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The Left Has Pushed the Envelope 

Victor Davis Hanson / @VDHanson / May 25, 2023

The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying.

Special counsel John Durham just issued his final report on wrongdoing within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice.

The summary confirms that our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns.

Directors and high-ranking FBI officials lied under oath. They misled Congress. They altered court documents and deceived federal judges.

The FBI hired a foreign national to gather dirt on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign—while he was being paid by the rival Hillary Clinton campaign.

The FBI contracted Twitter to suppress news stories. It kept the Hunter Biden laptop under wraps, even as former intelligence officials flat out lied it was likely “Russian disinformation.” That was a blatant effort to aid the 2020 Biden campaign.

The IRS just conceded whistleblowers were correct and the agency fired its entire multi-year audit team responsible for investigating Hunter Biden’s purported tax irregularities.

The agency claimed it was ordered to do so by the Department of Justice, headed by Biden’s appointee Merrick Garland.

California is facing a crushing $32 billion deficit. Yet it flirts with an $800 billion-dollar “reparations” payout to the state’s black residents.

No one has any idea where the money for that would come from. No one can define who would qualify. No one can explain why a state that never allowed slavery eight generations ago now owes selected Californians billions of dollars it does not have.

One of the reparations board leaders asserts blacks might be willing to accept an “installment” plan of payments.

The NAACP just issued a “travel alert” advising blacks not to visit Florida. The announcement was timed to draw negative attention to conservative Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ announcement of a presidential bid.

Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis—all outside Florida—have the highest black murder rates in the nation.

Florida by contrast, with a black population of 3.3 million, has the second largest number of black businesses in the nation. The chairman of the NAACP’s board of directors is himself a Florida resident!

Black Lives Matter has just announced it lost millions of dollars in investments and ran up huge deficits. The culprit was its former corrupt leadership.

Its extravagant spending, plush homes, and family hangers-on have nearly bankrupted the advocacy group. It cannot account for the millions of dollars in corporate guilt and protection money it leveraged following the George Floyd riots in 2020.

In New York, a threatening subway career criminal with 42 prior arrests was subdued by a bystander and died during the confrontation. The criminal is now deified. The would-be Samaritan is charged with felony manslaughter.

The deceased’s uncle is vocal about his late nephew’s confrontation. But he himself was just arrested with stolen property and armed with a knife. He was mysteriously still roaming the streets despite 70 prior arrests and current active arrest warrants.

In almost every American city and town, biological males, with enormous advantages in size and musculoskeletal mass, routinely win women’s sporting competitions.

They are systematically destroying decades of progress that sought to ensure parity between men and women’s sports.

Corporate America has joined this cultural revolution hysteria. Companies are apparently now hellbent on destroying their brands, profits, and net worth.

Under pressure from the LGBTQ activists, the Los Angeles Dodgers reinvited the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to celebrate Pride night at Dodger Stadium.

Catholics and Christians had objected to the invitation because the group’s notoriety hinges on its sexualized and often pornographic mockery of Catholic ritual, the Holy Trinity, and Christian faith.

The supposedly courageous group would never dare extend its street-theater blasphemy to other religious groups such as Muslims or Hindus.

The Dodgers apparently do not care that greater Los Angeles may be home to 6 million Mexican American citizens and resident Hispanic immigrants. Most are Catholic and many were avid Dodger fans.

Anheuser-Busch has nearly destroyed its best-selling Bud Light brand by hiring transgender performance-art activist Dylan Mulvaney to hawk the brand–and his own transitioning–to America’s working classes.

The Disney corporation, for decades, has enjoyed multibillion-dollar concessions and a veritable 40-square mile private fiefdom gifted from the taxpayers of Florida.

No matter. Disney has rebranded it films, amusement parks, and television offerings to reflect radical transgender, gay, and race advocacies.

The results so far are billion-dollar losses in Disney stock, subscribers, and viewers.

A woke CNN has all but destroyed its once-global audience. It now has fewer viewers than certain popular podcasts.

All these implosions are not just shocking but surreal. Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide—to the delight of our enemies like communist China?

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Did you think the covid virus has only been around since 2019? I did...WERE WE EVER WRONG!!

David Martin Exposes Timeline of Biggest Democide in Recorded History May 28, 2023


Dr David Martin was recently a guest at the European Union and laid out the timeline for the biggest democide in recorded history. You can see the full video on video link. This is my short edit.

DR DAVID MARTIN: Coronavirus was identified in 1965 as one of the first infectious replicatable viral models that could be used to modify a series of other experiences of the human condition.

What's particularly interesting about its isolation in 1965 was that it was immediately identified as a pathogen that could be used and modified for a whole host of reasons.

In 1966, the very first CoV coronavirus model was used as a transatlantic biological experiment in human manipulation and in 1967, we did the first human trials on inoculating people with modified coronavirus.

The Common Cold was turned into a chimera in the 1970s and in 1975, 1976 and 1977, we started figuring out hoe to modify coronavirus by putting it into different animals; pigs and dogs. And that became the basis for Pfizer's first spike protein vaccine patent filed – are you ready for this? – in 1990.

And in 1990, they found out that there was a problem with vaccines: they didn't work.

It turns out that coronavirus is a very malleable model. It transforms and it changes and it mutates over time. As a matter of fact, every publication on vaccines for coronavirus from 1990 until 2018, every single publication concluded that coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse.

In 2002, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill patented – and I quote: "An infectious replication-defective clone of coronavirus" and that work, patented at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0 by a year.

In 2005, this particular pathogen was specifically labeled as a "bioterrorism and bioweapon platform technology and from 2005 onwards, it was actually a "biowarfare-enabling agent", its official classification.

We have been lured into believing that EcoHealth Alliance and DARPA and all of these organizations are what we should be pointing to but we've been specifically requested to ignore the facts, that over $10 billion have been funneled through Black Operations, through the check of Anthony Fauci and a side-by-side ledger , where NIAID has a balance sheet and next to it is a biodefense balance sheet, equivalent dollar-for-dollar matching, that no one in the media talks about.

"Poised for human emergence in 2016" at the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences, such that by the time we get to 2017 and 2018, the following phrase entered into common parlance among the community:

"There is going to be an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen." Seven months before the allegation of Patient Number One, four patent applications at Moderna were modified to include the term, "Accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen" as the justification for making a vaccine for a thing that did not exist.

The intent was to get the world to accept a universal vaccine template and the intent was to use coronavirus to get there. This was premeditated domestic terrorism stated at the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2015. Does that sound like a bat and a pangolin went into a bar in the Wuhan market?

This is an act of biological and chemical warfare perpetrated on the human race.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, let us remember out friends and family that we've lost in this war against We the People being waged by our own government.