Wednesday, May 19, 2021

King Biden has spoken....!!! (Just don't ask him what day he spoke)

Biden Warns Unvaccinated Americans Will ‘End Up Paying The Price’ MONA SALAMA  MAY 17, 2021    Biden is attempting to push Americans who don't get vaccinated by threatening that they will "pay the price."

President Biden on Monday issued a threatening warning to Americans who refused to get vaccinated, saying they will ultimately “end up paying the price” despite the fact the significant progress in the number of coronavirus cases is down for the first time since the pandemic began last year.

In remarks from the East Room of the White House, Biden touted that coronavirus deaths were down 81 percent to the “lowest level since April of 2020” before putting the blame on those who are unvaccinated in cautioning that the progress could be “reversed.”

“Today, for the first time since the pandemic began, cases are down in all 50 states.  First time.  That’s right: Thanks a lot to the hard work of so many people, COVID cases are down in all 50 states. Now, I can’t promise that will continue this way.  We know there will be advances and setbacks, and we know that there are many flare-ups that could occur,” Biden warned.

“But if the unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves and other unvaccinated people around them.  If they do not, states with low vaccination rates may see those rates go up — may see this progress reversed. Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will pay — end up paying the price.  The vaccinated will continue to be protected against severe illnesses, but others may not be if you’re not vaccinated,” Biden added.


After arresting hundreds of people and holding them in jail, (in DC) most in solitaire, NOW the DemoRats want to start an investigation. Here's an idea, let all those being held in prison go (those being held as GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT) THEN...and only then, do the arresting when they can determine if charges are warranted..

House backs commission on Jan. 6 riot over GOP objections    By MARY CLARE JALONICK3 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House voted Wednesday to create an independent commission on the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, sending the legislation to an uncertain future in the Senate as Republican leaders work to stop a bipartisan investigation that is opposed by former President Donald Trump.

Democrats say an independent investigation is crucial to reckoning what happened that day, when a violent mob of Trump’s supporters smashed into the Capitol to try and overturn President Joe Biden’s victory. Modeled after the investigation into the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the legislation would establish an independent, 10-member commission that would make recommendations by the end of the year for securing the Capitol and preventing another insurrection.

The bill passed the House 252-175, with 35 Republicans voting with Democrats in support of the commission, defying Trump and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. Trump issued a statement urging Republicans to vote against it, calling the legislation a “Democrat trap.”

Jim Jordan Asks James Clyburn Point Blank: Why Won't COVID-19 Committee Investigate Virus Origins? Forbes Breaking News   May 19,2021

During today's hearing of the House Special Committee on the Coronavirus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked the committee chair Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) why the committee will not look into the origins fo the pandemic 

Don't trust Fauci one bit...!

Jim Jordan Unloads On Dr. Fauci Over COVID-19 OriginsForbes Breaking News   May 19 2021

Forbes Breaking Ne
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wonders about the oigins of Covid-19, and whether it could have stemmed from a "lab leak" in Wuhan during a House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing entitled, "Examining Emergent BioSolutions' Failure to Protect Pulic Health and Public Funds."

Tucker: Pentagon isn't doing anything about these threats
May 17, 2021 Fox News

Tucker Carlson Tonight' hosts questions why military leadership is 'purging their ranks' instead of focusing on unknown space threats. #FoxNews #Tucker

Why Prosecutors Need to Prepare the Country for Donald Trump’s Trial  Jonathan Chait 5 hrs ago

Last night, New York’s Office of the Attorney General announced that its investigation of the Trump Organization has progressed from a civil to a criminal case. A civil case would involve something like, “We learned you’ve underpaid your taxes, and you have to pay a fine.” A criminal case investigates more serious, deliberate violations.

© Intelligencer. Photo: Getty Images Intelligencer. Photo: Getty Images

Of course, the attorney general is an elected official, who perhaps has a political incentive to play up her investigation, which means any announcement needs to be taken with a measure of skepticism. But, even allowing for Letitia James’s political ambitions, there is a sound public-interest rationale behind such an announcement: The American people need to be prepared for the fairly likely possibility that the former president will be prosecuted.

While polling on the matter is scant, I’ve found that even among news-savvy liberals I speak with, few people grasp the severity of Trump’s legal exposure. Trump fans “know” he is a brilliant businessman based on the character he portrayed in a reality show, and Trump haters have heard about his financial difficulties.

His likely criminal record has been discussed much less frequently, and often in fairly long, dense reported investigative stories. The best of these was a 2018 New York Times report describing Trump’s practice of creating fake shell companies to bury profits. The Times described this as “outright fraud” — fraud being a defined crime, not just an aggressive use of tax shelters or operating in legal gray areas. And while most of that fraud took place decades ago, other reporting has built a very strong case that Trump has engaged in tax fraud much more recently.

There is also an overarching cynicism that none of this will amount to much in the end, created primarily by the anticlimactic denouement of the Mueller investigation. But Trump had key advantages he could use against Mueller: The special prosecutor was following department guidelines that prevented him from accusing Trump of a crime. Trump could fire Mueller at any moment; he could supply his testimony in the form of evasive, lawyered-up written answers; and he could dangle pardons to subordinates like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone to keep them from testifying against him.

None of these advantages apply to his legal defense against New York State. More dangerously for Trump, prosecutors appear to have leverage to get his main accountant, Allen Weisselberg, to cooperate.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

In a 9-0 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a crushing defeat to warrantless gun confiscation. May 17, 2021 Sandy Malone

Washington, DC – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled that warrantless seizures of firearms from Americans’ homes is unconstitutional and violated the Fourth Amendment.

The nation’s highest court found in favor of Edward Caniglia from Cranston, Rhode Island on May 17.

Caniglia’s guns were taken by police after his wife said she was worried he would hurt himself, according to the ABA Journal.

The seizure occurred after he had a fight with his wife and took out an unloaded handgun and put it on the table and told her to shoot him and put him out of his misery.

Caniglia stormed out of the house, so his wife hid his gun and then went to spend the night elsewhere, NPR reported.

When she couldn’t reach him the next morning, she called the Cranston police to do a welfare check and escort her to their home.

Caniglia was on his front porch when they arrived and officers worked to convince him to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation even though they wrote in their police report that he “seemed normal” and “was calm for the most part,” according to the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

He agreed to go, but only after police allegedly promised not to confiscate his firearms, the ABA Journal reported.

But after Caniglia was gone, officers told his wife that he had agreed to have his weapons confiscated, FEE reported.

Then they entered the home and seized two guns, the ABA Journal reported.

Caniglia was evaluated and released from the hospital the same day, but police refused to return his legally-owned weapons that had been removed without a warrant, FEE reported

Monday, May 17, 2021

Someone needs to STOP this guy...!!

Joe Biden Diverts Healthcare Cash to Help  Illegal Migrants  

Pretender Joe Biden has taken $2 billion from Americans’ healthcare programs to help deliver migrant youths and children to their illegal-migrant parents throughout the United States, press reports say.

CLICK HERE  To read this over at "90Miles From Tyranny"

"I Understand Why You Interrupt Me": Ted Cruz Snaps At Dick Durbin After Being Told To Stop Talking  May 13, 2021Forbes Breaking News

Forbes Breaking News

At today's Senate Judiciary hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) snapped at Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), the committee's chairman, for interrupting his reading of a letter by Kristen Clarke, President Biden's nominee for Assistant AG.
Tucker: Classic literature out. Sexual propaganda in.  Fox News   May 13, 2021

Fox News

 Tucker Carlson Tonight' host blasts critical race theory and highlights parents pushing back. #FoxNews #Tucker