Friday, July 8, 2016

Trump: Hillary Saying She May Keep AG Lynch Is a 'Bribe'
Donald Trump asserted Tuesday that the FBI's refusal to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in the email problem amounted to a bribe, because the former secretary of state said that she would consider keeping Attorney General Loretta Lynch in office should she win the White House in November.
"She said today that we may consider the attorney general to go forward," Trump told a rally in Raleigh, N.C. "That's like a bribe, isn't it?
"Isn't it sort of a bribe? I think it's a bribe."
"If she wins, she's going to consider extending the attorney general," the presumptive Republican nominee said. "I'm not knocking the attorney general. What I'm saying is how can you say that? It's a bribe.
"The attorney general is saying, 'If I get Hillary off the hook, I'm going have four more years or eight more years, but if she loses I'm out of a job.'
"It's a bribe," Trump charged. "It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace."
The New York Times reported Monday that Clinton was weighing whether to extend Lynch's term should she win the presidency, primarily in hopes of appeasing the Democratic Party's liberal wing by naming more women to top positions.
"She is laughing at the stupidity of our system," Trump said. "She is laughing — and so is her husband, Bill.
"Laughing at what's going on."
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I recently saw a video that shocked me. This video showed Google searches deliberately favoring positive Hillary Clinton auto-searches, while the same searches on other engines had a wider variety of auto-searches. Confused? So was I! It seems Google is blatantly showing a preference for HRC online. It's time to switch search engines.

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Trump: ‘The System Is Rigged’

Trump - The System is Rigged

Donald Trump said the fact the FBI won’t recommend charges against someone who compromised national security is evidence of a rigged syste
He also pointed out that General Petraeus was prosecuted for far less when the FBI recommended felony charges against him for sharing classified information with his mistress:

In contrast, the FBI admitted Hillary’s e-mails were likely hacked due to her negligence, yet no charges?
Trump also correctly predicted Hillary would not be charged only a few days before

Donald J. Trump

The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair!
As usual, bad judgment.

Did Paul Ryan Just Conspire With Barack Obama To Gut The Second Amendment?

Democrats have been itching to use the Orlando terrorist attack to restrict gun rights.
Starting with Barack Obama, Democrats have uniformly blamed the shooting on the availability of firearms in the United States, and not on Islamic terrorism.
And now, gun owners across America are nervous after Paul Ryan surrendered to Democrats’ demands.
At first, Republicans held the line against the Democrats’ political stunts.
When Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor, Republican leadership shut off the chamber’s TV cameras to deny Democrats free publicity.
After that, they sent everyone home for the Fourth of July recess.
But even after having won the early PR skirmish, Paul Ryan has decided to wave the white flag and allow a vote on legislation to strip Americans on the no-fly list of their Second Amendment rights.


If "blacks" are so talented, why do they jump at the chance to do a remake of films by WHITE actors instead of writing their own....(karate kid, annie, etc)

During the 2016 BET Awards this Sunday, racist black actor Jesse Williams bemoaned the “invention called whiteness,” which he blamed for “ghettoizing and demeaning” black culture.
“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold — ghettoizing and demeaning our creations and stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit,” the actor, Jesse Williams, kvetched.
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Trump: 'Prayers and Condolences' to 'Devastated' Families
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in Friday with an empathetic Twitter post in the wake of the fatal sniper attacks on Dallas police officers.
The post makes reference to "horrors" without specifying whether Trump is referring to the Dallas attacks.

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WATCH – Judge Jeanine ANNIHILATES the Clintons With 1 Powerful Sentence

How the Clintons continue to thumb their nose at the law is beyond me. Thankfully, I am not the only one who believes this. Here is Judge Jeanine’s comments on the matter:
“Th Clintons repeatedly violate our standards of truthfulness and honesty.”

Of course, this was probably an extremely easy segment for Judge Jeanine, considering the immense amount of material that is available.

To start with, Judge Jeanine noted the problems during Bill Clinton’s term as president, reminding many of the viewers about the fact Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice and only escaped an indictment because he accepted a penalty just short of a criminal conviction.
Hillary, Judge Jeanine noted, has been investigated over and over again regarding the Rose Law Firm, Cattle Futures, Whitewater, and most recently her private email server. How many more investigations must there be before people realize this woman simply isn’t trustworthy?

However, as the Judge so aptly noted, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Even discussing her old scandals doesn’t even touch on the suspicions surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Then, Judge Jeanine went in for the kill.
“So what should we Americans reasonably believe? Nothing that they say,” Judge Jeanine said. “The Clintons repeatedly violate our standard of truthfulness and honesty.”

“So should these people be trusted to run this country? Should Hillary Clinton be trusted to run for president of the United States? Should the Clintons be trusted to go back into the White House? The answer is positively, absolutely, undeniably, unquestionably no!”
Finally, Judge Jeanine even discussed Bill’s meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, stating that any small-town prosecutor would unquestionally resign if they were seen meeting with the husband of an individual that was being investigated. I also know from experience that judges will regularly recuse themselves if they are personal friends with the defendant.
But what can I say? I guess the rules don’t apply if you are Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Instead of just going after Hillary, Judge Jeanine Pirro puts both Clintons in her sites and lands a direct hit with THIS 1 sentence!
The more the Clintons get away with things, the angrier the Judge gets! She may arrest Hilary herself soon!

This certainly does underscore the belief that the Clintons live above the law. This is one of the reasons why people are so dissatisfied, so upset about government. They think that people live by a different set of rules." Speaker Paul Ryan reacted to the FBI's decision to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.

Anyone know where I can get these? Willing to pay a little more.
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Accessory To Murder: Obama’s Racist Rhetoric Leads To DEADLIEST Attack On Police In 50 Years

Throughout his presidency, Obama and the liberal media have been blowing their hot air hyperbole into the balloon of racial tension,  then act surprised when it bursts. No, Obama didn’t pull the trigger, but he might as well have. His irresponsible racist rhetoric has been fueling a fire that was destined to explode, it was only a matter of time.


Dramatic Footage Shows Dallas Officer Shot

A disturbing video has emerged of one of the Dallas shooters ambushing an unknown individual in a firefight. The other person was caught unawares. It is presumed that it was a police officer.
Five officers were killed and six injured, as suspected snipers attacked a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas. People had gathered to march in support of the Black Lives Matter movement following the recent officer-involved killings of two African-Americans in Louisiana and Minnesota.
According to Police Chief David O. Brown, the suspects says they were also planning to plant explosives in the downtown area of Dallas.
    Three suspects in the Dallas shooting are now in custody, police say. One is said to have been killed by an explosion detonated by a police robot. A chase earlier ensued down Interstate-35 after one of the gunmen was spotted by a DPD officer getting into a black Mercedes.

Source: RT USA

Edward Snowden Issues THIS Response to FBI Decision Not to Indict Hillary

Edward Snowden, who is wanted by the US government for something VERY similar to Hillary's email scandal, issued THIS response to the non-indictment of Hillary by the FBI.
I think he hit the nail on the head!

Snowden response to FBI ruling.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fwd: Kindergarten Graduation in Gaza

Kindergarten Graduation in Gaza

Please tell me what I'm missing.  Remember the old saying, "Better safe than sorry."
This is one of many u-tube videos.
Kindergarten Graduation in Gaza

For those who think Trump has it wrong to bar Muslims from entering this country until we get some things sorted out, let this video sink in ... And recognize this isn't being done in just one school or grade level!
See what the youth of tomorrow have to look forward to if we don't do something to stop the progression of Sharia law in the free world.  Guess it is never too early to indoctrinate the childten.  What a shame for the children.
Coming soon to America?



Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix Judicial Watch

Another black eye for Holder and DOJ.

Muslims in Chicago chant "death to America”.

Where was the mainstream media on this? You better not hold your breath while waiting for them to cover this, because it isn’t gonna happen. Watch as these Muslims in Chicago chant “Free Palestine, death to Israel, death to America”.

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Here’s How Much Illegal Immigration Costs Every US State 

Decades ago, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman argued that illegal immigration might actually be preferable to legal immigration, since illegal immigrants would not be able to benefit from our welfare state as non-citizens.
Unfortunately, the border around the welfare state today is weak. Illegal immigrants are a burden. Of all Federal outlays on illegal immigrants, 27% is devoted towards “administration of justice,” while 21% is medical, and 29% are “general expenditures.’ Only 16% of costs are public assistance. At the State level, almost all the costs are related to education, Medicaid, and justice.


Is Mitt Romney Preparing To Make This Announcement?


Is Mitt Romney about to hand the election to Hillary Clinton?
Conservatives thought they dodged a bullet when the former failed candidate passed on establishment Republicans’ overtures to run a third party campaign.
But his latest remarks have many wondering if he may be on the verge of doing the unthinkable.
It is no secret Romney hates presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Will Mitt Romney endorse Hillary Clinton?

ONLY IN OBAMA'S AMERICA!!   Daphne Young    June 28

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Folks, The insanity marches on. You know why I scream at the TV? This is why: We don’t want to insult a hajib clad Muslim woman by a search, but it’s OK to a nun.
Yep, makes sense to me! You cannot make this stuff up!
Please pass this all around the USA!
Airport security (Detroit Metro Concourse A)... A Catholic nun being frisked by a Muslim security agent!
Excuse me? Did you say a MUSLIM security agent -- in the USA – screening for suspected terrorists?
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Trump Issues THIS Response to Hillary Indictment Decision, Wow!
It took Trump about 10 seconds to respond to Director Comey’s announcement that the FBI would not be charging Hillary Clinton over the email scandal.

As usual, he picked up his phone and blasted both Hillary and the agency with some angry tweets…

In his comments, Director Comey stated that although Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of the emails, “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue the case, via

I guess Mr. Comey would need to explain to the people of this country how the Secretary of State having over 100 classified documents on an unsecured server does not deserve prosecution.
Trump pointed to General Petraeus before, stating he did far less and ended up being prosecuted.

The cases have similarities that lend credence for the American public to ask more than a few questions.
While the General was sharing information with his mistress/biographer, Hillary shared her emails with the everyone!

If we are to believe Guccifer, these classified emails are in the hands of many of our enemies already!
I am still speechless about this. I have completely lost faith in the integrity of the FBI and now I know we are truly on our own Patriots.
As Hillary celebrates another fix, she insults the American people further by joining Barack H. Obama on Air Force One to campaign.

The FBI just gave us the middle finger and now both Obama and Hillary are doing the same. She is actually using our tax money to spread her lies around the country.
All I can do is shake my head.

Reporter Who Caught Clinton With Lynch Drops Bombshell About What FBI Did to Him

When the news broke that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had met with former President Bill Clinton, politicians from both sides of the aisle condemned the meeting as being a clear conflict of interest.
Rumors have swirled that the meeting wasn’t just a “social” visit as Lynch has repeatedly claimed. Now, the journalist who originally broke the story is coming forward with more bombshell information about what happened on the plane — or rather outside it.
Christopher Sign of KNXV-TV explained during an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that FBI agents on the tarmac weren’t allowing journalists to photograph anything.
It is very confusing why the FBI would order journalists not to take photos of a supposedly harmless meeting. No photos generally means no proof, so why would the FBI not want there to be any digital evidence of this meeting?
The only reason this would happen is if there were something to hide.
Lynch has insisted that the meeting was pure chance and that the former president was in Phoenix to play golf. Of all the places in the entire country to play golf the husband of someone under FBI investigation just happened to choose the one city where the attorney general was.
“I’ve reached out to several sources, those with intimate knowledge of (Bill Clinton’s) movements,” Sign explained. “Not one so far has said that he played golf. I’m not saying that he didn’t play golf, I’m just saying I’ve yet to confirm he played golf.”

You can watch the full interview here:

Lynch has promised to accept whatever recommendations the FBI gives her regarding Hillary Clinton, but we still need to remain vigilant. It is possible these FBI agents were just following orders given to them by Lynch and there is no grand conspiracy.