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SURE...Just list it as an "UNSAFE" site....

Fascist Twitter Censors CPAC By Blocking All Links To Their Website   about 23 hours ago 

Twitter is blocking links to the Conservative Political ActionCommittee (CPAC) website, with users being told they are sharing an “unsafe” URL. CPAC is an annual political conference attended by activists, journalists and elected officials from the United States. The organization’s 2021 gathering will get underway tomorrow Orlando, Florida, with former President Donald Trump scheduled as the headline speaker.


What Pork? Democrat’s Newest Covid Relief Bill Will Give Federal Employees $21K For 15 Week Vacations 2/26/2021

Someone told me that Democrats would try to stuff a load of pork in to their Covid relief bill. “That’s absurd!”, I proclaimed. I know, of course, that they only have our best intentions in mind as they craft their bill. I can’t think of a better way to spend COVID relief funds, for instance,


Kamala Harris Is FURIOUS Because No One Informed Her Of Syrian Airstrike Plan  2/26/2021 

Vice President Kamala Harris was NOT informed prior to the Syrian airstrike and is reportedly “very upset about being left of of the loop,” per a White House official. On Thursday, the U.S. has carried out an airstrike on a structure connected to an Iran-backed militia in Syria, following three separate rocket attacks against U.S.


WATCH: One Journalist Brilliantly Calls Out Biden Admin For Their LIES After Trying To Take Credit For Trump’s Accomplishments   by A.M. Smith  2/25/2021

 One reporter in the Press pool seems to have   remembered that journalism is about reporting facts   not regurgitating talking points.

 On Monday, Matt Lee, an Associated Press reporter   with a host of by-lines in a variety of media sources   over his career, called out State Department   spokesman Ned Price for attempting to take credit for an accomplishment for the work done under the Trump administration.

Price was discussing the updated report sent to Congress regarding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, an $11 billion Russia-backed project that would transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. This project would make Europe even more dependant on Russian energy.

President Trump was quite vocal in his opposition to the pipeline saying that it could turn Germany into a “hostage of Russia.” In 2019, Trump imposed sanctions on firms assisting in its build. The sanctions worked.

During Monday’s presser, Price was implying that it was the Biden administration that was responsible for 18 entities scaling back their involvement in the pipeline construction.That’s when a random act of journalism occurred — Lee confronted Price on the Biden administration claiming credit for Trump-era policies. It got a bit heated, and then Price backpedals furiously

The AP's Matt Lee slammed Biden spokesman Ned Price for taking credit for the Trump administration’s Russia policy, during the State Department briefing on 2/22/2021.



Biden accused of "kids in cages" hypocrisy after opening up the same migrant facility Trump was crucified for.  The Five    February 24 2021 

EVERYTHING by "executive order"...Where is CONGRESS and WHY do we need them....??

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order on the Economy  Joe Biden Signs Executive Order on the Economy   2/ 25/ 2021  

They have such little faith in him they want the big red button.


 Straight up moron. Changes opinions like the wind


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Former Top Trump Adviser: Biden Erasing America?  FEBRUARY 22, 2021   The Sheridan Files

A former top immigration adviser has stated that the Biden immigration plan would erase the American ideal.

According to The Daily Wire:

A top former Trump White House adviser on immigration told Fox News in an interview on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda would “fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood.”

“The reason why I have studied immigration so closely is because it’s so fundamental to what it is to be a nation, the right of the people living in a country to decide who enters that country, on what conditions, for how long, and how to establish national boundaries and borders. That’s fundamental to what it means to be a country,” Stephen Miller told Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo. “The legislation put forward by President Biden and congressional Democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood. For the first time, I believe in human history, this legislation proposes sending applications to previously deported illegal immigrants and giving them the chance to reenter the country on a rapid path to citizenship. This is unheard of.”

“These are the people that ICE officers, at great time and expense, found, large numbers of them with criminal records, returned to their home countries at taxpayer expense. And now we’re going to have the secretary of state and homeland security mailing applications for readmission and amnesty to previously deported illegal immigrants?” Miller continued. “This is madness. Now, this is on top of the fact that the current administration has already dismantled border security, canceling President Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and with the Northern Triangle countries, restoring catch and release, and, additionally, gutting interior enforcement, issuing a memo preventing ICE from removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters.”

Stephen Miller Talks About Trump's Immediate Future     Expect "Have you missed me?" at CPAC next week.

Tucker: Left's 'disinformation' campaign is destroying America  Feb 23, 2021  Fox News

Tucker Carlson examines why the mainstream media is threatened by free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker

Rand Paul Corners Biden's Transgender Nominee Over Genital Mutilation   Dinesh D'Souza  Published February 25, 2021

Rand Paul confronts Biden's Transgender HHS nominee over genital mutilation during her confirmation hearing

New York DA Obtains Trump Tax Records
February 25, 2021
| By: TTN Staff
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has officially gotten his hands on Trump’s tax records. The news comes days after the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s request to shield his taxes returns from the Democrat

The Hill reports: CNN, which first reported on the new development, reported that prosecutors have obtained millions of pages of documents, including tax returns from January 2011 to August 2019, financial statements and documents concerning the preparation and review of the tax returns. 

 The district attorney’s office obtained the documents from Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, which it had subpoenaed in 2019 as part of a grand jury investigation. 

 The district attorney’s office started its investigation to examine payments made prior to the 2016 president election to silence two women who alleged they had affairs with Trump. Prosecutors have also said they are looking into potential financial crimes by the Trump Organization. 

 The documents Vance’s office obtained are subject to grand jury secrecy rules, so they are unlikely to become public in the near future. The New York Times reported last fall, based on data it obtained, that Trump paid little to no federal income taxes in many recent years. 

 Trump slammed the SCOTUS decision on Monday, calling it a continuation of the “greatest political with hunt in the history of our country.” Trump has repeatedly slammed Vance’s efforts as politically motivated. 

DemoRat...The party of the "working man" Remember, Osama never OKd the keystone pipeline, President Trump did, and one of the first things Biden did..? SHUT DOWN THE PIPELINE...!! Gas up $.60 a gallon in 2 monthsI

A letter to the President from Jeff Sessions, US Senator.  February 25, 2012

The Honorable Barack Obama President

The White House
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President:
I am writing today to urge your Administration to take overdue but necessary action to confront soaring gasoline prices. In the last three years, gas prices have doubled, draining the disposable income of millions of hardworking Americans. In 2011, the typical U.S. household already spent $4,155 on gasoline, almost 10 percent of their income. Yet some analysts now predict prices may rise this year to more than $5.00 per gallon.
In a speech this Thursday, you stated that “there are no quick fixes to this problem. You know we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.” While we should explore a variety of energy resources—most especially those which do not put taxpayer dollars at risk—I respectfully disagree that we cannot utilize our remarkably vast untapped energy reserves to provide Americans with much-needed relief. I reject the defeatist view that says the nation that won two world wars, pioneered space travel, and overcame the Soviet Empire is now helpless in the face of high prices at the pump. We are not at the mercy of dictators, cartels, and events beyond our control.
Simply by removing the bureaucratic barriers imposed by your own administration we can begin to make progress. But we can go much further than that. Powerful action to harness America’s untapped oil and gas resources would place downward pressure on prices and speculation in the short-run and, by surging global supply, would serve to keep prices low in the future. Crucially, it would also provide millions of Americans with good-paying private-sector jobs; produce substantial royalties for local, state, and federal governments; reduce our enormous trade imbalance; and put an end to our huge wealth transfer from America to competitors oversees.
I therefore recommend the following proposals for immediate implementation:
1. Restore the bipartisan 2010–2015 offshore lease plan to ensure that the 31 lease sales called for in that plan are completed expeditiously. Your Administration only directed one lease sale in 2011 and has announced just one lease sale for 2012, far short of the number of sales that would have occurred over this period under the original 2010–2015 plan that your Administration discarded.
2. Take all necessary steps to accelerate the leasing and permitting process for domestic shale oil production. The United States has recoverable shale oil reserves estimated at 800 billion to 1.2 trillion barrels, meaning our nation has potentially three to four times more recoverable oil than any other country in the world except Canada.
3. Maximize energy production from federal lands. As I and 21 other Senators noted in a January 25, 2012 letter to you, actual oil production on federal lands is now just 714 million barrels per year, a 16 percent decline from what was projected just five years ago. This decline must be reversed.
4. End the de facto moratorium on permitting for offshore oil and gas production.
5. Direct the EPA, the Department of Energy, and other federal agencies to grant all necessary waivers and approvals to oil and gas refineries to facilitate maximum production at minimum cost. Refinery expenses comprise 11 percent of the price for gasoline that Americans pay at the pump, but your Administration has imposed numerous regulations that have driven refining costs up, not down.
6. Abandon your proposal to increase taxes and fees levied on U.S. energy production by more than $40 billion. These additional costs would be passed along to consumers, taking money out of their pockets and discouraging needed domestic production.
7. Approve the Keystone XL pipeline and grant necessary waivers, licenses, and permits, where possible, to ensure expedited completion of this important North American energy project. The pipeline would carry 700,000 barrels a day to U.S. refineries, which is nearly half what the U.S. currently imports from the entire Middle East.
America has the potential to fundamentally shift the balance of power in global energy production—to produce more energy, more efficiently and more cheaply, than your Administration has recognized. Such bold steps will broadcast an unmistakable signal to the world that not only places downward pressure on prices in the near-term but helps deliver a future of abundant, affordable energy. Moreover, unlike costly short-term stimulus, achieving energy independence would provide long-term relief to both struggling families and our indebted treasury.
I look forward to working with you on this important matter.
Very truly yours,
Jeff Sessions
U.S. Senator

 JP Sears posted a video to playlist Thought Provoking — with Sleep Remedy......Biden’s Town Hall DISASTER

The highlights of Biden‘s Townhall DISASTER!


British TV newsman loses it during story on 'diversity'. …Feb. 10th 2021

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Steven Crowder Becomes Latest Conservative Blocked By Twitter After Exposing Election Corruption     by A.M. Smith about 14 hours ago

Twitter has added one more Conservative scalp to their trophy case.

Steven Crowder explained tonight that he’s been blocked by Twitter for revealing fake voter addresses that were really just empty lots and other non-residential areas.

Here’s the video that got him blocked by the fascist Twitter leftists:

Here’s what Crowder wrote about it in the email:

"IMPORTANT SUMMARY: No, this is not yet another video “claiming election fraud”. This is a video in which, I PHYSICALLY VISITED AND SHOWED ON CAMERA (WITH A COPY OF THIS WEEK’S NEWSPAPER) voting addresses from this 2020 election, which in fact DO NOT exist.

My crew and I FILMED them ourselves.

Lest you worry about being hoodwinked, let me explain how I did it. I
1. accumulated voter data from government websites
2. checked if the addresses were deliverable by UPS, and
3. if there was a registered property at the address.

I then PHYSICALLY VISITED THE ADDRESS WITH A COPY OF THIS WEEK’S NEWSPAPER, proving that it, in fact is actually just an empty lot, a construction site, a median under an overpass etc.

This is not hearsay. I would SWEAR TO IT UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY and I showed the results for the entire world to see.

Crowder says Twitter labeled his tweet as misinformation and blocked him for it:

Crowder showed the empty lots in his video. He did the footwork to prove that these addresses just don’t exist, and Twitter blocks him for it? If the Washington Post bothered to do this kind of reporting, they would be hailed by everyone and Twitter wouldn’t dream of blocking them. But because it’s Crowder….BLOCKED!

The leftists at Twitter are clearly just looking for excuses to banish Crowder from their platform. Before you know it, he will be permanently banned, just like Trump.


Pelosi Demands FBI Seize Republican Reps. Phone Records over Baseless Capitol Attack Accusations
February 23, 2021| By: TN Staff

Since the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, the FBI has been hard at work to determine the inidividuals involved and the extent of planning that went into the event. Now, reports are showing that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has order the FBI to seize phone records of Republican members of Congress whom Democrats have claimed helped assist in planning the violent attack. There has yet to be any concrete evidence to casue DEmocrats to push this dangerous narrative.

According to reports from The Intercept

In the hours and days after the Capitol riot, the FBI relied in some cases on emergency orders that do not require court authorization in order to quickly secure actual communications from people who were identified at the crime scene. Investigators have also relied on data “dumps” from cellphone towers in the area to provide a map of who was there, allowing them to trace call records — but not content — from the phones.

The cellphone data includes many records from the members of Congress and staff members who were at the Capitol that day to certify President Joe Biden’s election victory. The FBI is “searching cell towers and phones pinging off cell sites in the area to determine visitors to the Capitol,” a recently retired senior FBI official told The Intercept. The data is also being used to map links between suspects, which include members of Congress, they also said. (Capitol Police are reportedly investigating whether lawmakers helped rioters gain access to the Capitol as several Democrats have alleged they did, though Republican officials deny this.)

The Justice Department has publicly said that its task force includes senior public corruption officials. That involvement “indicates a focus on public officials, i.e. Capitol Police and members of Congress,” the retired FBI official said.

In a letter sent two days after the riot to 11 major cellphone and internet companies, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Apple, and Facebook, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., urged the companies to “immediately preserve content and associated meta-data connected to” the riot. Some of the telecommunications providers questioned whether Warner has the authority to make such a request, but a number of them appear to have been preserving data from the event anyway because of the large scale of violence, the source said.

According to sources close to the data collection effort, the FBI has used emergency powers that do not require court authorization to subvert criticism. The FBI has reportedly “collected reams of private cellphone data and communications that go beyond the videos that rioters shared widely on social media.”

This article, from the Czech Republic can give you some idea of what people in other parts of the world, THINK OF US, here in the USA..

 Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in a Prague newspaper.

"The danger to America is not Joseph Biden, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Biden presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Biden, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Biden, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president."


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Some Great News That Has Democrats in a Panic - The Dan Bongino Show  Ep. 1463  Published February 23, 2021 

In this episode: Finally, some good news! Is there a huge shift coming which will destroy the Democrat Party? Also, why is the Supreme Court ducking the big 2020 election questions?
This show is brought to you by ExpressVPN

In this episode: Finally, some good news! Is there a huge shift coming which will destroy the Democrat Party? Also, why is the Supreme Court ducking the big 2020 election questions?

Are we losing our freedom....?? What happened to the CONSTITUTION..??

Tucker Carlson Shows Examples Of Rising Authoritarianism Around The World With Covid Lockdowns   Feb 23, 2021

 Check out my commentary "An Open Letter To The Left-Wing Cancel Culture" here:

After seeing what the demoRats did this past year, I'm not surprised at anything they try to push forward...!!!

How DemoRats Plan to Make Voter Fraud Legal with H.R. 1    February 23, 2021 AAN Staff

1) It would include components of the late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)’s “Voter Empowerment Act,” which will create automatic voter registration across the country, expand early and absentee voting, restore voting rights for felons, streamline the vote-by-mail process, and many other proposals.

2) Democrats would swing elections in their favor with “independent commissions” in each state instead of redistricting that currently happens in legislatures following Census years. One report says these districts “would be more easily challenged on the basis they are partisan and unrepresentative” in the courts, which is likely to favor Democrats.

3) The bill would institute the so-called “DISCLOSE Act,” which forces through “honest ad” policies where corporations must disclose to shareholders their political activity, and “beef up disclosure requirements for organizations engaging in political spending, including by reinforcing the Internal Revenue Service’s powers and prerogative to investigate misuse of charities to hide the source of political money,” according to Esquire

4) The bill would also cap maximum donations to certain political committees to even harsher criteria, which would attempt to undo the landmark Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United vs. FEC, ensuring free speech through political monetary activism. 

5) The bill claims to be restructuring lobbying while simultaneously forcing presidents  to release their tax returns, expanding conflict-of-interest policy, restricting government staff on where they can work following public service, and barring members of Congress from serving on corporate boards. 


Justice Thomas calls SCOTUS Decision to Reject PA Election Cases ‘Inexplicable’  February 22, 2021    By: TTN Staff

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas blasted the Court’s 6-3 decision not to hear two Pennsylvania election cases saying they should in-fact be heard by SCOTUS.

Justice Thomas was joined by Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch who also voted to review the two cases.

According to Townhall:

In his dissent Justice Thomas argued mass mail-in voting, which was conducted in Pennsylvania for the first time ahead of the 2020 presidential election in November, combined with election rules being rewritten last minute, makes the process prone to fraud and mistrust.

“The Constitution gives to each state legislature authority to determine the ‘Manner’ of federal elections…Yet both before and after the 2020 election, non legislative officials in various States took it upon themselves to set the rules instead. As a result, we received an unusually high number of petitions and emer- gency applications contesting those changes. The petitions here present a clear example. The Pennsylvania Legislature established an unambiguous deadline for receiving mail-in ballots: 8 p.m. on election day,” Thomas wrote.  “Dissatisfied, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended that deadline by three days.


What happened in DC was NOT an uprising...When a real uprising occurs, the government WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM....!!

Biden To Congress: Enact Major Restrictions On Constitutionally Protected Second Amendment Rights  By Ryan Saavedra•  Feb 14, 2021•

MailMANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Democrat President Joe Biden called on Congress to clamp down on Americans’ constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights on Sunday, demanding gun bans and new laws that will allow people to sue gun manufacturers.

“I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets,” Biden wrote to Congress.

In the statement, Biden’s call for “banning assault weapons” likely amounts to calling for a ban on semi-automatic firearms, and there was no language included in the statement about allowing gun owners who currently own those weapons to be able to keep those weapons. If gun owners are not allowed to keep those specific semi-automatic firearms under a Biden ban, that would effectively amount to a mandatory gun confiscation-type program.

Something similar happened several years ago when the Trump administration banned bump stocks following the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas shooting.

NPR reported on March 26, 2019:

Bump stocks — the gun add-ons that can dramatically increase their rate of fire — are now officially illegal in the U.S., after a Trump administration ban took effect Tuesday. Anyone selling or owning bump stocks could face up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000 for each violation. …

The ban requires any bump stocks to be destroyed or turned in to law enforcement authorities. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has even posted instructions and diagrams showing how to destroy one of the devices and satisfy the new ban.

“In fact, no bump stocks will be ‘grandfathered in,'” as NPR’s Martin Kaste reported last month. “The new federal rule reclassifies them all as ‘machine guns,’ no matter when they were purchased, and owning one will become a felony.”

Biden’s call on Congress to enact legislation that would strip gun manufacturers of immunity from lawsuits who “knowingly put weapons of war on our streets” is essentially a backdoor way of trying to bankrupt the gun industry or force them to drastically change the types of weapons they are willing to sell.

When gun control activists use the term “weapons of war,” they are generally using it in such a way as to portray the weapons that they want to ban as “weapons” that are used in “war,” as in used by militaries. However, this is inaccurate because the types of weapons that gun control activists are referring to, usually AR-15-style rifles, are not used in war. The variants of those rifles that are currently sold by gun manufacturers in the U.S. are semi-automatic firearms, not the fully automatic versions that are used by military.

Biden’s call on Congress to restrict Americans’ constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights comes after his call for “unity.”

Approximately one out of every three Americans own a firearm, nearly half the country lives in a household where firearms are present, and there are more firearms than people in the United States. Gun sales smashed all-time records last year amid the pandemic and violent riots that broke out in major U.S. cities, which are largely run by Democrats. Nearly five million Americans bought a firearm for the very first time last year.

Forbes reported:

Civil unrest has served as a prime driver of gun sales during the coronavirus pandemic, as Americans buy firearms for self-protection. Federal background checks for gun purchases surged 40% to a record 39.7 million in 2020, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, while gunmakers Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger RGR +0.1% reported double-digit increases in sales.

Statistician Leah Libresco wrote in The Washington Post following the Las Vegas shooting that she used to think that gun control was the answer to reducing gun violence, but that her research eventually proved otherwise.

“A reduction in gun deaths is most likely to come from finding smaller chances for victories and expanding those solutions as much as possible,” Libresco concluded from her statistical research. “We save lives by focusing on a range of tactics to protect the different kinds of potential victims and reforming potential killers, not from sweeping bans focused on the guns themselves.”

There is seemingly little limit to what Biden wants to target when it comes to the Second Amendment, ranging from taxing gun owners, banning magazines “that can hold multiple bullets in them,” offering “no compromise” on the issue, and making other incoherent remarks like claiming that a “rational policy” on guns is making sure “you cannot have 20, 30, 40, 50 clips in a weapon.”

While on the campaign trail, Biden said that far-left gun control activist Beto O’Rourke was “going to be the one who leads this effort” for the Biden administration. O’Rourke has called for confiscating firearms from Americans.

Three members of the SCOTUS, Trump gave them their LIFETIME jobs, they repay him by 'THROWING HIM UNDER THE BUS...!!!

BAD. SCOTUS Opens The FLOODGATES For Prosecutors To Attack Donald Trump   The Next News Network  Feb 22, 2021

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel.

Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, One month after leaving the presidency, Donald Trump is finding that the left’s vendetta against him won’t stop just because he was acquitted by the Senate of the charge of having ‘incited an insurrection.’