Saturday, November 30, 2019

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Impeachment Witness Reveals Why Ukraine Aid Was Held Up 
2019-11-27 Source: TTN  by: TTN Staff

    A recent review of the deposition of an impeachment witness reveals the reason why the witness was told aid was withheld from Ukraine.

    Instead of the ominous reason created by Democrats, the real reason seems to be because President Trump was concerned that other o=countries were not contributing their fair share to Ukraine.

    According to The Daily Wire:
    Newly released transcripts from the deposition of Mark Sandy, an official at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), reveal that OMB was allegedly instructed to withhold aid to Ukraine because President Donald Trump was concerned “about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”

    Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) responded to the release of the transcripts from the deposition, which happened on Chairman Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, by writing on Twitter, “The transcript for OMB’s Mark Sandy was just released. The ONLY reason he was ever given why there was a hold on $ to Ukraine was ‘the President’s concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.’ NOT bribery. NOT quid pro quo or any other WACKY Schiff conspiracy!”
    The transcript for OMB’s Mark Sandy was just released. The ONLY reason he was ever given why there was a hold on $ to Ukraine was “the President’s concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.” NOT bribery. NOT quid pro quo or any other WACKY Schiff conspiracy!
    Sandy made the revelation when he was asked what reason Michael Duffey, a politically appointed official at the OMB, was given by the White House on why the aid to Ukraine was to be delayed.

    Sandy went on to state that the requests that he received in early September about how much other nations were contributing to Ukraine came from Duffey.
    A new report has emerged Wednesday indicating that President Trump was briefed about the whistleblower complaint before he released the aid but it remains unclear if that was the reason he released the aid. 


    Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar had been merely caught “wining and consuming” with completely different fat-cat Democrats in Venice, Italy. People wanted to know why is the Speaker and the Minnesota Congresswoman in Italy? Properly, it shortly acquired right here out they’re staying at a 5-star Venice lodge on our taxpayer dime, and that’s when it didn’t end correctly for the Democratic duo. You don’t want to miss this.
    Nancy Pelosi is infamous for taking luxurious holidays on taxpayers funds and this latest stunt would possibly want stayed beneath the radar if the Speaker hadn’t weighed in on President Donald Trump’s feud with Rep. Elijah Cummings.
    Nonetheless, Nancy merely couldn’t help herself.
    “@RepCummings is a champion throughout the Congress and the nation for civil rights and monetary justice, a beloved chief in Baltimore, and deeply valued colleague. All of us reject racist assaults in opposition to him and help his steadfast administration,” tweeted the 80-year-old Speaker.
    Pelosi’s tweet was tagged “Venice Italy” as Emily Miller well-known: “Speaker Pelosi weighs in on poverty in West Baltimore …. from a 5 star, rooftop restaurant in Venice, Italy.”
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    Adam Schiff Directly Connected With Burisma Holdings…This Won’t End Well For Democrats!   EN-VOLVE

    One day, Rep. Adam Schiff may come to symbolize the Washington swamp.

    He’s been the main ringmaster of the “impeachment inquiry” circus attacking President Donald Trump in the nation’s Capitol.

    He failed to fully disclose his staff’s contact with the “whistleblower” who helped spark that inquiry.

    And now, according to Breitbart, it turns out Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee has at least two staffers with ties to a think tank partially funded by Burisma Holdings — the Urkraine energy company that paid an obscene amount of money to Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, mainly while Biden was the Obama administration’s point man for Ukraine policy.

    And one of those staffers is reportedly a friend of Eric Ciaramella, the man suspected of being the “whistleblower” behind the whole impeachment effort.

    According to a Breitbart report Tuesday, Intelligence Committee staffer Sean Misko signed on with the Democrat-run panel in August, about the time the “whistleblower” filed a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general about a phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    According to Breitbart, Misko in 2015 was a “millennium fellow” for the Atlantic Council, a think tank partially funded by Burisma Holdings, which has become infamous for its connection to Hunter Biden.

    Burisma paid Hunter Biden a $50,000 per month salary to serve on its board from April 2014 to April 2019.

    LIMBAUGH: Democrats Are Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place    Townhall

    Commentary by David Limbaugh
    Is it just me, or has it also occurred to you that Democrats, in this all-important year leading up to the 2020 election, rarely talk about policy issues?
    They are exclusively focused on removing President Donald Trump, and they only discuss policy during their somniferous debates.
    In the Democrats' defense, their mainstream media bosses cover nothing but Trump and Trump crucified. Also, some Democratic Party leaders probably realize that their ideas don't fully resonate with the people and so it is in their interests to keep the focus on Trump.  
    But to their surprise, it seems they have made a grave tactical error in putting all their rotten eggs in the impeachment basket. Polls indicate their strategy has backfired, especially among independents and particularly in the swing states.

    Friday, November 29, 2019

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING........Anyone want to say "Trump only thinks of himself"..? Probably the BEST president we've ever had in caring about our country and the military.....

    Trump Makes Surprise Afghanistan Trip, Voices Hope for Ceasefire  Nov. 28, 2019, By Humeyra Pamuk and Idrees Ali


    The Air Force One presidential plane touched down at Bagram Airfield late in the evening on Thursday, with White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien, a small group of aides and Secret Service agents. Two surveillance blimps flew overhead.

    Trump met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and served turkey to some U.S. troops before sitting down to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them. He chatted and had his picture taken with some of the U.S. forces deployed there.

    "What a great job you do. It's an honor to be here," he said.

    It was only the second trip to a war zone by a U.S. president who never served in the military and has often derided U.S. engagement in foreign conflicts as costly blunders. He traveled to Iraq in 2018 for a Christmas holiday visit with troops.

    Trump was greeted upon his arrival by U.S. Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Milley said on Wednesday that a successful outcome from peace talks on ending the 18-year war in Afghanistan could happen in the "near term."

    Trump has wanted to end U.S. involvement in Afghanistan since his days as a presidential candidate.

    Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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    Ain't this the truth.............

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    Caught On Hot Mic, Pelosi Says ‘Americans Are The Stupidest People On Earth

    Nancy Pelosi was caught while speaking to an aide in what she thought was a private conversation at a fundraiser last night in Illinois. But what she didn’t realize after she had left the stage was that the microphone clipped to her jacket was still on, making everything she said audible to the shocked and outraged audience…..and what she said revealed what kind of person she really is

    Pelosi had just delivered a rousing speech, promising the moon to potential donors and voters. Among her promises : full employment, peace on earth, free electricity supply to citizens, and a tax reduction down to 2%. These are all ridiculous proposals, of course. None of this is within the power of any one politician, much less simply a member of the House, but that didn’t stop her from guaranteeing they would be become reality with her reelection. And the democrat audience ate it up, seeming to believe every word.

    “I can’t believe they cheered. Were they serious? They were, weren’t they? Un-frickin-believable.

    Trump proved how dense republican voters are and I guess I just left no doubt that Democrats are the same.

    "Americans are the stupidest people on earth.”

    …..all of that was heard by the fundraiser audience who proceeded to rip up the checks they had written to donate to her campaign.

    Pelosi’s office declined comment when asked via telephone. Big surprise.

    This just goes to show that Pelosi and the Democrats are the worst choice for America. They have no respect for the voting public and with this every citizen will know it

    Why is HE still so important to the democrats...?? I blame the media...if they didn't put HIM on that pedastal every time his name comes up,....HE would fade away just like all the other ex-presidents do, and should.....

    Waiting for Obama   By Ryan Lizza         

    Today, almost every Democratic presidential campaign starts with what one close adviser to Barack Obama calls “The Pilgrimage”: the journey to the West End to meet the former president.

    The West End of Washington, D.C., sandwiched between the better-known districts of Georgetown and Dupont Circle, is known as a neighborhood that people travel through, not to. For elite Democrats, that changed four years ago when Obama set up his personal office here. You wouldn’t know from outside that one of its bland concrete and glass building houses the man whom polls rank as the most popular Democrat in America, and who, according to one global survey, is the second-most admired man in the world.

    The first presidential pilgrims started in early 2018, and they continued to trickle through this summer. Not every declared candidate has met with Obama—Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbad were notable no-shows—but he let it be known he was available to anyone seeking advice. As a rule of thumb, the closer one is to Obama personally, the less important the West End summit is. Joe Biden, one of only two candidates who Obama knows at a familial, rather than strictly professional level, was an “exception,” said an Obama adviser, who had a rolling series of conversations about 2020, the most recent of which was backstage at the funeral for Elijah Cummings in Baltimore on October 25. Deval Patrick, a close Obama pal and board member at the Obama Foundation who parachuted into the race last week, checked in with a phone call before announcing.

    'Dating app profile pic vs. reality': Trump tweets fake boxing photo of himself shirtless   

    A "sign of the times", but not the GOOD times....Schiff is a lowlife who would become FAMOUS if he were able to take down the POTUS. His name would be in the history books.....

    America Beware—Adam Schiff Represents a Sign of the Times
    Cliff Nichols    Posted: Nov 27, 2019

    A nation’s decline is usually best evaluated after the fact by historians. From this position of hindsight, the sequence of events is fairly straightforward. Whenever the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of man, anarchy follows and tyranny is the ultimate result. But rarely do those actually experiencing this sequential cultural transition fully appreciate what they are witnessing before it is too late.

    Something that today may well be the case in America, as evidenced by the continued political viability our mainstream media and its brainwashed liberal audience are gleefully affording to the machinations of unscrupulous pathological prevaricators like Adam Schiff. Such amoral people are both the byproduct and beneficiary of the anarchy produced when our regard for truth dies and the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of man. The enforcement of our laws has now become politicized to enable those who obtain power—like Schiff—to dictate to whom our laws shall be applied and to whom they shall not. How else can one explain the rapid-fire arrest, indictment, prosecution, and conviction of people like General Flynn and Roger Stone when compared to the absolute immunity from prosecution enjoyed by others—like Hillary Clinton—to whom no laws seem to apply?

    This very dystopia of lawlessness has enabled people like Schiff and his allies to foment any seditious plot they deem necessary to advance what is now acknowledged by most thinking human beings to be nothing less than a blatant coup d'├ętat by which they are attempting to overthrow a duly elected president who had the temerity to use the democratic process to defeat the mother of their corruption in 2016. As a result, for the last three years America has been compelled by these lawless anarchists to endure everything from Antifa and sanctuary cities to Stormy Daniels and Mueller’s fraudulent investigation of a Russian hoax. All of which has contributed to bringing us as a nation to the full-blown anarchy that today is only thinly disguised as an “impeachment inquiry.”


    Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
    They Won't Stop: Jerry Nadler Announces Another Impeachment Hearing With a Special Invitation
    Katie Pavlich @KatiePavlich Posted: Nov 26, 2019

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced Tuesday afternoon he will hold his first impeachment inquiry hearing next week. This comes as he considers what articles of impeachment to draft based on "evidence" from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

    "The Committee intends this hearing to serve as an opportunity to discuss the historical and constitutional basic of impeachment, as well as the Framers' intent and understanding of terms like 'high crimes and misdemeanors.' We expect to discuss the constitutional framework through which the House may analyze the evidence gathered in the present inquiry. We will also discuss whether your alleged actions warrant the House's exercising its authority to adopt article of impeachment," Nadler wrote in a letter to President Trump.

    "If you would like to participate in the hearing, please provide the Committee with notice as soon as possible. But no later than by 6:00 pm on December 1, 2019. By that time, I ask that you also indicate who will act as your counsel for these proceedings," he continued.
    "While we invite you to this hearing, we remind you that if you continue to refuse to make witnesses and documents available to the committee of jurisdiction...'the chair shall have the discretion to impose appropriate remedies.'"


    I knew the name was the same but I wasn't aware that HE owned the "BLOOMSBERG NEWS....

    Bloomberg Destroys Journalism Norms
    Brent Bozell and Tim Graham  Posted: Nov 27, 2019

    Billionaire "news" media mogul Michael Bloomberg is running for president. How will his Bloomberg News empire cover this?

    Bloomberg News posted an article touting how much trouble President Donald Trump is in. It lustily listed all his scandals: "Lawmakers and prosecutors are looking at whether he abused the powers of the presidency, obstructed an investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, engaged in fraudulent business practices, violated the emoluments clauses of the Constitution and defamed women by saying they lied about alleged sexual assaults."

    That's how they cover Trump. How will they cover Bloomberg? Get ready.

    Bloomberg has a long-standing policy of banning his reporters from investigating him or his businesses. Now he's banning any investigation of him as a presidential candidate, along with all of his fellow Democratic candidates! How does this not look like a massive, credibility-crippling conflict of interest?
    Oh, they'll cover the Democratic campaigns, the debates, the horse race in the polls, the candidate finance reports. But investigating the other Democratic candidates is banned.

    Political Cartoons by AF Branco

    After three years of an impeachment drive, someone in Washington is in trouble. It’s just not the president.

    Adam Schiff, The Sacrificial Lamb
    Paul Curry Posted: Nov 27, 2019

    The Democrats’ tireless effort to remove President Trump from office via impeachment will fail. That much, along with death and taxes, is certain. There is no longer a question as to whether the Democrats will lose in their quest to upend 2016, the only remaining unknowns are where, when, and how badly. And, of course, who will take the blame. If the buzz around Washington is to be believed, it’s Adam Schiff.

    The Democrats have their choice as to where they will fail, which, in large part, can help determine the extent of the self-inflicted damage their party will ultimately suffer. They can lose in the House by failing to garner enough votes from their own caucus to secure impeachment, or, if they so choose, they can lose in the Senate on a much larger and more damning stage. Either way, they 

    Tuesday, November 26, 2019

    Conway: Impeachment push is 'Adam Schiff's ego trip'

    On 'Fox & Friends,' counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway says voters see all the actions being accomplished by President Trump while Congress stays stuck on impeachment.

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    Long past due.....

    US Rep Ilhan Omar accused of being a foreign agent – legal deposition   ENGLISHALARIABYA.NET


    Monday, November 25, 2019

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    Gun control probably THE most important item listed....left them defenseless

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    During his Saturday appearance on Fox News' "Cavuto Live", Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott said there is “no way in the world” the GOP-led Senate would convict President Donald Trump based on what he’s seen from the House impeachment inquiry in the last couple of weeks.
    “One thing is crystal clear, what we heard this week from the House was, no facts, no evidence, nothing that would lead to an impeachment,” Scott said.
    “This is a place where I think all Americans wanted to know. Where is the fact pattern that leads to a conclusion of impeachment?”
    He went on to point out the “inconsistencies” from House testimony so far from witnesses, including EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who testified that Trump told him there was to be “no quid pro quo.”
    Watch Senator Scott's full remarks below:

    “So, I am not confused,” said Scott. 
    “I am actually more clear that there is no way in the world the Senate can act and convict the president of impeachment because he seems to be innocent of an impeachable offense.”
    Scott added that he would be “shocked” if the House doesn’t vote to impeach and send things to the Senate.