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In Seoul, Trump Calls for North Korea to 'Make a Deal'

In a striking shift of tone, President Donald Trump abandoned his aggressive rhetoric toward North Korea on Tuesday, signaling a willingness to negotiate as he urged Pyongyang to "come to the table" and "make a deal."

Trump, in his first day on the Korean Peninsula, again pushed Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program, but sidelined apocalyptic threats for an optimistic note, saying confidently, if vaguely, that "ultimately, it'll all work out." And while he said the United States would use military force if needed, he expressed his strongest inclination yet to deal with rising tensions with Pyongyang through diplomacy.

"It makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and make a deal that is good for the people of North Korea and for the world," Trump said during a news conference alongside South Korean president Moon Jae-in. "I do see certain movement."

Trump said he's seen "a lot of progress" in dealing with North Korea though he stopped short of saying whether he wanted direct diplomatic talks.

Mueller already appears to be venturing afield from his original assignment. That's what special prosecutors do. FISH !

Mueller Does What Special Prosecutors Do
 Byron York Nov 08, 2017

Do you think Tony Podesta, the longtime Washington Democratic lobbyist, fixer and brother of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, colluded with Russia to allow Donald Trump to win the 2016 election?

Neither do I.

Do you think Vin Weber -- the longtime Washington Republican lobbyist and former member of the House who opposed Trump and said he would not stay in the GOP if Trump won -- colluded with Russia to allow Donald Trump to win the 2016 election?

Neither do I.

No one in his or her right mind would place Podesta or Weber in a plot to help Russia put Trump in the White House. Yet both men, apparently, have fallen into the snare of the Robert Mueller special prosecutor investigation.
Podesta is reportedly in Mueller's crosshairs because Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who is a key figure in the Mueller probe, brought Podesta into his work for something called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine back in 2012. "The work for the European Center, which ended in 2014," the New York Times reported recently, "was cited in the (Manafort) indictment as part of a 'scheme' by Mr. Manafort and (aide and fellow indictee Rick) Gates to gain support in Washington for their longtime client, the pro-Russian leader Viktor F. Yanukovych, a former president of Ukraine, while evading disclosure requirements for foreign lobbying."
Does anyone know how Podesta's involvement, even if shady and suspect, furthered the alleged Russia-Trump conspiracy to win the White House?

Neither do I.

Whatever the case, what appears to be happening is what has happened in other Washington special prosecutor investigations (and the old independent counsel investigations). They expand. They ensnare people who might have had nothing to do with whatever the original subject of the investigation was. And they go on and on.


Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?Michael Brown  Posted: Nov 07, 2017

Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?
On Sunday, the day of the church massacre, cultural commentator David French tweeted, “The amount of anti-Christian hate on Twitter the same day Christians were massacred is stunning and chilling.”
If ever there was a time when we might have expected sympathy for Christians, or at least restraint in attacking them, the opposite proved true far too many times. Why?
On Fox News, Laura Ingraham noted that some of the reactions to the shooting pointed to “elite hostility to people of faith,” stating that “hostility to faith infects the popular culture.” She also spoke of a rising “militant secularism,” drawing attention to comments which mocked the prayers of believers on behalf of those affected by Sunday’s church massacre.
This is more than heartless and tactless. It is intentional and quite focused: Faith in God is to be mocked, in particular, Christian faith, and when Christians are slaughtered during a church service, that is the perfect time to pile on.
To paraphrase: “Where was your God, you stupid Christians? A lot of good your praying did! Go ahead and stick your head in the sand some more and keep praying to your imaginary deity. You deserve each other!”
On Sunday, someone posted a picture on my Twitter account of three lions holding up signs that looked like those held up by cows on popular Chick-Fil-A ads. Except these signs were not saying, Eat Mor Chikin.” The signs read, “Eat Mor Cristins,” with a caption adding: “America. Yeah. It’s getting that way.” 



Grand Juror Who Leaked Clinton Info Found Dead
Politics Live
As you have probably heard, one of the grand jurors in the Mueller investigation leaked one of the names on the sealed indictments handed down so far in the Russia probe: Roger Clinton Jr., half-brother of Bill.
The woman, whose name we now know is Caroline Dans La Ville from Baltimore, reportedly texted her nephew excitedly when the grand jury voted unanimously to indict Clinton for his involvement in a company that was lobbying for increased foreign aid to the Ukraine. If convicted, Fox News says Clinton could face up to 25 years in prison for making undisclosed millions from secret deals with foreign powers. Hours later, she went missing on her way home. The Washington Tribune reports:
Dans La Ville took a bus to 2nd Street, where she began her usual walk to her second-floor apartment on nearby Kruger Ave. Street cameras captured her rounding the corner, but she never arrived home according to a police report filed by her two children.
Hours later, she was found in the bushes with her throat slit.
According to D.C. Sheriff Bob Halley, it is still unclear if she was the victim of a random mugging or if the attack was targeted.
No suspects are in custody, and area police are urging residents to use caution when traveling.
This is what happens when you expose the Clinton family. You turn up dead. Yet another body has been added to Hillary and Bill’s pile.

WHAT THE F**K WAS HE THINKING ?? Right after the church shooting in Texas.......

Marilyn Manson points fake gun at crowd during San Bernardino concert   BY    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, 
November 6, 2017


Marilyn Manson used the prop during his performance at the Knotfest on Sunday.
(Ronin 47/Splash News/ 
Marilyn Manson wielded a fake semi-automatic rifle during a performance in San Bernardino, Calif., on Sunday — less than two years after a horrific terror attack occurred in the city.
The artist — whose shock-value antics have regularly garnered attention over the years — showcased the fake weapon as he sang his song "We Know Where You F---ing Live," pointing the prop toward the crowd as he sang from a microphone attached to the rifle, video obtained by TMZ shows.
The sound of gunfire was simulated by the drummer pounding on his instrument.
The weapon was clearly not real, and the overall audience wasn't offended by the stunt, according to the town's local newspaper, The San Bernardino Sun. But some people did find the gimmick to be "lame," according to the newspaper's coverage.
Marilyn Manson takes jab at ‘squirrel mind’ Justin Bieber
Manson defended the shtick as an "act of theater" about how easy it is to access semi-automatic weapons in a statement to TMZ, and said he "felt sorry for anyone affected by real guns."
The gossip site also claimed that the Manson gave the San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. notice of the stunt so that security at the venue would not be alarmed.

So...according to the MEDIA, Trump can't even feed the fish right

Media Fabricates Fake Trump Story In Midst Of Shooting

President Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe carried on an old tradition of feeding carp at a Koi pond in Tokyo when CNN and the rest of the mainstream media decided to twist the narrative to make Trump appear like a buffoon.
Liberal network CNN ran a ridiculous headline, “Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into Koi pond,” complete with a misleading tweet from reporter Veronica Rocha that only shows the Trump dumping the entire box of food. Her footage is conveniently edited to skip Abe doing the same thing.
IN fact, Abe dumped his entire box of fish food into the pond and Trump followed while the Prime Minister of Japan smiled. However, the anti-Trump media has been cropping the video to only show Trump’s actions.
Bloomberg White House correspondent Justin Sink tweeted that Trump and Abe were “spooning fish food into the pond” when Trump “decided to just dump the whole box in for the fish.” The problem with the attempt to paint Trump as an animal-abusing, lazy America is that Japan’s Prime Minister did the exact same thing seconds before.
Read more at FOX NEWS

Something about "glass houses and stones"

Those who spoke the worst about Trump ? Hum makes you wonder doesn’t it?
The Trump Times

Is Robert De Niro The Next To Go Down As A Sex Abuser?

By Kathy Crest: It seems that those who have spoke out the loudest against President Trump, are the ones who have the most to hide. Robert De Niro has…

Robert De Niro Was Client Of Prostitution Ring That Used Children   June 20, 2017 USA News
Robert De Niro was a client of an international prostitution
ring that hired underage children and specialised in providing prostitutes to wealthy, high-profile clients.

While it is not clear whether or not De Niro was supplied with underage girls, his involvement in the ring received little to no media coverage. reports: The French Brigade de Repression de Proxenetisme (the equivalent of the Vice Squad) traced 89 young women who said they had been tricked or sometimes physically constrained by the agency into working for them. The girls were sometimes “sold on like cattle” to other call-girl agencies.
The agency’s files of clients’ names seized by the police are said to include many well-known members of the sports and show-business jet-set on both sides of the Atlantic, Arab princes, as well as two senior French center-right politicians.
     Lichfield wrote:
“Six people are charged with the running of an international prostitution ring, whose call-girls entertained the actor Robert de Niro, the former tennis player, Wojtek Fibak, two senior (but unnamed) French politicians and several Gulf princes. The agency specialised in tricking, or trapping, star-struck teenage girls into selling their bodies with the promise of careers as models or actresses….
De Niro, despite a much publicised ‘arrest’ in Paris while filming a movie earlier this year, was questioned only as a witness and occasional client of the network’s prostitutes. He is suing the investigating magistrate, Frederic N’Guyen Duc Quang, following his highly publicised interrogation; the actor’s lawyers accuse the investigator of deliberate publicity-seeking.”

China Rolls Out The Red Carpet For President Trump, And The First Lady  11/07/2017  Source: Daily Mail  by: Francesca Chambers and David Mart

China Rolls Out The Red Carpet For President Trump, And The First Lady                       

President Donald Trump took in an extra special performance of Peking opera on Wednesday evening in Beijing during a grand tour of the Forbidden City put on for him by China's Xi Jinping.

Xi had the production staged in the former imperial palace that is now a museum just for Trump's visit.

'Welcome to China! I love you!' a group of children who were part of the performance told the U.S. president when it was finished.

The president and first lady Melania Trump ended their evening with a dinner in another section of the Forbidden City with the Chinese leader and his wife, Madame Peng Liyuan.


Monday, November 6, 2017

 Put some Bee Gees over some North Korean marching BUT it gets faster every cycle

with a guest appearance by helmet dudes

Bergdahl and Military Swamp Holdovers  Susan Stamper Brown  Posted: Nov 06, 2017

Bergdahl and Military Swamp Holdovers
“I am a soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight.”  -- Gen. George S. Patton.

Americans are outraged over the Bowe Bergdahl sentencing November 3 that should have led to serious prison time, or worse. But, face it, we now live in a country where deserters who cause fellow soldiers to be maimed or killed are treated as heroes if weak leftists are in charge.
He should be in prison. The only difference between Bergdahl and the guy who used a Home Depot truck to mow down and kill people in New York recently is that Bergdahl displayed his allegiance to the enemy on foreign soil.
Bergdahl walked because the military swamp remains filled with senior leaders who climbed the ranks curtseying to former President Obama’s social experimentation and his upside-down value system whereby one treasonous deserter is worth five senior Taliban terrorists.
Obama exchanged five of Gitmo’s finest for Bergdahl, then hosted a sickening spectacle at the White House Rose Garden where a touchy-feely Obama spoke to Bergdahl’s parents “courage.” Meanwhile, Obama’s favorite fact-twister, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, made her rounds, propagandizing that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.”
Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers had a different story to tell on the Fort Richardson, Alaska Facebook page. recorded comments which included: “I say we welcome him home with a firing squad,” and “He’s a piece of trash and everyone from [Fort Richardson] knows it – the only person less American than that man is the president for giving up 5 hvt’s [High-Value Targets].” 
Another said: “Maybe if you knew the truth and the sacrifices made from people in our units in Alaska to find this douche… I feel worse for the kids who have to grow up fatherless cause their daddies died looking for this punk.”
Now, “this punk” walks, thanks to, in part, the judge in charge, Col. Jeffrey R. Nance, who once said at a Fort Bragg hearing: “I will consider the president’s [Trump’s] comments [regarding Bergdahl] as mitigation evidence as I arrive at an appropriate sentence.” Nance was referring to Trump’s less-than- complementary comments about Bergdahl.
Obviously, Col. Nance did just that, essentially presenting Bergdahl a snowflake award, punishing him with the equivalent of a hand slap, despite six soldiers killed and others permanently maimed.
In my opinion as a retired military officer’s wife, Bergdahl’s dishonorable discharge devalued my husband’s honorable one.
I also believe Obama’s and Rice’s comments about Bergdahl helped to tip the scales of justice in the wrong direction, not Trump’s.
Furthermore, as a military wife during wartime, I attended way too many funerals for those who gave their all for something that had meaning and purpose. Not searching for a selfish son of a gun who thought only of himself, not the lives and families his actions might destroy.
At times and when politics aren’t in play, military justice can be swift, painful and fair. Not this time, and especially not for the brave warriors maimed and killed while searching for Bergdahl.
Col. Nance rewarded a traitor and Obama freed dangerous enemies most likely to face us once more in some future battle, plain and simple. It’s fair to say the Taliban interprets Obama’s prisoner exchange and Nance’s decision to let Bergdahl walk as weakness to be exploited.
Even this blonde columnist understands Americans are safest when our enemies see strength. Let them hate us, but they darn sure must respect us.
On a side note, given his rank, odds are, Nance is close to retirement, especially after trashing the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as many in the military community suggest. One can only pray.
Anyhow, it’s a sad day in America when a traitor is freed from a life sentence while fellow soldiers received their's searching for him. What an insult to every veteran who served honorably.

REPORT New Details Emerge About Comey's Infamous Statement On Hillary     11/06/2017  Source: The Hill by: John Solomon

REPORT New Details Emerge About Comey's Infamous Statement On Hillary

An early draft of former FBI Director James Comey’s statement closing out the Hillary Clinton email case accused the former secretary of State of having been "grossly negligent” in handling classified information, newly reported memos to Congress show.

The tough language was changed to the much softer accusation that Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information when Comey announced in July 2016 there would be no charges against her.

The change is significant, since federal law states that gross negligence in handling the nation’s intelligence can be punished criminally with prison time or fines.

Spokesmen for the FBI and Clinton did not immediately return phone calls or emails seeking comment.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

This is probably going to keep happening. When will we get the facts in the Las Vegas shooting ? Are these all red flag events aimed at getting more "gun control" ?

Official says more than 20 dead in church attack 
Associated Press 

UPDATE: SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (AP) — A County Commissioner in Texas says he's been told that more than 20 people were killed and more than 20 were wounded in an attack at a church, though he says those figures haven't been confirmed.
Albert Gamez, a Wilson County commissioner, made the comments to cable news outlets after the attack Sunday at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, a small community 30 miles southeast of San Antonio.
A sheriff says that a man walked into the church and started firing. Authorities say the attacker was later killed.
EARLIER: SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (AP) — A man opened fire inside of a church in a small South Texas community on Sunday, killing multiple people and wounding others before being "taken down," authorities said.
The Wilson County News quoted Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackett on the casualties and that the shooter was now dead.
It was not immediately clear if the church was holding services at the time of the shooting.
A sheriff's department dispatcher said everyone was at the scene and unavailable to comment.
KSAT showed video of several fire and police vehicles at the church and a photo of a helicopter arriving to transport victims to hospitals.
Sutherland Springs is 30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of San Antonio.

Police cars are seen at Sutherland Springs, Texas on Nov. 5, 2017 in this picture obtained from social media.
© Liz Summers via Reuters Police cars are seen at Sutherland Springs, Texas on Nov. 5, 2017 in this picture obtained from social media.