Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Is this what it's going to be now ? Are people getting tired of destroyed businesses, fires, looting and all that goes along with it ?? Are they arming themselves to protect their stores and families...not to mention their own lives...?? I know I would be FED UP with all this nonsense. You know, all they have to do to stop all the police involved shootings ??? When the Police tell/ask you to do something....JUST DO IT,,!! OR...Don't become involved in a crime in the first place...!!

2 shot dead, one injured during violent clashes in Kenosha   AUGUST 26, 2020   BLOOMBERG NEWS

Tear gas lands around protesters after they refused to listen to police demands to disperse near the courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. (Chris Juhn/Zuma Press/TNS)

Two people were shot dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin, police there said as violent clashes between protesters, armed counterprotesters and police marked another night of unrest. A third victim was taken to the hospital with serious, non-life-threatening injuries.

Police were looking for a man armed with a “long gun” after one person was killed and two others were injured, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Police are probing whether the shooting came from a clash between protesters and armed men defending businesses, the New York Times reported.

Kenosha has seen heavy protests and sporadic violence since a Black man, Jacob Blake, was shot multiple times at close range by police. Hundreds of protesters, enraged by yet another shooting of a Black man by police officers in yet another city, ignored a curfew order and kept demonstrating late into the night. Tear gas was deployed as crowds refused to disperse, and amid reports of objects being thrown at police officers.


Fred said...

I have to disagree with your comment where you recommend to just do what the police officer tells you. The police do not have all powerful authority, although they seem to think they do.

Pappy said...

GRANTED....But My reason for saying "do what they tell you to do" is.....So many people being shot unnecessarily, that if suspects would do as asked, they still have the opportunity to have their "day in court".....You realize that most of these "suspects" are guilty of some infraction of the law, otherwise they wouldn't be in a "situation"..BUT,... you are right....The police are NOT all powerful..! But again...they seem more than willing to use those weapons.....

Birdchaser said...

When it's you and a cop they do have all powerful authority weather you think so or not. What's so hard to understand ?