of violence against president
A new video has appeared online with more than two minutes of documented Democrat threats against the United States of America.

How many times can I say "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS" I guess just being WHITE is RACIST...!!

Why White People Owning Dogs is Racist  at  

Attractive young woman with labrador outdoors. Woman on a green grass with dog labrador retriever. Smiling and looking at the camera.

Way back in time, almost 12,500 years ago, the first canines were becoming domesticated. Through toil and hardship, people had earned the trust of our now beloved best friends.
The symbiotic relationship between dog and woman was very groundbreaking, as humans had never been this close to an animal before.
Humans would provide shelter and care for the dogs, and in turn, the dogs would hunt and fetch firewood for humans. The reason I am detailing this history for you is so everyone understands the importance of the events that took place all these years ago.
According to bio-archaeologist Gregor Larson, the domestication of dogs started in 2 places: Eastern and Western Eurasia. The Eurasian people worked non stop to gain and maintain the trust with these gorgeous creatures, but it was all stolen from them.
The greedy actions by white people stained the history books forever.

What actually happened?

Shortly after the Eurasian people worked so hard to train and bond with wolves, most of them were shipped off and given to Europeans.
These filthy white savages took the work and credit from the Eurasian people and branded these magnificent creatures as their own.
The need for white people to claim premade or pre-discovered things is not isolated to just this incident. Countless times in history, whites have been caught stealing the work and talent of POC for their own success. 
Honestly speaking, we shouldn’t be surprised that white people would steal the domestication of dogs as well. Based on historical knowledge, this behavior will not slow down within the white community.

How does this affect us right now?

If you are white and own a dog, you are openly participating and advocating for cultural appropriation and colonialism. Reinforcing this culture is NOT acceptable and will come with its repercussions.
Dogs are and always will be the living reminder of how tainted our history is as a whole. POC deserve to exclusively own dogs as a form of restitution for their stolen ancestor’s work. Supporting the idea of white dog ownership is spitting on the grave of past POC generations.
With International Dog Day coming up, it is important we remember and advocate for the work of POC, and never let this unbalanced history be forgotten.
If you are white and own a canine, please consider donating them to a local POC family or non kill shelter so it can truly find the perfect home. 
Cayde is a father to two and a lifelong conervationist.When not committing time to the local zoo, Cayde spends his time creating and disseminating educational materials for local schools that help kids understand why protecting animals and LGBTQIA+ rights is so important
And they are teaching this to your kids in school,,,!!

Overpaid trained seal.....

LeBron James Gets It ALL Wrong on Social Justice, Exposes His Own Privilege   8/25/2020 by Dinesh D'Souza

Kayleigh pulls no punches.....

Fog City Midge  August 31 2020

BOOM! “That’s like the arsonist blaming the firefighter”. Kayleigh DESTROYS Dems & media who pushed violence now trying to blame Trump!


The city of "DC" is not the mayors to do with as she pleases. The land was given to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by Virginia & Maryland to  be USED AS the CAPITOL of the U.S.  It belongs to ALL the citizens of the USA

DC Mayor Bowser’s Advisory Board Wants Washington Monument Removed  BY JOHN HANSON  SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 

Washington, D.C.’s local government advisory commission has recommended name changes for many schools and government buildings, and wants Mayor Muriel Bowser to ask the federal government to “remove, relocate, or contextualize” certain memorials – including the Washington Monument.

“The Working Group’s research revealed that more than 70% of assets named in the District of Columbia are named for white men, many of whom were not District residents,” the “DC Faces” report stated.

DCFACES is the group that 
had the BLM "mural" painted 
on the street across from the

The retrocession of the District of Columbia refers to both past and proposed acts of returning some or all of the land that had been ceded to the federal government of the United States for the purpose of creating its federal district for the new national capital of the United States, the City of Washington. The land was originally ceded to the federal government by Virginia and Maryland in 1790. After moving through various stages of federal and state approval, the Virginia portion was eventually returned in March 1847. The Maryland portion still constitutes the District of Columbia today, but some have proposed "retro-ceding" it back, in part or in whole, to address issues related to the voting rights of residents of the District of Columbia.
Right again uncle Joe

Virginia Rally vs. Antifa Protest
Where would you feel safer? PragerU August 2020

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Ronald Reagan Predicted the Modern Democratic Party in 1964

After listening to Trump's RNC speech, there is even more relevance here.

Democrats know Biden will lose | Greg Kelly
PANIC? : Democrats and the 'mainstream' media are beginning to worry that Joe Biden will take an L on Election Day, says Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly......8/31/2020

Another point of view on the Presidential election results

I expect that President Trump will be re-elected in November. The Democrats apparently expect that as well. At least, the Democratic Party web site Axios does. Thus, Axios is warning the party’s faithful that President Trump is likely to win–apparently–on November 3. But never fear: weeks remain in which the Democrats can harvest fake ballots!

A top Democratic data and analytics firm told “Axios on HBO” it’s highly likely that President Trump will appear to have won — potentially in a landslide — on election night, even if he ultimately loses when all the votes are counted.

Why this matters: Way more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans, due to fears of the coronavirus, and it will take days if not weeks to tally these. This means Trump, thanks to Republicans doing almost all of their voting in person, could hold big electoral college and popular vote leads on election night.

An alternative explanation: Democrats are not that much more afraid of the mild COVID virus than Republicans. Rather, fake Democratic ballots are far more likely to come in by mail, mysteriously mailed in by persons to whom they may or may not have been addressed–millions of those people being dead, moved away, or ineligible to vote. The “vote by junk mail” regime established in a number of states by the Democrats opens the door to voter fraud to an unprecedented degree. Which was, of course, the idea.

Under one of the group’s modeling scenarios, Trump could hold a projected lead of 408-130 electoral votes on election night, if only 15% of the vote by mail (VBM) ballots had been counted.

* Once 75% of mail ballots were counted, perhaps four days later, the lead could flip to Biden’s favor.

* This particular modeling scenario portrays Biden as ultimately winning a massive victory, 334-204.

Yeah, right. Most people would say the salient point is that on election night, the Democrats know exactly how many ballots they need to fabricate to “win” a particular state–much like the “ballot harvesting” campaign that they carried out in California in 2018.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this story is that a relatively prominent Democratic Party news outlet acknowledges it is likely that President Trump will “seem” to have won a landslide victory on Election Day, so that “weeks” of post-election fraud by the Democrats will be needed to throw the election into chaos. Will that happen? At the moment, it seems likely.


This past week the CDC finally seemed to get fed up with the coronavirus hysteria that has existed in this country since March.

First, the CDC released new guidelines saying there was no need for asymptomatic people to get tested if they were otherwise young and healthy. That’s even if you were exposed to someone who had tested positive for the virus.

Then the CDC put up on their official website the following details for people who have covid symptoms: “If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and want to get tested, call your healthcare provider first. Most people will have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care and may not need to be tested.”

So, yeah, the CDC is telling you to treat covid like any other illness. Stay home if you’re sick, you’ll probably be fine. That’s because for most people covid is a mild illness. If, however, you get sick enough to need treatment, go seek treatment.

This is the advice we should have had since March. And in retrospect we should have never, ever shut down at all. (In fact, if New York governor Andrew Cuomo hadn’t been the worst political leader this century, we probably wouldn’t have ever panicked in the first place. New York was such a disaster that the rest of the country panicked based on their incompetence. An incompetence, by the way, that led to the worst coronavirus response in the entire world.)

But this was the final kicker that also went up on the CDC website:

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

This illuminates what I have been saying for a long time, there’s a big difference between dying WITH COVID and dying FROM COVID.

From "The Feral Irishman"

We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains - Paul Harvey -Short Film

In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of the nation. "We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains" is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society.

Over the years I have posted quite a few talks attributed to Paul Harvey....this is a new one to I "borrowed it"
Press Sec Lists Every Democrat Responsible for Downplaying Violence and Storms Out
Our Press Secretary is a SAVAGE!   Dinesh D'Souza 

Monday, August 31, 2020


Don't Tread On Me Right Wing Discussion                                                         

Now let me say this right off the bat, I am not a hunter, but I have zero against hunting, I have dozens of friends who love it, it’s just not my thing.

Regardless, it seems like a whole lot of people are getting the impression they are winning. I keep seeing "antiFA"s saying they’re gonna take it to the suburbs, and rural communities. I just wonder if these people realize, that there’s people who wait all year just to wake up a 3am, hike a couple miles in 0° weather, and sit in tree for 10 hours just to kill a moving target a few hundred yards away.

And when they kill something, they gut it, and hang it from a tree to skin it, then they put it in a truck and haul it out and BURY the remains. They look forward to this activity all year.

I REALLY don’t think these people in the streets understand their target demographic. 

To add some perspective on this 2,790,000 hunting licenses were issued in Pennsylvania alone. And that’s not even the most. That distinction goes to of all places Wisconsin that issued 2,836,703. Even NY issued 1,081,702 and none of these numbers include fishing, trapping, and other sporting licenses.

For some additional insight last week a baby faced 17 year old threw himself into the middle of what could be described as an apocalyptic scenario. Then after getting his head bashed in, with no formal tactical training he had the whereabouts to engage his assailant head on and delivered a kill shot. Continuing, as he was retreating, and only relying on survival instincts he managed to take out two additional attackers. 

Please understand, I’m not trying to anoint him a modern day Captain America. No normal human being wishes the burden of having to live with the memory of taking another humans life even if it was in self defense, especially if that person is 17.

My point is a whole lot of the people who hunt also have many more years of experience with a weapon. I’d also render it a safe conclusion a disproportionate number of hunters have military or other types of training when compared to these Antifa types. all of whom can probably take out more then 3 convicted felons.

One last tale a caution. All those millions of hunters, they are killing their prey for sport. Those animals did nothing, as Marissa Tomei said in My Cousin Vinny, “A sweet, innocent, harmless, leaf-eating, doe-eyed little deer. … Imagine you’re that kind of deer. You’re prancing along, you get thirsty, you spot a little brook, you put your little deer lips down to the cool clear water… BAM! A fucking bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces!”

You on the other hand Mr. Antifa, are no bushy tailed deer. You are pissing off millions of people whose cities, businesses, and properties are being destroyed by you and your cohorts. You’re making my case harder every day to advocate for restraint. 

As I said in the very beginning, I am not a hunter, but I am a gun owner, I’m also a big fan of the second amendment. And as far as I recall there’s no mention of background checks, no waiting period, or even the need for a license to shoot an Antifa member if the situation arises.

That said, My advice to the black clad anarchist is tread lightly, but if not by all means, let start playing Patriots and Antifa. 

Oh I almost forgot, please return your RSVP by November 3rd so we can respond accordingly. 

Can I get an AMEN !!!

Liberal Rage Mob Targeted My Wife and I After Trump's Speech at WH Last Night... Dan Bongino    
Yes, I have video.…

The 17 year old who shot 3 people at the riots in Kenosha Wisconsin....

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyers Release Statement
By   August 30, 2020 

Kyle Rittenhouse's legal team has released a statement. It's well worth the read. The prosecution is going to get absolutely annihilated if this thing makes it to court.
For those of you in the, "hE NeVer sHoULd hAVe bEeN tHERe," and, "hE cRoSsEd StAtE LiNeS wiTh iNTeNT tO Kill," crowds, guess what?
He was in Kenosha all day performing his job as a lifeguard. Then he started cleaning up graffiti after he got off. Then he and his friend heard that a local car dealer was asking for help defending his businesses that night, so they retrieved rifles from the friend's house (in Wisconsin) and went to help.
He spent the night putting out literal fires, rendering first aid, and remaining calm in the face of attack until he had no choice but to open fire. He was attacked for no reason other than that the rioters were mad that he and others were there to protect property.
Kyle is going to walk. I don't even know if the prosecution is going to bother taking this thing to court at this point. This is an absolute slam dunk of a self-defense case.

This is their version of the key facts:

After Kyle finished his work that day as a community lifeguard in Kenosha, he wanted to help clean up some of the damage, so he and a friend went to the local public high school to remove graffiti by rioters. Later in the day, they received information about a call for help from a local business owner, whose downtown Kenosha auto dealership was largely destroyed by mob violence. The business owner needed help to protect what he had left of his life’s work, including two nearby mechanic’s shops. Kyle and a friend armed themselves with rifles due to the deadly violence gripping Kenosha and many other American cities, and headed to the business premises. The weapons were in Wisconsin and never crossed state lines.

Upon arrival, Kyle and others stood guard at the mechanic’s shop across from the auto dealership to prevent further damage or destruction. Later that night, substantially after the city’s 8:00 p.m. curfew expired without consequence, the police finally started to attempt to disperse a group of rioters. In doing so, they maneuvered a mass of individuals down the street towards the auto shops. Kyle and others on the premises were verbally threatened and taunted multiple times as the rioters passed by, but Kyle never reacted. His intent was not to incite violence, but simply to deter property damage and use his training to provide first aid to injured community members.

After the crowd passed the premises and Kyle believed the threat of further destruction had passed, he became increasingly concerned with the injured protestors and bystanders congregating at a nearby gas station with no immediate access to medical assistance or help from law enforcement. Kyle headed in that direction with a first aid kit. He sought out injured persons, rendered aid, and tried to guide people to others who could assist to the extent he could do so amid the chaos. By the final time Kyle returned to the gas station and confirmed there were no more injured individuals who needed assistance, police had advanced their formation and blocked what would have been his path back to the mechanic’s shop. Kyle then complied with the police instructions not to go back there. Kyle returned to the gas station until he learned of a need to help protect the second mechanic’s shop further down the street where property destruction was imminent with no police were nearby.

As Kyle proceeded towards the second mechanic’s shop, he was accosted by multiple rioters who recognized that he had been attempting to protect a business the mob wanted to destroy. This outraged the rioters and created a mob now determined to hurt Kyle. They began chasing him down. Kyle attempted to get away, but he could not do so quickly enough. Upon the sound of a gunshot behind him, Kyle turned and was immediately faced with an attacker lunging towards him and reaching for his rifle. He reacted instantaneously and justifiably with his weapon to protect himself, firing and striking the attacker.

Kyle stopped to ensure care for the wounded attacker but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him. He realized he needed to flee for his safety and his survival. Another attacker struck Kyle from behind as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground. One attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head with a skateboard. Several rioters tried to disarm Kyle. In fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker. The rest of the mob began to disperse upon hearing the additional gunshots.