Wednesday, April 12, 2023

‘This Is Bad’: Progressive Legal Expert 

Calls Bragg Lawsuit Against Jim 

Jordan ‘More Destructive Than 

Dumb Hearings’   Story by Isaac Schorr  2h ago

‘This Is Bad’: Progressive Legal Expert Calls Bragg Lawsuit Against Jim Jordan ‘More Destructive Than Dumb Hearings’© Provided by Mediait   

Georgetown Law professor Josh Chafetz is sounding the alarm on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s lawsuit against House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), insisting that a ruling in Bragg’s favor would be “destructive.”

‘ThisIs Bad’: Progressive Legal Expert Calls Bragg Lawsuit Against Jim Jordan ‘More Destructive Than Dumb Hearings’© Provided by Mediaite

Bragg filed his lawsuit against Jordan on Tuesday, alleging that Jordan was engaged in a “brazen and unconstitutional attack” on his office’s work on its ongoing prosecution of former president Donald Trump. Jordan has issued a subpoena of Mark Pomerantz, an attorney who resigned from Bragg’s team last year after the DA initially decided not to pursue charges against Trump. Pomerantz went on to write a book about the case against Trump.

While Bragg is arguing that the subpoena is an “abuse of power” and part of a larger “transparent campaign to intimidate and attack” Bragg, Chafetz believes that the greater danger would stem from the success of Bragg’s lawsuit.

“This is bad, and I hope the court throws it out quickly,” opined Chafetz. “Jordan’s investigation is dumb, but congressional committees have the right to do dumb things, and running to the courts to try to get them to stop is more destructive than dumb hearings.”

Later, Chafetz compared Bragg’s argument to those of past court rulings that President Richard Nixon did not have to submit to requests for information from Congress during the Watergate scandal.

“The idea that Congress must never be allowed to interfere in a sacred criminal investigation is the same reason that courts gave for telling Nixon that he didn’t have to turn material over to the Senate Watergate Committee,” said Chafetz.

On Thursday morning, Politico senior legal affairs correspondent Josh Gerstein suggested that Chafetz would likely get his wish, asserting that Bragg faced an “uphill battle” to stop Pomerantz from testifying.

“Given that Pomeranz wrote the book, it’s hard for him to sort of take the position that ‘I can’t say one word to you now, I need to zip my lip because of this current prosecution that’s going on,'” argued Gerstein.

Does Joe know something he's not telling us ??

Joe Biden's 'doomsday plane' — which 
the president would use in the event of a
 nuclear war — was spotted flying over Wales
Story by (Kenneth Niemeyer) • 47m ago

US Department of Defense© Provided by INSIDER

  • Joe Biden's "doomsday plane" was spotted flying over Wales on Tuesday night.

  • The E-4B "Nightwatch" is designed to withstand a nuclear blast.

  • The plane can fly for days straight and costs $159,529 per hours to fly.

President Biden's "doomsday" E-4B plane was spotted flying over Wales on Tuesday night ahead of his commemoration of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

The president's "doomsday plane" is a $223 million E-4B called "Nightwatch," which is capable of surviving a nuclear blast. Following a nuclear attack, the president, secretary of defense, and joint chiefs of staff would board E-4B. From there, they would be able to order nuclear strikes or execute emergency war orders from the "flying war room," Insider previously reported.

The E-4B plane was spotted on Tuesday night flying over Wales, according to NorthWalesLive. According to the outlet, it is typical of the plane to follow closely behind the president's Air Force One in the skies when he travels.

The majority of the E-4B's capabilities are classified, but the plane can carry 112 people, can fly for 12 hours straight without refueling, and can refuel in the sky, allowing it to fly for several days in a row, the United States Air Force previously told Insider. Flying the E-4B "Nightwatch" costs $159,529 per hour, which is the most expensive plane that the Air Force operates, according to the Air Force. 

The plane's windows are equipped with a wired mesh similar to those on the inside of a microwave oven door that prevents radiation from entering the plane, according to the Air Force. The crew of the E-4B works 24-hour, 7-day shifts and sleep in a cabin above the conference room that chiefs of staff and the president would use to give war orders.

The back of the plane holds its communication center, where operators can communicate with almost anyone in the world, according to the Air Force.

"It's designed that, in the most austere environments, during or after a nuclear war, it survives and can communicate, from the most cutting-edge communications technology to old, antiquated communications technology," Scott McCandless, the plane's former director of operations previously told Insider.

After AOC Demands Supreme Court Justice’s Impeachment – The Democrat’s Closet Swings Wide Open
By Adam Casalino|April 10, 2023

Another day, another attempt by Democrats to cancel Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. The left has always hated this conservative leader. From the very day he was nominated for the bench, liberals have fired all kinds of slander against him. Despite all this, Thomas continues to uphold our Constitution and American values.

Today, radical “socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is echoing the same mindless attacks against Thomas as the rest of the left. She has even gone as far as to call for impeaching the justice, an obvious attempt by Democrats to intimidate and manipulate the highest court in the land. But now, she is getting exposed for the very same thing.

From Western Journal:

AOC’s attack is interesting in light of the mounting accusations that she, herself, has a concerning habit of taking lavish gifts without disclosing them.

In one of the more blatant examples, AOC took great criticism for attending the $35,000-per-ticket Met Gala in 2021 at which she absurdly wore a white dress with the words “Tax The Rich” emblazoned in red across the back.

AOC, along with other progressives, is accusing Justice Thomas of taking improper “gifts.” And because of this, he needs to be impeached and removed from the Supreme Court. What were these “improper” gifts? Flights he took for vacations that he didn’t pay for.

As it turns out, he went on a few vacations with a GOP donor Harlan Crow. Thomas and Crow’s families are close friends. And it should come as no surprise that they would vacation together, with one of them paying. From Thomas’s own statements, these trips in no way interfered with his work on the Court.

Plus, even liberal outlets had to admit there are “few restrictions on what gifts justices can accept.”

That’s not the case with members of Congress. And AOC has seemingly violated the very strict rules that prevent Congress members from accepting gifts from people. She has even been investigated for receiving lavish gifts from the MET and other places.

So… AOC is willing to impeach a Supreme Court justice for receiving gifts. Yet she herself has done much worse? AOC thinks she has the right to go after Thomas, even though what he did wasn’t against any rules.

What she’s done, numerous times, is in fact against House ethics rules. They could even be violations of federal law. Perhaps AOC is trying to distract from her misdeeds by attacking the respected justice?

Nevertheless, I doubt this attack will deter Thomas in the slightest. The conservative justice has continued to uphold the law and protect Americans from the bench. Which is much more than we can say for AOC.

Monday, April 10, 2023


The Dems have opened up Pandora's box. The gloves are off now and we can see what life will be like under continued one-party Democrat rule, one where local DAs and the federal DOJ are weaponized against conservatives.

To put it plainly, they want total authoritarian power over us all. If President Trump can be charged for "falsifying business records" and hiding relevant information from voters in the 2016 election, then 51 people from the intel community, who signed a letter stating the Hunter Biden laptop is fake, can be charged for hiding relevant information from voters in the 2020 election!

Or how about everyone else who suppressed and lied about the Hunter laptop story which withheld information from voters in the 2020 election!

Or what about charging Hillary Clinton, who paid for the fake Steele Dossier with her campaign funds, that the Deep State and MSM used to create the Russia Collusion Witch Hunt!

What about Bill Clinton, who paid several women he had sex with to keep quiet?

Or how about this story, that is getting insta-memory-holed, about how $21 million was funneled into Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign from a Malaysian financier fronting for the CCP through straw donors in the US, because foreigners are not allowed to contribute to US campaigns.

Or how about the investigations coming out of James O'Keefe's new venture O.M.G., that have uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to the Democrats being laundered through peoples' names and addresses. James O'Keefe had discovered a slew of cases in Maryland and now a new team of citizens in Southern California, empowered by OMG have discovered many more. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

And if Donald Trump broke the law, why didn't they mention what law he broke in the indictment?