Sunday, February 18, 2024

 What a bunch of F**KING HIPPOCRITES!! 

Have they forgotten HOW and WHY Epstein DIED???

Don't they remember when Epstein (supposedly) HUNG HIMSELF??

Don't they recognize PUTIN just TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS

Just like they did with EPSTEIN !

ENGORON SAID TRUMP WAS GUILTY BEFORE EVEN HEARING THE CASE It was always about how much money they could get from him...trying to break him financially

Trump Attorney Alina Habba Vows ‘Revenge’ For New York Verdict     February 18, 2024  Trending

The New York judge who hit former President Donald Trump with a massive fine in the case brought by Attorney General Letitia James just got some tough news.

Trump attorney Alina Habba vowed that “he will not get away with it” as she vowed “revenge” for the $364 million verdict.

“The question is, how does the judge get away with being far more guilty of the very thing that they said Donald Trump was guilty of?” Fox News host Sean Hannity said.

“I think the biggest message I can give the American people tonight is that he’s not going to get away with it. Letitia James is not going to get away with it. The Biden administration is not going to get away with it. There is a point, and I want to say something that I different than I normally do. We have the order now. I’m free to speak. And let me just say, as somebody who sat there in the trial, Sean, and I’m so happy you invited me on to say this. They will not get away with it. We will come at them. We will come hard, and we will literally fight until the truth comes out. There was nothing wrong. President Trump has done nothing wrong. All he has done is won a campaign. And that is scaring them because they know when he goes back in November 2024, he is going to clean house. And that is truly the problem. It’s not about Mar-a-Lago’s worth. It’s not worth 18 million. It’s worth probably 1.5 billion at the least. It is not about the worth of Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street. That’s not what this is about, Sean. You know it, and I know it,” the attorney said.

“This is the new form of election interference. This is a campaign that cannot succeed with Biden and Kamala. So what they have to do is weaponize. Da is an AGS, have Soros back them, fund them, Reid Hoffman back them, fund them and come after Trump. Everything Trump, including his children, his company employees that are working for him, doing their job. That is the desperation of our country at this moment, which is about to go into world war. This is crazy. And it is. It’s Trump derangement syndrome. That’s literally the best thing I could explain to you. And just know this, and for all those people that understand what is going on, we will win. We will fight because the facts are on our side. There are politicized judges. There are politicized DA’s and AGS. But I do not have a doubt that in the end we will succeed,” she said.

The former president also vowed to appeal when he spoke at Mar-A-Lago after the verdict.

“I will get Trump. Everybody has seen it, Letitia James. They have all seen it. Well, we will be appealing. But, more important than that, this is Russia. This is China. This is the same game, all comes out of the DOJ. It all comes out of Biden. It’s a witch-hunt against his political opponent, the likes of which our country has never seen before. You see it in third-world countries, banana republics but you don’t see it here,” the former president said.

“So I just want to say this. You build a great company. There was no fraud. The banks all got their money. 100 percent. They love Trump. They testified that Trump is great. Great customer. One of our best customers. They testified beautifully. And the judge knows that. He is just a corrupt person. And we knew that from the beginning. We knew it right from the beginning because he wouldn’t give it to the commercial division. This judge thought Mar-a-lago is worth $18 million. And it’s worth anywhere from 50 to 100 times that amount. So we realized that. He ruled against me before he even got the case. He ruled against me. He said I was guilty. He didn’t know what I was guilty of before he even got the case,” he said.

“LetLetitia James, that’s another case all together. She is a horribly corrupt attorney general and it’s all having to do with election interference. There were no victims because the banks made a lot of money. They made $100 million. And by the way, I paid approximately $300 million in taxes as the migrants come in and they take over New York, I paid over this period of years over $300 million in taxes. And they want me out. Let’s see if we can get him out. These are radical left Democrats. They’re lunatics,” 
he said

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