Friday, January 3, 2014

The Year of the Dud

Victor Davis Hanson | Jan 02, 2014
Lots of things that should have happened in 2013 did not.
We were supposed to have long ago reached "peak oil" and an age of always-higher gas prices. Wind and solar power -- and a reduced lifestyle -- were our dismal future.
But someone or something did not cooperate with gloomy government predictions. After all the failed subsidized green companies, the postponement of the Keystone Pipeline, the radical restrictions of new gas and oil leasing on federal lands, and the promises for radical climate-change legislation curtailing carbon energy use, the United States nevertheless seems awash in old energy.
Gas prices have been going down. Oil and natural gas production is going up. America may soon be the largest coal exporter in the world. There is little worry over any more Middle East embargoes and cutoffs of oil.
Energy-intensive industries talk of relocating from Asia and Europe to a new America of cheaper electricity. The more the Obama administration wanted a landscape of alternative energy, the more it seemed traditional oil and natural gas gushed out of American soil.
Obamacare may take its place among Sasquatch, crop circles and the Loch Ness monster as one of the great hoaxes of all time.      View Full Article

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