Friday, January 3, 2014

Because animals exist.
In what should come as no surprise to anyone, picking furniture up off the street and putting it in your home without thorough inspection is a bad idea.
After owning the couch for exactly one weekend, Holly Wright and her boyfriend were shocked to see the snake slithering out of the couch (which is exactly how you should feel when a large reptile unexpectedly emerges from a fixture in your house.)

Surprised Animated Gif on Giphy

     lesson to be learned..... What that is, we're not exactly sure. Perhaps make sure and check street furniture for snakes ? Or it could be keep snake food on hand for dying reptiles you didn't know you owned? Maybe just stop picking up mystery furniture off the street?
     While it's nice that this story didn't end with any poisonous snake bites or a nest of eggs hatching and wreaking havoc [a la snakes on a plane] there's still an important lesson to be learned.
     It's probably safe to say the couch was disposed of after the incident, so street-scouring residents of Grand Rapids be careful, and to everyone else, still be careful, snakes are everywhere.

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