Saturday, October 8, 2022

 Dear WalMart & CVS ,HomeDepot and all other stores that have self checkout —

You are almost exclusively self-checkout now. The last time I was there the lady checking receipts at the exit stopping everyone.
I didn't choose to participate in that nonsense, so I just skipped the exit line and left. I heard her saying "Sir, Um Sir” as I kept walking and raised the receipt above my head, leaving the store.
You can either trust me to do self-checkout, or you can put your cashiers back in place like it used to be. I'm not interested in proving that I did your job for you. You want me to be a cashier with no training then that's your problem not mine. Don’t Audit me for a position you refuse to employ any longer.
All of us
Copied and pasted, because I agree 100%.


Thursday, October 6, 2022


This is our country under the thumb of Joe Biden and his handlers. Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew who is really in charge

RE POSTED from Patty Pat

I ride around the City with no car insurance. I have fake registration stickers and the police can’t pull me over for expired inspection or bad plates.
You can’t pull me over if you smell pot coming from my car. And even if I match a description of a perp, there is no way in hell you can stop and frisk me.
If I steal your identity, rob you or get caught with marijuana with intent to deliver, I don’t have to make cash bail. I can steal your kid’s bike, punch your mother and take her pocketbook on the El and rob the 7-11 and still, I won’t get a night in jail.
I can walk into Target, Walgreens or any gas station and take whatever I want, load up my backpack and pockets because any theft under $500 isn’t going to be prosecuted in Philadelphia. That’s why Wawa is leaving the City, we’re stealing too much from them. But who can resist free Tastykakes and M&M’s? Did you see what we did at Tyson and the Boulevard at that Wawa? Not one arrest.
I went ape shit crazy in May of 2020. I destroyed Walnut Street’s shopping district in Center City. We pulled a white baby grand piano out of Jacob’s Music and set it on fire. We used bricks of dynamite to blow up as many ATM’s as we could. I looted Foot Locker of every hightop Nike and all the Adidas tracksuits and Puma handbags. I threw a trashcan into the windows of the AT&T store and walked out with dozens of I-Phones I then sold on Facebook Marketplace. We looted H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Apple. Hey, did you see that crazy chick firebomb a police car in front of City Hall? We broke into the Wells Fargo on Broad Street and threw all the bank records into the street. There wasn’t any shoes left at Sneaker Villa. Took all the clothes from The Gap and Old Navy. My whole family got laptops and Xboxes that week.
I hopped over the SEPTA turnstile with hundreds of others and took the EL to K&A where we attacked the Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Forman Mills, Foot Locker and Five Below in Port Richmond. We ordered Ubers to pick us up because of all the TV’s we had. Some of us even had Uhaul trucks for the shopping sprees. How else are get taking these washers and dryers and stoves from Lowe’s?
We busted the windows of a couple corner store pharmacies to get their OxyCodone too. The Philadelphia Police were ordered to “stand down” and not touch us. They were told by the Mayor and Police Commissioner to let us “peaceful protestors” rob, loot and set afire to whatever we wanted, all in the name of social justice. They weren’t allowed to touch us. Everything was decriminalized. EVERYTHING. We shut down this City. Everybody was scared, you put a curfew on your citizens and you let us go shopping! We spray painted slurs on police stations and threw bottles of piss at police officers. We smashed police windshields and spit lougers in their face. Couldn’t touch us. Mayor said no-no-no.
It doesn’t matter if I have priors. This District Attorney ain’t holding anybody. Because I wasn’t jailed or held for court or given low/no bail and released if I pinky swore I’d show up for my court case I really did some damage in your City of Philadelphia.
I raped a woman in the Macy’s Bathroom.
I shot and killed a 7 year old boy who was playing on his porch in West Philly.
I executed four people in a West Philadelphia basement-all while I was on probation.
I killed Corporal James O’Connor as he served an arrest warrant to my drug trap house on Bridge Street. I should’ve been locked up for a prior murder conviction, but this is Krasner’s Philadelphia and I was out free, terrorizing the residents who lived near Bridge and Pratt, I had the biggest drug house around.
I robbed a guy walking his dog near 22nd and Arch and even though he gave me his wallet and phone, I still shot him in the chest, leaving him to die with his dog, whimpering over his body.
And just recently, did you see what we did at Roxsborough High? That was us, all on probation or out on free bail. The D.A. gave us a free ride. Made us promise we won't get in any trouble until we go before the judge. Yeah, how'd that work out?
The carjackings, oh the carjackings in Philadelphia are off the charts! We’re had 400 last year but already this year we are over 1,000 cars jacked in Philly! And the Christmas shopping season is upon us! We don’t ever have to shop for a new car again! It’s sometimes too easy. Oh and it ain’t in the bad neighborhoods either. We’re moving into the driveways of Northeast Philadelphia and the gas stations too. Did you see the guy we got in Germantown on Wissahickon Avenue? Yeah, about five of us jumped out of a van with guns and took his Chrysler 500. We should have robbed the store too, but maybe next time. Under $500 and we’ll be free and clear. Then we got the father and son in the Tacony Dunkin Donuts and did you see that young buck ride up on a bike at 6 in the morning and pull a gun on that mom and daughter going to work and school in the NE Philly cul-de-sac? That was a pure masterpiece right there, in their own driveway. The daughter dropped her coffee cup and ran!
And sometimes, carjackings go wrong. We shot a 15 year old kid in Mayfair. He was carrying a case of water into his house but we thought he had car keys. Then we gunned down that guy who was in his mother’s driveway up in Rhawnhurst so we could take his Rav 4. Ain’t NOBODY gonna stop us.
Ain’t nobody gonna stop us.
So why, pray tell, Mayor Kenney do you think that signing an Executive Order would STOP US from having our guns in playgrounds and rec centers? The bad guys don’t listen to you. Just look at Your City and what we’ve done to it.
Do you think we’re going to obey your orders? A piece of paper? A fine? A threat of more jail time?
Do you actually think we’re going to listen to the law of the land?
Look at your carjackings.
Look at your murders.
Look at your City.
Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Us.
An Inexperienced and Inept Police Commissioner that can not command, operate or engage her police force that has lost all respect and directive towards her.
A City Council and State Legislature that is frightened and cowardly and refuse to call out the criminals (that have destroyed our City, murdered our children and residents, carjacked thousands of us and turned Philly into a nightmare) for fear of being canceled or even worse, labeled pro law enforcement.
A Spiteful and Police Hating District Attorney that purposefully drops charges and throws cases due to “technicalities” to even the score in his social justice genocide of law abiding citizens.
And a Mayor who lost control of the City and doesn’t want to be the mayor anymore.
Like we said, Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Us

Monday, October 3, 2022

To all my readers and those who have supported my little blog with good comments and moral support. I've thought seriously about giving up writing on a regular basis. I waited to write this, I wanted to reach my 2,000,000 mark before I quit. It is with mixed emotions that I write this because in some ways I want keep going and yet as I get older (I'm 83) I find it harder to keep up the pace.

SO...what I have decided to do is to POST something when I get motivated by something I read or see or hear. Hopefully you guys will check my site once in a while, I'll try to keep whatever I write or post as interesting as you all do.

Just sort of semi-retirement

Ihanks to all of you...Pappy