Wednesday, August 26, 2020

August 13 2020

Thats Trump and Epstein. Yep. But thats not on the pedo-island. Thats at Mar-a-lago. The club that Trump owns. Which was also the ONLY club in Palm Beach that allowed blacks and Jews, and that was only because Trump refused to follow that ordinance. He actually sued the city of Palm Beach for being racist against blacks and Jews. Trump later banned Epstein from the club because he found out Epstein made passes at the 14 yr old daughter of another member, and in 2002 he publicly outed Epstein as a pedophile. Long before Epstein was investigated or charged. In 2005, all of Epsteins contacts were subpoenaed, except Trump, because he came forward willingly. So, to all of you misinformed dummies, stop trying to use this nasty circle of pedophiles to express your hate for Trump. Do your research and stop being sheep that see a picture and make up your own story to it. And for God's sake, stop using this sick shit going on, to push your Trump hating agenda. Its pathetic and mindless.

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