Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tucker: “We Got All The January 6th Footage - You Have Been LIED To!”


Tucker Carlson was given access to 41,000 hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol on January 6th by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and says he will start to release the TRUTH next week. Stay tuned!

Tucker Carlson: No honest person can deny this about Jan. 6

17 hours ago  Fox News
Fox News host Tucker Carlson says Capitol videotape not released to the public shows that Jan. 6 committee members lied about the alleged 'insurrection.'

Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6   Fox News

Mar 6, 2023
Fox News host Tucker Carlson unveils Jan. 6 video that shows Capitol police escorting protesters through building, including 'QAnon Shaman,' on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'