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Court Docs Show Medical Examiner Thought George Floyd Had ‘Fatal Level of Fentanyl’ In His System  BY RUSTY WEISS  AUGUST 26, 2020


A Lethal Dose of Fentanyl

New documents filed in the case involving the death of George Floyd show the medical examiner’s opinion that the victim had a potentially fatal level of fentanyl in his system.

One document is a memorandum of a conversation between a court attorney and Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County chief medical examiner.

The conversation included statements that the fentanyl levels in Floyd’s system were “pretty high” and “can cause pulmonary edema.”

The document includes, “This level of fentanyl can cause pulmonary edema. Mr. Floyd’s lungs were 2-3x their normal weight at autopsy. That is fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances.”

“[Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death,” the document


Is this what it's going to be now ? Are people getting tired of destroyed businesses, fires, looting and all that goes along with it ?? Are they arming themselves to protect their stores and families...not to mention their own lives...?? I know I would be FED UP with all this nonsense. You know, all they have to do to stop all the police involved shootings ??? When the Police tell/ask you to do something....JUST DO IT,,!! OR...Don't become involved in a crime in the first place...!!

2 shot dead, one injured during violent clashes in Kenosha   AUGUST 26, 2020   BLOOMBERG NEWS

Tear gas lands around protesters after they refused to listen to police demands to disperse near the courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. (Chris Juhn/Zuma Press/TNS)

Two people were shot dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin, police there said as violent clashes between protesters, armed counterprotesters and police marked another night of unrest. A third victim was taken to the hospital with serious, non-life-threatening injuries.

Police were looking for a man armed with a “long gun” after one person was killed and two others were injured, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Police are probing whether the shooting came from a clash between protesters and armed men defending businesses, the New York Times reported.

Kenosha has seen heavy protests and sporadic violence since a Black man, Jacob Blake, was shot multiple times at close range by police. Hundreds of protesters, enraged by yet another shooting of a Black man by police officers in yet another city, ignored a curfew order and kept demonstrating late into the night. Tear gas was deployed as crowds refused to disperse, and amid reports of objects being thrown at police officers.

DOJ Seeks Data About COVID Nursing Home Deaths From 4 States   By Bernard Condon • 8/26/2020

Prosecutors are trying to determine whether state orders requiring admission of COVID-19 patients to nursing homes could have led to deaths

The Justice Department is seeking data about “orders which may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents,” sending letters Wednesday to the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Officials say Wednesday that the Justice Department’s civil rights division is evaluating whether to initiate investigations under a federal law that protects the rights of people in state-run nursing homes and other facilities.

Prosecutors are trying to determine whether state orders requiring admission of COVID-19 patients to nursing homes could have led to deaths

Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband says the federal government must ensure vulnerable nursing home patients “are adequately cared for with dignity and respect and not unnecessarily put at risk.”

AND....The intended victim needs to know that he has nothing to fear from the Police, the Judges and the Juries if he defends him or herself against the "Violent Criminals".....

August 13 2020

Thats Trump and Epstein. Yep. But thats not on the pedo-island. Thats at Mar-a-lago. The club that Trump owns. Which was also the ONLY club in Palm Beach that allowed blacks and Jews, and that was only because Trump refused to follow that ordinance. He actually sued the city of Palm Beach for being racist against blacks and Jews. Trump later banned Epstein from the club because he found out Epstein made passes at the 14 yr old daughter of another member, and in 2002 he publicly outed Epstein as a pedophile. Long before Epstein was investigated or charged. In 2005, all of Epsteins contacts were subpoenaed, except Trump, because he came forward willingly. So, to all of you misinformed dummies, stop trying to use this nasty circle of pedophiles to express your hate for Trump. Do your research and stop being sheep that see a picture and make up your own story to it. And for God's sake, stop using this sick shit going on, to push your Trump hating agenda. Its pathetic and mindless.

We've all seen these lists before BUT, as it gets closer to election day, it wouldn't hurt to be reminded of these "talking points". If you believe in :Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" then you may need to be reminded.....TRUMP IN 2020..!!


Whatever your feelings for Trump, these are some interesting points that Tim Allen makes. Put your hatred aside and think about these observations.
Tim Allen is credited with writing this.
From :Tim Allen

Here are some interesting points to think about prior to 2020, especially to my friends on the fence, like moderate Democrats, Libertarians and Independents and the never Trump Republicans and those thinking of "walking away" from the Democratic party.

Women are upset at Trump’s naughty words -- they also bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray.

Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders. It seems women’s rights only matter if those women are liberal.

No Border Walls. No voter ID laws. Did you figure it out yet? 
But wait... there's more.

Chelsea Clinton got out of college and got a job at NBC that paid $900,000 per year. Her mom flies around the country speaking out about white privilege.

And just like that, they went from being against foreign interference in our elections to allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.

President Trump’s wall costs less than the Obamacare website. Let that sink in, America.

We are one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full-term abortion nationally. We are fighting evil.

They sent more troops and armament to arrest Roger Stone than they sent to defend Benghazi.

60 years ago, Venezuela was 4th on the world economic freedom index. Today, they are 179th and their citizens are dying of starvation. In only 10 years, Venezuela was destroyed by democratic socialism.

Russia donated $0.00 to the Trump campaign. Russia donated $145,600,000 to the Clinton Foundation. But Trump was the one investigated!

Nancy Pelosi invited illegal aliens to the State of the Union. President Trump Invited victims of illegal aliens to the State of the Union. Let that sink in.

A socialist is basically a communist who doesn’t have the power to take everything from their citizens at gunpoint ... Yet!

How do you walk 3000 miles across Mexico without food or support and show up at our border 100 pounds overweight and with a cellphone?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants to ban cars, ban planes, give out universal income and thinks socialism works. She calls Donald Trump crazy.

Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to Paula Jones To get her to go away. I don’t remember the FBI raiding his lawyer’s office.

I wake up every day and I am grateful that Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States of America.

The same media that told me Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of winning now tells me Trump’s approval ratings are low.

“The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”— Margaret Thatcher

Maxine Waters opposes voter ID laws; She thinks that they are racist. You need to have a photo ID to attend her town hall meetings.

President Trump said — "They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in their way."............
Read that again.

Pass along these truths!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Getting over my head....perhaps someone with more knowledge of DNA can make better sense of this article....

Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA...

Forbidden Knowledge TV

There are many physicians and healthcare practitioners who subscribe to this newsletter, so I think many of you may appreciate this video by Canadian naturopath, Amandha Vollmer.

"This is what they're using to detect in your body and to make a positive test result, okay?

"This is their sequencing, their primary assembly - now, over here, this is Homo sapiens - that's humans!

"Chromosome 8. Primary Assembly Chromosome 8 is this sequence CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT - very specific and over here, CTGCTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT.

"What what they are doing, is calling our Chromosome 8 Primary Assembly as the 'coronavirus'.

"We are the virus. Your own DNA - like I've been saying, like I've been teaching, here's the evidence that what they are pulling out of your body and calling a disease - is your own DNA.

"This should really help you, okay to understand the scam at hand, here and if you can't see this, if you go, 'Oh, blah blah blah!' Go away. Go take the vaccine.

"Leave! Please. Because you're too dumb to exist. Really. Alright? Go back to the soil. Start over.

"But for those of us with a thinking brain. This should help you understand the Big Scamola...

"So, Gardasil syndrome - you can read about it more. This is basically poison. This is not protecting you from anything. There's no HPV. Your body makes these things in response to injury. Your body makes these things with your own DNA inside of it or RNA, to send to an area that has damage


Plandemic II: Indoctornation
This is a flabbergasting film, an all-important film and very timely film, which you must view and share with everyone you know.

It is, of course being blocked by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I've embedded a version from Brighteon on my site which does not display optimally, so you may choose to watch on directly on Brighteon, here.

Below are my notes on the film. If you prefer to read these notes as a PDF, they can be downloaded here.

The film opens with actual footage of Event 201, held 5 months prior to the pandemic in October 2019 in New York City, sponsored by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates and Michael Bloomberg.

All the paid corporate and military shills participating in Event 201 agree that a “global response” is necessary and they repeatedly justify censorship of the “Fake News”, because it would out them as the culprits of this global psyop.

Mikki Willis, the director of Plandemic talks about Judy Mikovits and how the first installment of this film, featuring Mikovits was widely excoriated and suppressed in the mainstream. He wants to know why.

Judy Mikovits responds to the baseless smears against her and says she was offered millions in grants if she would publicly announce that she had made a mistake. She replied that she had already lost everything and that if she had thought there was even one person harmed because she'd failed to do something, “There was no money you could pay me to cover this up”.

David E Martin, developer of Linguistic Genomics explains,



The merits of using Hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 has come up again. You would think that if it HELPS, even a little bit that the C.D.C. and W.H.O. would condone using the drug in the treatment of the virus, BUT NO....President Donald Trump recommended using it.....So it can't possibly be any good, and even if it were, the LEFT wouldn't want Trump to get ANY credit for being RIGHT....!!!

Do countries with high rates of malaria have fewer coronavirus deaths?  

Tucker Carlson Interviews Democrat Who Says Hydroxychloroquine Saved Her Life & Her Doctor

Michigan Democratic lawmaker: Hydroxychloroquine saved my life

Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett and her physician, Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala join ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
It has become one of the most controversial words in the world: hydroxychloroquine.

For several weeks, the primarily anti-malaria drug has been touted by President Trump and others in the media as a vital aid in treating those suffering from coronavirus, given that there is not yet a Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment.

So is there any possible correlation between countries where the drug is routinely administered due to high malaria rates and lower cases of COVID-19? It’s too early to tell, medical professionals say, but it’s part of the investigation process.

“If you look [at the] countries where malaria is more prevalent and countries where COVID-19 infections are prevalent, you will find a striking difference. This correlation needs to be explored further as this is not just a mere coincidence,” Dr. David Nazarian, a Beverly Hills-based physician, diplomate at the American Board of Internal Medicine and founder of My Concierge MD, told Fox News.

Trump holds event without masks and social distancing as model predicts 300k deaths by December
August 21  2020
A new model projects 310,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US by December.
The CDC says that more deaths can be prevented if people wear masks and practice social distancing. But just today, the President held a crowded indoor event without those precautions.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Steve Bannon On His Arrest

Aug 21, 2020   Zero Hedge Janitor

Exclusive: Eyewitness Says as Many as 20,000 Unverified Absentee Ballots Counted in Detroit Primary

Donald J. Trump

Exclusive: Eyewitness Says as Many as 20,000 Unverified Absentee Ballots Counted in Detroit Primary


August 19 2020


PepsiCo CEO: ‘Black Lives Matter, to our company and to me.’ What the food and beverage giant will do next


Expanding our Black managerial population by 30% by 2025 through internal development and recruitment—we will add more than 250 Black associates to managerial roles by 2025, including adding a minimum of 100 Black associates to our executive ranks. While 14% of our U.S. workforce is Black, we know we need to increase representation in leadership.

Establishing scholarship support for students transitioning from two-year to four-year programs and scaling our existing efforts to support trade/certificate and academic two-year degrees education through community colleges for 400 Black students per year—these funds will also provide wraparound support, including money for books, transportation, housing, and more.

Accelerating our support for social programs that impact Black communities, including delivering $6.5 million in community impact grants to address systemic issues;

Investing $5 million to launch a Community Leader Fellowship program for Black nonprofit CEOs. 

When it comes to our communities, we’re working to drive long-term change by addressing systemic barriers to economic opportunity, investing an incremental $20 million over five years. That means broadly increasing our efforts to create opportunity and advance economic empowerment for Black Americans

How many patients were lost / How many could have been saved, or their treatment could have been easier, if THEY, hadn't fought Trump on the use of Hydroxychloroquine ? ........I GUESS WE'LL NEVER KNOW....!!

Please watch highly respected Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, on Hydroxychloroquine.....President Donald Trump.....

Press Sec Wastes NO Time, Begins Briefing by Absolutely Torching Pelosi  Dinesh D'Souza August 19 2020
You can tell how right she is by how oddly quiet the media get –– they don't even ask any follow-up questions! Fantastic.

Democrats literally STORM OUT of room after Ted Cruz exposes truth behind Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA....

Little late...But just saw this.....

You got to love this guy. Bag pipes!!

Barr has more talent with just the pipes than that entire comittee. Love his calm Demeanor!
This is the absolute truth yet they continue to say he acted to late. Wake up people, I guess the Dems. were to busy trying to impeach him for no reason instead of protecting the American people

Animals have a very intense sense of impending doom