Monday, October 3, 2022

To all my readers and those who have supported my little blog with good comments and moral support. I've thought seriously about giving up writing on a regular basis. I waited to write this, I wanted to reach my 2,000,000 mark before I quit. It is with mixed emotions that I write this because in some ways I want keep going and yet as I get older (I'm 83) I find it harder to keep up the pace.

SO...what I have decided to do is to POST something when I get motivated by something I read or see or hear. Hopefully you guys will check my site once in a while, I'll try to keep whatever I write or post as interesting as you all do.

Just sort of semi-retirement

Ihanks to all of you...Pappy


Drake's Place said...

No - - THANK YOU, Pappy.

Thank you for superior coverage of national news, so much of which I (& I think others) only learned about from you writing about them.

Thank you for linking to my blog, your comments at my place and for being one of the finest people I've never met.

God Bless, stay well, keep in touch.

Doug Hagin said...

God bless you sir. Always appreciate your takes. Do what makes you happy
Doug Hagin "The DaleyGator"

Anonymous said...

The voices of common-sense reason are too few and far between as it is. Please do not give up just yet because the people are waking from a slumber that will need your opinions to navigate the plethora of lies