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NY SAFE Act Causes Another Round of Job Losses in IlionIn his lust for the White House, New York Governor Andrew Coumo rammed through the NY SAFE gun control law after Sandy Hook, desperate to be “first” among the 2016 Democrat Presidential hopefuls. Poorly written and executed, it has become a perfect metaphor for what a Cuomo Presidency might look like.

Ask folks in Herkimer County what they think of “Coumonomics.” They’ll be easy enough to find on the unemployment line.
At least 125 local workers are out of a job after yet another mass layoff at the Remington Arms factory in Ilion.
Earlier this year, the nearly 200-year-old gun manufacturer moved several product lines to a new plant in Alabama and a few months later more than a hundred local layoffs were announced.
“You know, what do you do? Where do you go?” Melinda Gooding said.   Gooding’s husband’s job at Remington is spared but she’s afraid that may not stay the case.
“The scary part about it is what will become of this area? You know, that’s a leading, major business,” Gooding said.
Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard knows that all too well. He says not only do many people who live in the village rely on Remington for work but the village itself relies on Remington to work.
“Remington buys electric power from the village, so there’s a revenue issue there for us, and then also the tax base,” Leonard said.
Some lawmakers have blamed the SAFE Act for taking a toll on the gun manufacturer but Leonard says there’s more to this round of layoffs.
I respectfully disagree with Mayor Leonard.
Remington was prepared to invest heavily in New York for several lines of firearms prior to the anti-gun hostility shown from Cuomo and New York’s downstate Democrats in the NY SAFE Act.
It was only after the unworkable (and still broken) NY SAFE was rammed down the throats of New Yorkers that the company thought better of investing more in the state of it’s birth, and began looking south to those states where constitutional rights and individual liberties are something to be cherished and protected, not something to be undermined and overcome.
Colorado, Connecticut, and Maryland have also seen the departure of major and minor firearm and accessory manufacturers for freedom-loving states.
More job loses due to the NY SAFE Act for Remington and other New York companies are expected.
 Can the President Be Impeached Over Immigration?
   the President could really be impeached should he move forward with his plan to use executive orders to reform the system.
Ewe! Fresno State student accused of having sex with sheep: police 

A 23-year-old student at Fresno State University has been arrested after being caught having sex with a sheep at the school’s barn. He told officers he was stressed out over school and had been drinking. BY NEW YORK DAILY NEWS    Saturday, November 15, 2014    It was his first time. With a sheep.
That’s what a Fresno State University student told police early Tuesday after he was caught on top of an ewe with his pants down.
“Am I going to be expelled for this,” the 23-year-old man, only described as a fifth-year computer engineering student, told police. He’s now accused of bestiality, according to a KMPH-TV report.
A spooked student had called Fresno State police after hearing strange noises near the Fresno Sheep Unit.
Officers found the student in the barn, apparently having sex with the defenseless farm animal.
The student claimed he had been wrestling with cattle, according to a police report, but when there was obviously not a cow in sight, he referenced the sheep and admitted, “it was all the
same,” KMPH-TV wrote

GOP mulls options to stop Obama from acting alone on immigration, with spending bills now in play   Published November 15, 2014                                       Executive action on immigration: Obama vs. Constitution?
House Republicans are engaged in a high-stakes internal debate and political game of dare with President Obama over immigration reform -- with the threat of another government shutdown resurfacing.
The president is expected by as early as next week to announce executive action on U.S. immigration law that would protect roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, change federal law-enforcement programs and expand business visas for non-citizens.
Republican leaders in turned warned Obama that taking executive action, particularly before they control the Senate next year, would be a bad idea.

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EXCLUSIVE: In Scathing Letter to Obama, Former FBI Assistant Director Slams Holder as "Chief Among Antagonists" in Ferguson Katie Pavlich | Nov 14, 2014

As the Senate prepares to hold confirmation hearings for new Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch and as outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder continues to allocate Department of Justice resources to the situation in Ferguson, former FBI Assistant Director and Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ron Hosko has sent a scathing letter to President Obama detailing the damage done to the relationship between law enforcement and DOJ over the past six years. 
"The hyper-politicization of justice issues has made it immeasurably more difficult for police officers to simply do their jobs. The growing divide between the police and the people – perhaps best characterized by protesters in Ferguson, Mo., who angrily chanted, “It’s not black or white. It’s blue!” – only benefits of members of a political class seeking to vilify law enforcement for other societal failures.                              [Keep Reading]

KKK Threatens ‘Lethal Force' Against Ferguson Protestors And Appears on TV To Explain Why

The Huffington Post  | By    

"stupidity" of the American voter.

ObamaCare architect mouths off again, as videos cause problems for Dems   Published November 14, 2014

       The ObamaCare deceit: Why Jonathan Gruber matters
The mouth that won't stop giving -- and that has Democrats and the Obama administration cringing -- has been caught shooting off yet again on video, this time bragging how the Massachusetts health care system he helped design worked by ripping off millions of dollars from the federal government. 
On top of that, another video has surfaced from Vermont showing him mocking a critic of single-payer health care, comparing him to an "adolescent" child. 
      The latest videos of Jonathan Gruber come after House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Thursday she didn't know who he is. Though Pelosi actually cited Gruber's analysis -- repeatedly -- several years ago to boost the passage of ObamaCare, her office continued to insist he played no real role in the crafting of their bill. 
Yet video after video has emerged of Gruber boasting about the behind-the-scenes crafting of the Affordable Care Act, and how law-writers supposedly took advantage of the "stupidity" of the American voter. 

PROOF POSITIVE.....Not JUST white people can be RACIST.....A proper end

Dallas-area teacher fired over racial tweets 

DUNCANVILLE, Texas (AP) — A Dallas-area school board fired a teacher Friday who posted racially charged tweets about the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.
Duncanville Independent School District trustees unanimously voted to terminate Vinita Hegwood's contract. Hegwood, who is black, has apologized for comments made Nov. 7 on her Twitter account that were laced with expletives and derogatory references to whites and blacks. Administrators have called the remarks "reprehensible."
Hegwood, who taught English at Duncanville High School, was placed on unpaid leave Monday. She apologized in a statement Thursday and submitted her resignation, but the school board rejected a resignation and instead fired her with cause. That doesn't affect a teacher's pension, but it makes him or her ineligible for unemployment benefits, and future employers are told the teacher didn't leave in good standing, school district spokeswoman Lari Barager said.
The tweets were related to the case of Michael Brown, who was unarmed when he was fatally shot Aug. 9. The shooting prompted protests, including some that turned violent, along with ongoing unrest in and around Ferguson, which is just outside St. Louis.
In the apology issued through a teachers union Thursday, Hegwood said she was sorry for "the offensive and unprofessional comments."
    "In making those remarks, I was reacting to a series of threatening and racist attacks against me by strangers who disagreed with my expressed opinions on Ferguson, Missouri. I allowed myself to respond emotionally and impulsively," she said.   Barager said that to formally resign, a district employee must submit a letter of resignation and have it approved and signed by the school board.
A phone number for Hegwood couldn't be found in public listings by The Associated Press on Thursday.

Sure....Keep bringing them here, won't be satisfied until an epidemic is started here in the U S

New Ebola patient may be flown to Nebraska hospital

A third Ebola patient could be headed to the special biocontainment unit at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha on Saturday, the hospital confirmed.
The Associated Press identified the patient as Martin Salia, a surgeon who was infected with the virus while treating victims in Sierra Leone, one of the hardest-hit areas of West Africa.
The patient is a Sierra Leonean national who is a permanent resident of the United States and lives in Maryland, AP reported, citing an anonymous source. He was working at Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, when he came down with Ebola symptoms on Nov. 6.
He tested negative for the virus at that time, AP reported. When he was tested again on Monday, the results came back positive.   REST OF STORY

National Cathedral Hosting First Muslim Prayer

Washington National Cathedral hosted a Muslim prayer service for the first time on Friday.
Planners say they hope Friday's service at the historic cathedral will foster more understanding and acceptance between Christians and Muslims around the world.
    The prominent Episcopal cathedral often hosts national events, such as presidential funerals, and has hosted Muslims at various interfaith services in the past. But planners say this is the first time the cathedral has invited Muslims to lead their own prayers there, which they call a "powerful symbolic gesture.''   READ STORY


Montgomery Co. Pa. Schools Remove References to Religious Holidays From Calendar     

Students in Montgomery County will still have off from school on Christmas and Yom Kippur -- but the school calendar will no longer call those holidays "Christmas" or "Yom Kippur." News4's Chris Gordon reports. Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 Students in Montgomery County, Maryland will still have off from school on Christmas and Yom Kippur -- but the school calendar will no longer call those holidays "Christmas" or "Yom Kippur."The county's Board of Education voted Tuesday afternoon to remove any mentions of any religious holidays on the calendar next school year.

[DC] Montgomery County Schools Calendar Debate

Montgomery County School Board considers eliminating references to religious holidays on their calendar next year. News4's Chris Gordon explains why. (Published Monday, Nov 10, 2014)
The issue stemmed from the schools being closed for Jewish holidays but not for Muslim ones.
The Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha coincides with Yom Kippur on Sept. 23, 2015.
Since schools do not close for Muslim holidays, Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr recommended the Board of Education eliminate the references to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur on the 2015-2016 calendar.
The board voted to approve the recommendation Tuesday.
County executive Ike Leggett said Monday he would have taken a different tactic if the decision were up to him.
"I would simply add Eid to the existing holidays they already have without substituting any other holidays," Leggett said.
Parent Samira Hussein, who is also a school employee, has campaigned for the past 20 years to have the Muslim holiday added to the school calendar.
"The Eid is just the same exact as Christmas day or Easter day or Yom Kippur," she said. "The children want to home with their families. This is a family holiday that God designated and gave us the time to celebrate and be joyous."
Montgomery County Public Schools have closed for the Jewish high holidays since the 1970s because of the county's large Jewish population in the county would create a high absenteeism rate in the county.
County officials say the size of the county's Muslim population doesn't warrant closing schools.
"High absenteeism is the main reason" for schools being closed on the Jewish high holidays, said Dana Tofig with Montgomery County Public Schools. "The absentee rate on the Eid holidays, when they've fallen on a school day, haven't been considerably higher or lower than it is on any other given day."
Muslim groups who want equality for Eid said that they didn't think the Jewish holidays should be removed from the calendar.
"What we're asking for is... to also have both the Jewish holiday and the Muslim holiday Eid Al Adha both be recognized on the school calendar," said Zainab Chaudry of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Muslim students said they can fall behind when they celebrate Eid.  

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Ferguson Braces for Grand Jury's Michael Brown Decision
Anthony Gray, one of the attorneys for Brown's family, said today that he believes that today's testimony before the grand jury by pathologist Dr. Michael Baden suggests that "we're probably getting to the end of the witness list." Baden conducted a private autopsy on Brown on behalf of the family.
The grand jury must decide whether to bring criminal charges against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Brown last August. The case has been racially charged because Wilson is white and Brown was black. The grand jury's decision has the potential for public outbursts no matter which way the jury rules, but officials are particularly concerned that no indictment could trigger a renewal of the violent protests that wracked Ferguson during the summer.

Benjamin Crump, another Brown family attorney, appealed to the protesters to remain non-violent, but he also asked for police restraint.
“To law enforcement officers who will be patrolling the streets, we would like to thank you in advance for not having a repeat" of the tactics that critics said were heavy handed.
The folks of Ferguson are wary.

Caught On Cam: Motorcyclist Slams into Deer

NBC News Channel A man's helmet camera captures high-speed collision between deer and motorcyclist. KOB's Stuart Dyson reports.

Someone explain to me please, how are ILLEGALS protected by the U S constitution ?

Supreme Court Won't Stay Order Striking Down Arizona's No-Bail Law

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday declined to put a hold on a federal appeals court decision last month that found Arizona's Proposition 100, which denied bail to some undocumented migrants, unconstitutional.        
But in an unusual companion note to the court's action, Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia strongly suggest that the court should have issued a stay. And what's more, they suggest the court should have taken the appeals in recent sex-marriage cases, too.
Prop 100, approved by Arizona voters in November 2006, amended the state’s constitution to prevent the granting of bail to defendants in serious felony cases if they had entered or remained in the U.S. illegally. READ MORE

Cold, dead hands: Buffalo to seize guns from families following owners' funerals     By


FILE 2012: Buffalo police confiscated nine illegal handguns in connection with a gun trafficking operation that stretched from the Decatur, Georgia area to Buffalo. The city has been focused on reducing the number of illegal guns on the street. (Buffalo Police Department)
A plan by police in Buffalo, N.Y., to begin confiscating the firearms of legal gun owners within days of their deaths is drawing fire from Second Amendment advocates.
The plan is legal under a longstanding, but rarely enforced state law, but gun rights advocates say, with apologies to onetime NRA spokesman Charlton Heston, it is tantamount to prying firearms - some of which may have substantial monetary or sentimental value - from the cold, dead hands of law-abiding citizens.
"They're quick to say they're going to take the guns," said Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. "But they don't tell you the law doesn't apply to long guns, or that these families can sell [their loved one's] pistol or apply to keep it."
King said enforcing the state law is the latest example of authorities targeting law-abiding gun owners, while doing little to secure the streets.
"They're quick to say they're going to take the guns."- Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derrenda said at a press conference last week that the department will be sending people to collect guns that belong to pistol permit holders who had died so "they don't end up in the wrong hands." The department will cross reference pistol permit holders with death records and the guns will be collected when possible, he said.



Boehner: 'All Options' on Table to Stop Obama Action on Immigration

       House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday said “all options are on the table” to prevent President Barack Obama from taking executive action on immigration, including the threat of another government shutdown.        
Boehner told reporters that his goal is "not to shut down the government" but that "all options are on the table. We are having conversations with our members."
Some Republicans in Congress support attaching language to a funding bill that would prohibit the president from using federal funds to implement his promised action on immigration. Such language could lead to a political show down in the Democratically controlled Senate similar to the Obamacare debate that halted the government in 2013.
Congress has until mid-December to act to prevent another shutdown.
Boehner’s assertion contradicts what incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier in the day. “We’ll not be shutting the government down or threatening to default on the national debt,” McConnell said.

No need to check your eyes, And these are the aliens obama wants to give AMNESTY

Illegal Aliens Commit Nearly 400 Child Sexual Assaults in North Carolina During October    Dave Gibson 11/11/2014
  Prototype-dark  No need to check your eyes, you read that headline correctly…During the month of October 2014, there were 73 illegal aliens charged with 384 various counts of sexual assault against North Carolina’s children, according to the citizens advocacy group known as NCFIRE.
The charges range from the manufacture of child pornography, to first-degree rape and even incest.
While the numbers will prove rather shocking to most, anyone who has been paying attention to the epidemic of child rapes occurring in that state at the hands of illegal aliens, will not be surprised, as there have been 3,700 such charges filed in North Caolina over the last 12 months.
A few examples of those charged last month follow:
A Favor to Hillary? Obama's Political Pros and Cons for Immigration Action

Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham ClintonBy now, we know that President Obama’s executive action on immigration is likely coming. (Fox News says it could come as early as next Friday, but the White House says that President Obama still hasn’t made up his mind.) Politically, the question is whether such action would be a smart move -- or a dumb one. MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin has a good look at the political pros and cons here. The pros: It’s the best chance for Obama to reform the system in the short term (especially since House Republicans are unwilling to pass their own legislation), and it will fire up Latino voters, who will be a critical bloc to Democrats’ success in 2016. The cons: It would spark a policy fight with Republicans (the outcome of which is impossible to predict), and it could alienate the white voters Democrats lost in 2014. But maybe the biggest political reason to undertake executive action is that it would ensure the action becomes a key part of the 2016 race. Every Republican running for president would have to denounce the move. And then the GOP contest then would turn into who’s tougher against the action: Do they promise to deport the undocumented immigrants (if Obama’s ultimate executive action entails allowing them to stay in the country)? Like we saw in 2008 and 2012, that would push the eventual GOP nominee farther to the right than he or she might want to go -- and make it harder for the nominee to return to the middle in the general election. Politically speaking, Obama taking the action could be the biggest favor he does for Hillary Clinton (if she ends up running).

It’s long been conservatives’ favorite argument against climate action: China’s not going to do anything, so why should we bother trying? With Tuesday’s announcement that the U.S. and China have reached a historic deal to cut carbon emissions, their tune has changed.
It was only the previous evening that Fox News guest Charles Krauthammer said Obama should push for a climate agreement with China, that “if we get one with China we have something real.” That echoed Krauthammer’s comments last week that “if he gets an agreement with China, which he won’t, but that’s the one area it would be historic.” Since that’s become a reality, Fox News wasn’t sure what to say Wednesday morning.

Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy asked Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, “is the agreement just a sign that China has a hold on us?” She then delivered a particularly bizarre take on the agreement:          READ STORY  

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Judge Jeanine: America votes for truth and justice....

Lord Won’t You Armor Me A Mercedes Benz

     This Is What It's Like To Be Shot At With an AK 47 in a Mercedes Benz!
At Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) we take product testing EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. Assuring our clients' safety is paramount to success in our industry, and batch-testing ballistic materials is critical in our QA process
     While other corporate officers claim to stand behind their products, R. Trent Kimble, President of Texas Armoring Corporation, sits behind his, even after repeated shots with am AKM.
Waaaaaay cooler than an old Janis Joplin song, isn’t it?

About her, I read where she spoke about voter I D and said states that implemented I D laws are "RACIST"

Does Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Support Obama's Illegal Executive Amnesty? Katie Pavlich | Nov 11, 2014

The battle on Capitol Hill over when nominations for President Obama's pick to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder will begin is still brewing, but lawmakers are already getting their questions for the new nominee ready to go with President Obama's political agenda leading the way. 
Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee both sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Loretta Lynch will face tough questions about why she's fit to be the nation's top law enforcement officer. As President Obama continues to threaten executive action on illegal immigration, Cruz and Lee want answers about how Lynch views the unilateral granting of amnesty. 
“The Attorney General is the President's chief law enforcement officer. As such, the nominee must demonstrate full and complete commitment to the law. Loretta Lynch deserves the opportunity to demonstrate those qualities, beginning with a statement whether or not she believes the President’s executive amnesty plans are constitutional and legal,” Cruz and Lee said in a joint statement late last week.

 As Conn pointed out yesterday, should President Obama grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without the consent of Congress, he'll be in violation of Article I of the U.S. Constitution, which grants Congress the exclusive authority to "establish a uniform rule of naturalization."
KEEP                                                                                        READING                                                                                                             

 On voter I D watch video
A video has surfaced showing President Barack Obama’s attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch is just "as radical" as outgoing AG Eric Holder
     At the end of her speech, Lynch ridiculously tries to tie her battle to stop voter ID laws to Nelson Mandela. I guess she didn’t get the memo. Mandela supported and put into place strict photo voter ID laws in South Africa."
story and video 
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” - Thomas Jefferson 

The Demonstrations To Drive Islam Out Of Germany Is Spreading And Gaining Momentum

By Walid Shoebat
Posted on 11/9/2014 by

The massive riots on Sunday by Hooligans Against [Muslim] Salafists in Cologne seems to have spread to Dresden were public assembly showed in full force and  plans are on the way for additional massive riots on November 15th planned in Hamburg and at the Brandenburg Gate, the center of the capital of Berlin itself, German media reported.
A member of the group who described himself as a devout Bible believing Christian denounced the false portrayal of the group by leftist media as “Nazi” and told Monday that “this is only the beginning” vowing that this will spread to Dresden and other places across Germany.
Sure enough, in Dresden yesterday, the group took to the streets under the banner “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” (Pegida) against what they termed Muslim “religious wars”.
After the incidents in Cologne it is expected that both the police and counter-demonstrators otherwise prepare for the appointment on November 15th in which the police is preparing for a massive deployment of agents in Berlin to confront the coming unrest especially since leftist and Muslim groups in the city have already announced a showdown of retaliation against the right-wing Hooligans. Germany is expected to witness civil unrest and a line in the sand be drawn between left and right.   FULL STORY

Politicians are all whores, anything for the money

Wow. Here Are the Congressmen Who Took Money From Radical Muslims This Election

The midterms are over, and the Democrats have been put in their place, with the Senate lost and their lowest percentage of House members since Al Jolson was America’s most bankable movie star. All is right with the world.
However, even though the left lost big on Tuesday, there’s still a significant story to be told about how the Democrats ran their midterm election – and specifically, where they got the money to run it. In addition to the usual suspects like sinister moneybags George Soros, there’s also a disconcerting new kid on the block giving free candy to the Democratic Party: Islamist groups, some of them with radical ties  .
READ MORE          


We are American-Strong, and we APPROVE this message!

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Thanx Ann Marie..........

On Veterans Day I think we should remember that 1 out of 4 homeless men are Vets. The VA reports 300,000 Vets are homeless on any given night...
And our country is making it illegal to feed these people.
Something is very wrong with a country that has a day...
1 day...
just 1... ...
to honor those we refuse to help and turn our backs on any other day.
Things are so very wrong.


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I didn't know it evolved, I thought I always had it

Scientists figure out how our penises evolved   By Arden Dier Published November 06, 2014

Scientists figure out how our penises evolved
This image made available by the journal Nature shows a mouse embryo. (AP Photo/RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Haruko Obokata)
Most guys probably don't sit around the locker room pondering the finer points of how the male penis evolved, so leave this one to Harvard researchers: The mystery is solved thanks to … lizard limbs.
Yup, Harvard scientists investigating the origin of external genitalia have found a link relating to the development of limbs in a variety of animals. Scientists initially hoped to discover why snakes didn't grow limbs, the Boston Globe reports.
But they instead found that embryonic cells—which produce hind limbs in lizards, limb buds in snakes, and "tail-bud" tissue in mammals—form genitalia with a signal from something called a cloaca.
As Discovery reports, cloaca is "tissue that eventually develops into the urinary and gut tracts." When they transplanted a cloaca onto hind limb cells in a chicken embryo, eureka—genital-like buds formed.
"It demonstrates that there is a flexibility with what kind of cells can get recruited during development to form genitalia," the lead author tells the BBC of his research in Nature.
He says the link may help explain why "babies that are born with malformations in their limbs often also have malformations in their genitalia." While snakes and lizards have two penises, "it appears that the way all amniotes, including reptiles, birds, and mammals, build their genitalia is very similar," a researcher says.
The Globe adds that external genitalia developed when animals moved from sea to land, rendering water-borne fertilization obsolete. (Another study finds sex is 385 million years old.)

They're spending $33 million to get rid of these 800 birds - that comes out to about $40,000 a bird

Bridge demolition runs up against protected birds  Nov. 10, 2014 - Claudia Cowan reports from San Francisco                                                                                                 Reuters  AN EFFORT TO demolish an old section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is being held up by a bird species’ unwillingness to move, causing delays that critics say could cost $33 million.

Another shot at Christians, I wonder if the school would do the same if it were a muslim putting down his prayer rug ??

School tells kids: Stop praying to Jesus, singing Amazing Grace   By     November 10, 2014

Chase Windebank, a senior at Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs. (Courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom)
Christian students at a Colorado public high school were told they could no longer meet to pray, sing religious songs or discuss religious topics during free time – because such activity violated the U.S. Constitution, a lawsuit filed in federal court alleges.
Chase Windebank is a senior at Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs. Three years ago he started meeting together informally with his classmates for prayer and religious fellowship. The young people would meet in an unoccupied choir room to sing songs like “Amazing Grace” and discuss the issues of the day from a religious perspective.

But all that changed on Sept. 29th when Chase was summoned to the office of Assistant Principal James Lucas.
“He was told that he could no longer pray with his fellow students during free time because of the separation of church and state,” said Jeremy Tedesco, an attorney representing the teenager.

In other words – the only theology allowed between 7:45 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. is the government’s theology.

Power suits: World leaders don Chinese garb for Beijing summit

Does it suit?
Power suits: World leaders don Chinese garb for Beijing summit
Where have we seen that look? President Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, wore traditional Chinese suits at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings, where they may or may not have discussed saving the world for the sum of one million dollars ....

Does it suit?

The suits are similar to the utilitarian garb donned by Mike Myers, playing the role of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movie series, a spoof of tthe James Bond villain Dr. No.

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is one world leader who can rock a Dr. Evil suit and manage to look deadly serious. (AP)

Canada's first couple

Canadian President Stephen Harper, (second from left) and his wife, Laureen, joined Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye, (right), at the summit.

President Obama with China's first couple

Does it suit? President Obama, shown here with China's President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, donned the Chinese version of a power suit while visiting for an Asia-Pacific summit. (Reuters)
The suits are similar to the utilitarian garb donned by Mike Myers, playing the role of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movie series, a spoof of the James Bond villain Dr. No.                                           

Newsmax poll

Should Obama Deport Illegal Children From the US?

Vote: Deport US Illegals <<<<< Click to vote


At least the "stupid" democrat voters

Obamacare Architect: We Passed the Law Thanks to the ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’  

One of the architects of Obamacare said the law was written in a deliberately “tortured” way and relied on the “stupidity of the American voter” to ensure its passage.
In a newly unearthed 2013 clip, Jonathan Gruber, the MIT health economist who helped craft parts of the Affordable Care Act, got fairly candid about the tactics used to get the Affordable Care Act passed during a panel at the Annual Health Economists’ Conference last year.
“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure [the Congressional Budget Office] did not score the mandate as taxes,” Gruber said in one 52-second clip. “If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. OK, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in – you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.”
Gruber then trumpeted the value of a “lack of transparency” — and called American voters stupid.
“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. “And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass.”
Better for the American people to be saddled with a law they don’t understand, Gruber claimed, than for them to understand the law and rally against it.
“Look, I wish … we could make it all transparent,” Gruber said, “but I’d rather have this law than not.”   I guess he means we're too stupid to know what we want or what is good for us

UPDATE: The original video that contained Gruber’s comments was deleted from YouTube on Monday morning.
University of Pennsylvania officials did not immediately comment to TheBlaze on why the video was taken down.