Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's the year of the Horse.

HAPPY NEW YEAR.........2014
Affirmation prayer for the new year:
"That which has been I now release with gratitude and forgiveness. That which is to BE is emerging in my consciousness, preparing to manifest, aligning with my purpose and service in the world.
I will to will Thy will."

In this Chinese year of the Horse may you ride fearlessly along the path of your soul's destiny!

Happy New Year!!!

Affirmation prayer for the new year: "That which has been I now release with gratitude and forgiveness. That which is to
be is emerging in my consciousness, preparing to manifest, aligning with my purpose and service in the world. I will to will Thy will." In this Chinese year of the Horse may you ride fearlessly along the path of your soul's destiny! Happy New Year!!!

Written by by "black" reporter, Thomas Sewell. NOT your sharpton or jackson type "african American"

A New Year and Old Problems
Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell Dec 31, 2013
   Increasing numbers of people seem to have finally -- after nearly five long years -- begun to see Barack Obama for what he is, rather than for what he seemed to be, when judged by his image and rhetoric.
     What kind of man would blithely disrupt the medical care of millions of Americans, and then repeatedly lie to them with glib assurances that they could keep their doctors or health insurance if they wanted to?
     What kind of man would set up a system in which people would be forced by law to risk their life savings, because they had to divulge their financial identification numbers to strangers who could turn out to be convicted felons?
     With all the time that elapsed between the passage of ObamaCare and its going into effect, why were the so-called "navigators" who were to be handling other people's financial records never investigated for criminal convictions? What explanation could there be, other than that Obama didn't care? ........................these are the last few paragraphs in article, click below for full story..


Shhh: Embattled Obamacare Official Quietly 'Retires'

 Guy Benson | Dec 31, 2013        

Disgraced federal bureaucrats don't seem to resign these days. They certainly aren't fired -- and even when they are, they appeal and are reinstated. No, they "retire," and make off with a raft of taxpayer-funded benefits accrued over years of "public service." As Ms. Snyder prepares to step aside to spend more time with her family or whatever, her boss is singing her praises:

Thousands Expected to Apply for Concealed Carry in Illinois

  • Mon, December 30, 2013
Illinois is the final state to legalize concealed carry weapons. Applications will be made available on Jan.5                       400,000 residents are expected to apply.

MSNBC Panel Mocks Photo of Romney Holding Adopted Black Grandson

Democrats are always accusing Republicans of being "racist", but isn't it strange, Romney proves them wrong, so Melissa Harris- Perry [who is black] makes fun of Romneys adopted BLACK grandson.
            Rule.....always twist facts to meet your own agenda
An MSNBC panel cruelly ridiculed a Mitt Romney family photo showing the former Republican presidential candidate holding his adopted black grandson Kieran, conservative blogger Caleb Howe says.

The mockery came during Sunday's Melissa Harris-Perry show, on which she hosted a panel of entertainers commenting on photos of the year.

Monday, December 30, 2013

N Y Times can wait another year and change the story again. Whatever suits them ?

NYT: No, Really, the Benghazi Attacks Were Fueled by That YouTube Video

Guy Benson | Dec 30, 2013
NY SAFE Act Results in Almost 1,200 Felonies for Gun Owners
Cortney O'Brien
Thanks to the restrictive SAFE Act Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law last January shortly after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, what used to be a misdemeanor is now treated as a felony in New York -- turning gun owners into criminals.
[Keep Reading]

Awful: Two Suicide Bombings in 24 Hours Devastate Russian City

The city formerly known as Stalingrad suffered two presumed terrorist attacks in a twenty-four hour period. Dozens have been killed and many more have been wounded. The suicide bombings come only weeks before Russia is slated to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, and startlingly, it was the third terrorist attack in less than 96 hours:

Another deadly blast has rocked the Russian city of Volgograd, killing at least 14 people aboard a trolleybus during today's morning commute. The explosion comes a day after a suicide bombing in the city killed at least 17 people and injured more than 40. 
The explosions raised concerns about terrorism six weeks before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
At least 14 people died in the trolleybus explosion and at least 28 people injured, according to the Russian Health Ministry. A 5- to 7-month-old baby suffered multiple head injuries and was unlikely to survive, Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said. The baby's gender has not been disclosed.
A total of 27 people are in hospitals, including three children, Skvortsova said. The condition of most patients is "from relatively satisfactory to moderately severe," she added.

Based on the evidence, experts and government officials suspect the bombings were linked:   STORY    
Spokane Conservative Examiner's photo.


Ouch: Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Fall Two Million Short of Goal .................click for story
Sarah Jean Seman

Why is it, almost everything obama wants to do costs us either money, jobs, or loss of respect ?

Obama's War on Coal Will Harm Economy, Do Little for Environment

Image: Obama's War on Coal Will Harm Economy, Do Little for Environment A billboard carries a message for the coal industry near Wheeling, West Virginia.
 Sunday, 29 Dec 2013 11:00 PM      
The Winter Olympics, set to open in Russia in less than six weeks, have been thrown into chaos after two terrorist bombs killed 31 people in a city that thousands of spectators will travel through on their way to the games in Sochi. The bombings have been linked to radical Islamists from Chechnya and Dagestan — the same regions that spawned the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. [Full Story]

Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed?
Vote Here Now!

Greenwald Slams MSNBC Bias... While On MSNBC

Reporter Glenn Greenwald ripped MSNBC's pro-Obama stance while on MSNBC, claiming the network "promotes, defends [and] glorifies" Obama and Democrats "24 hours a day."

GLAAD Outraged at Phil Robertson's Return, Others Offended Still Support Free Speech  


Dec 29, 2013           
After A&E announced “Duck Dynasty” will resume with Phil Robertson in 2014, GLAAD responded with a statement of outrage.
"Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists. If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers." 

The system of supply and demand certainly worked itself out when A&E ousted Robertson from its network. Thousands showed support via Twitter and Facebook. The “I Stand With Phil" petition also escalated quickly to more than 250,000 signatures.                READ MORE  

Had trouble posting this because of the way it was sent, but had to do it...............

 Guess who was Miss Lube Rack of 1955?


I know, you have no idea? She could be a  Movie star? Recording artist? 
Politician?   She's a politician from             
California . . .scroll down for the answer!! 
Still stumped? Her name is Nancy D'Alesandro  
Nancy D'Alesandro is today know as
Nancy Pelosi,
the former  Miss Lube Rack 1955!

Yup, she started down at the
 gas station pumping
ethyl with the
 boys doing lube jobs

Now she lubes us all!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

  Daniel J. Mitchell | Dec 29, 2013
Nope, the answer isn’t smoking. Or fatty food. Or 16 oz. sodas.
And it’s not alcohol, driving too fast, or standing between politicians and a TV camera.
  Why is murder “chic” for some people?
In the past 100 years or so, the biggest cause of premature death has been government. View Full Article

Get em while you can.................

Rifle and Shotgun Sales Spike as Californians Prepare for 2014 Law



 Missouri Bill to Gut Obamacare, Ban Penalties, Ban Healthcare Exchange;

Mike Shedlock | Dec 29, 2013
If enough states act, we are on the way to a constitutional showdown over Obamacare. Washington Times reports Missouri bill would gut Obamacare
Next month, the Missouri Senate will consider a bill which would effectively cripple the implementation of the Affordable Care Act within the state.

Following the lead of South Carolina, where lawmakers are fast-tracking House Bill 3101 in 2014, and Georgia, where HB707 was recently introduced by Rep. Jason Spencer, Missouri State Senator John T. Lamping (R-24) pre-filed Senate Bill 546 (SB546) to update the Health Care Freedom Act passed by Missouri voters in 2010. It passed that year with more than 70% support.

SB546 would ban Missouri from taking any action that would “compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system.” That means the state would be banned by law from operating a health care exchange for the federal government.
View Full Article



The Philadelphia Eagles play for the NFC East championship tonight on SNF! Here's what you need to know about the Eagles-Cowboys showdown: http://bit.ly/1cfucgf

Watch the game on NBC10 or online here: http://bit.ly/1h78qzY

Maybe she can stand UNDER it

Sotomayor chosen to trigger ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve

Rob Kim / Getty Images
Workers assemble the 2014 New Year's Eve Waterford Crystal ball during its installation at One Times Square on Dec. 27, in New York City.
Who says only tourists go to see the ball drop in Manhattan's Times Square on New Year’s Eve?
U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a Bronx native, will be in charge of pressing the button that activates the 60-second descent of the sparkling ball to celebrate the introduction of 2014 in Times Square, organizers
announced Sunday.          Show more

GOOD JOB PAT...........

Nailed It: Pat Sajak Scores With Tweet About Obama's 'Relaxing Vacation'

| On 28, Dec 2013
Yeah, Pat Sajak hit the nail smack dab on the head with this tweet about Family Obama’s vacation:

Video Of Suicide Bomb Blast In Russian Train Station – At Least 18 Killed

BREAKING: Video Of Suicide Bomb Blast In Russian Train Station – At Least 18 Killed

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just came across this today, I guess if they can't get to Zimmerman one way, they'll try a different route.......they can't stand it that ZIMMERMAN WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY

Florida bar investigating complaint against Zimmerman lawyer

Updated 4:51 p.m. ET, Mon., Dec . 16, 2013






The Florida bar is investigating a complaint against George Zimmerman’s high-profile defense lawyer, Mark O’Mara, a spokeswoman told NBC News on Monday. But state bar officials wouldn’t disclose the exact nature of the grievance. "The Florida Bar has


White House doesn't dispute report finding no al Qaeda role in Benghazi attack

An interior view of the U.S. consulate, which was attacked and set on fire in Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 12, 2012.

A senior Obama administration official said the White House does not dispute a New York Times article published Saturday about the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which found no evidence al Qaeda was involved.
According to the in-depth report, the Times found no proof that al Qaeda or any international terrorist groups played any role in the assault, which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.
The six-part report goes on to say that an American-made video mocking Islam largely triggered the attack, which was not well-planned.


Sandwich-wielding police talk naked Oregon man off of ledge

A crisis-intervention officer — armed with a sandwich — persuaded a naked, disturbed man to come down off the ledge of a parking structure he was threatening to jump off in Portland, Ore., Saturday.
Police said in a news release they responded to a call involving "a naked subject, possibly armed with a knife, acting as if he intended to jump off a parking structure" around 11:10 a.m. local time (2:30 p.m. ET).
The man "appeared to be experiencing a behavioral health crisis" -- sitting on the ledge, threatening to jump off and cutting himself, according to the release.
As an officer began speaking with the man, the troubled individual revealed he was hungry. 
A sandwich was then procured from the nearby Hotel deLuxe, and officers used it to "move the subject away from the ledge," police said.
That's when the man was taken into custody without incident, officials said. He is currently being evaluated at a hospital.
Police said criminal charges may be filed in connection to vandalism to vehicles in the parking structure and other potential crimes.

Obama faces protests on Hawaiian vacation

Kevin Lamarque / REUTERS
Protesters hold signs as the motorcade of President Barack Obama returns to Obama's vacation home in Kailua, Hawaii Dec. 28, 2013.
The serenity of President Barack Obama's Hawaiian vacation was rattled a little on Saturday when demonstrators aired grievances against unmanned aircraft and other issues in a small protest zone near the first family's upscale rented house. 
Returning from an early morning gym visit at nearby Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Obama's motorcade passed a few dozen protesters holding signs with slogans including "Drones: Unethical and Illegal," "U.S. Bases Out" and "Close Guantanamo Now." Others expressed their opposition to genetically modified foods. 


Friday, December 27, 2013

I copied the most asinine paragraph to post here, just to illustrate how DUMB our legislators are

Colorado Legislators Criminalize Christmas Gifts in the Name of Gun-Control  

Michael Schaus | Dec 27, 2013 Coloradoans, apparently, like their guns.

Dozens of criminals would be walking around with a gun right now if not for the new law ,”  said Rep. Rhonda Fields, a Colorado legislator with no apparent capacity to digest the meaning of the word “criminal”. Because, ya know, dozens of criminals tried to purchase a firearm from drug dealers, gun runners, and fellow gang members – only to find out that they were unable to pass the required background check. “Oh well,” they said to themselves when their fellow criminal reported the unfortunate denial from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. “I guess I’ll just go back to being an unarmed, and passive, member of society.”


Video Krauthammer: It's as if the Whole 2,000 Pages of Obamacare are Completely Irrelevant
Video Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Passes, Exceptions Still Being Made

Merry Christmas From the TSA

Mike Shedlock | Dec 26, 2013   
Traveling this holiday season? Whether yes or no, the TSA has 12 helpful hints about what you can and cannot carry on planes.


Glenn Greenwald to MSNBC: I Defend Snowden Like You Defend Obama

Kevin Glass | Dec 26, 2013
In a confrontational interview with MSNBC anchor Kristen Welker, progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald said that he's a defender of Edward Snowden's actions in the same sense that MSNBC is a defender of President Obama. Greenwald said that he believes "every journalist has an agenda. We're on MSNBC now, where close to 24 hours a day the agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party are promoted, defended, glorified, the agenda of the Republican Party is undermined. That doesn't mean the people who appear on MSNBC aren't journalists. They are." "I do defend [Edward Snowden]," Greenwald said, "just like people on MSNBC defend President Obama and Democratic Party leaders 24 hours a day."  Watch: http://bcove.me/jwo41z4q         

Sure... release the report now that nothing they say can be verified

Police to Release Final Sandy Hook Report   
click above for story
Sandy Hook Elementary School’s Demolition Nearly CompleteNovember 13, 2013, 5:50 PM

Construction crew members have signed nondisclosure agreements forbidding them from speaking about their work or photographing or taking video recordings of the site. All materials from the school will be either demolished on site or destroyed elsewhere to ensure none of it is sold or collected. Officials declined to say where the material will be disposed.“You don’t want to see a brick from Sandy Hook School on eBay,” said Robert Mitchell, chairman of the town’s public building and site commission.
Mr. Mitchell later added: “We still consider it sacred ground

 final photo is from Nov. 13, 2013    FULL STORY   and demolition pictures


I'm sorry, when I posted this I forgot they were talking about the U.S. CONSTITUTION..............

New York federal judge rules NSA phone surveillance is legal   DEC 27, 2013

A federal judge in New York has ruled that the National Security Agency's massive collection of American citizens' telephone records is both legal and useful. STORY

Federal judge says NSA program appears to violate Constitution
A federal judge has dealt the first serious legal blow to the NSA's massive collection of data on the phone calls made by every American.  It's the first step in what's sure to be a high-stakes legal battle. NBC's Pete Williams reports.
A federal judge ruled Monday that the National Security Agency’s gathering of data on all telephone calls made in the United States appears to violate the Constitution’s protection against unreasonable searches. STORY

Was this flag to direct them to the targeted buildings? Why does the U S believe we must surrender to Islams demands ?

Allahu Akbar and Ho Ho Ho

Christmas at World Trade Center  

Long before the Ground Zero Mosque was even a twinkle in the eye of a violent ex-waiter and a slumlord Imam, the World Trade Center allowed Mohammed T. Mehdi to bully it into flying the symbol of Islam.

 New York Times, 1997 “A flag bearing a crescent and star flies from a flagpole in front of the World Trade Center, next to a Christmas tree and a menorah.”

Amazing....Double standards......Oh, this is "white on black" crime. The "knockouts" I read before were "black on white" and there wasn't enough evidence in those to deem them"hate crime"

'Knockout game' attack leads to hate crime charge        

This booking photo released by the Harris County Sherrif's Office
    A white Houston-area man was arrested Thursday on federal hate crimes charges for allegedly shooting video of himself sucker-punching a 79-year-old black man in a "knockout game"-style attack.    
Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, made a brief appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Frances Stacy, who scheduled a detention hearing for the Katy man on Friday.
According to prosecutors, the attack happened Nov. 24 in Katy, but it wasn't until 12 days later that authorities connected the attack to the cellphone video of it.

The attack video doesn't show Barrett's face, but investigators matched his voice to the voice in the video and the couple at the restaurant told investigators that Barrett was wearing the same shorts and shoes at the person who shot the video.
According to prosecutors, the video shows Barrett approach the victim and ask, "How's it going, man?" A "loud smack" is then heard, the victim falls to the ground, Barrett laughs and says, "Knockout." The assailant then flees in his vehicle.
The victim lost three teeth and needed surgery to repair his jaw, which had been broken in two places. He was hospitalized for more than four days, authorities said.

If convicted of the hate crime charge, Barrett could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and fined up to $250,000.