Friday, January 6, 2023

 Biden gives medals for J6 

I wonder if he gave all those officers (capitol police) who opened and held open the electronically controlled doors so that the protestors could come is and then directed them on which way to go.

 I'd also be interested to know if he   congratulated or medaled Capitol   PoliceLieutenant Michael Byrd on the   EXECUTION of unarmed Ashli Babbitt   who posed NO danger to anyone there.   (except maybe to herself) 

Biden grants Presidential Citizens Medals 2 years after Jan. 6 Capitol attack  By Kathryn Watson  Jan 6 2023

President Biden on Friday awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal to law enforcement and state and local officials who defended the U.S. Capitol and upheld the integrity of the 2020 election. This is the first time Mr. Biden has offered the Presidential Citizens Medal, and it comes two years after the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol.

In a White House ceremony Friday, President Biden gave the award to 12 people, including former Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, former Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone, and Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman. The late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick also received the award posthumously. 


Ashli Babbitt's mom arrested near Capitol at Pro-Jan. 6 rally  By FOX 5 DC Digital Team Published Jan 6,      '''

WASHINGTON - Exactly two years after her daughter was shot and killed by a U.S. Capitol Police officer defending the Capitol, Ashli Babbitt's mother was arrested at a Pro-January 6 rally.

Capitol Police reported that Micki Witthoeft, 58, was part of a group of demonstrators who were illegally blocking traffic on Independence Avenue near First Street in Southwest Friday afternoon.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

 thanx to Woodsterman

New laws in California, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York and now Connecticut create an opening for governments and private citizens to hold gunmakers accountable for violence.

So... Does this set a precedent? If you can SUE the manufacturer of a firearm for injuring someone with that firearm then WHY not sue the maker of a baseball bat, a knife, an automobile, a metal folding chair OR anything you can be beaten, cut or shot to death or severely injured with? 

And..If someone attacks you and you shoot them dead, or hurt them badly, they or their family may be allowed to sue you!  
By Champe Barton Aug 11, 2022

Every year since 2013, House Democrats have introduced a bill to repeal The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, or PLCAA, which shields the firearms industry from lawsuits over harms committed with its wares. Every year, that effort has stalled in committee, captive to political gridlock that shows little sign of waning.


But a new push led by gun reform-minded states may have found a way through the industry’s special legal immunity.

In the last year, legislators in California, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York have passed laws that require gun companies to impose “reasonable controls” on their distribution chains and more carefully monitor how and where they sell firearms. Their greater significance, however, may lie in setting the stage for governments and private citizens to sue gunmakers by exploiting a narrow exception in PLCAA. If successful, such suits could mark the first time in nearly 20 years that gun companies have faced accountability in court for careless sales practices, and reshape how the firearms industry distributes guns to the American public.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

 SQUATTER: Gaetz demands to know why McCarthy is occupying Speaker's Office without being elected 


BREAKING: Elon Musk Exposes Adam Schiff for Colluding With Twitter 

By Collin Rugg January 3, 2023 

On Tuesday, the next round of Twitter Files were dropped by journalist Matt Taibbi.

The bombshell dropped continued to expose how government agencies were working closely with Twitter to censor and ban their opposition.

One revelation from Taibbi showed how Democratic Representative Adam Schiff used his influence to attempt to get investigative journalist Paul Sperry banned from Twitter.

Twitter was accepting requests “from all over: from Treasury, the NSA, virtually every state, the HHS, from the FBI and DHS, and more,” Taibbi explained.

“They also received an astonishing variety of requests from officials asking for individuals they didn’t like to be banned. Here, the office for Democrat and House Intel Committee chief Adam Schiff asks Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry,” Taibbi reported.

HUGE: House Republicans Find Text and Email Evidence that Pelosi Staffers Secretly DECREASED Security at US Capitol for Jan 6 – While at Same Time Pelosi Was Organizing Film Crew that Day
By Jim Hoft Published December 30, 2022 

Rogan O’Handley posted a text message from Nancy Pelosi’s staff secretly editing the J6 security plan for the US Capitol and then telling the House Sergeant at Arms to “please act surprised” when the final draft was published.

The House Sergeant at Arms responded, “I’m startled!” to the request showing his willingness to play along.


Putin is sending a warship into the Atlantic armed with new hypersonic cruise missiles     by (Jake Epstein)  3h ago
In this image taken from video released by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Saturday, May 28, 2022, a new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile is launched by the frigate Admiral Gorshkov of the Russian navy from the Barents Sea. Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP    © Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP

Russia is sending a warship armed with hypersonic missiles on a deployment that will take it into the Atlantic Ocean.

Putin has boasted that the new Zircon hypersonic missile is unrivaledPutin has boasted

The weapon has been tested several times, most recently last year.

Russian leadership announced Wednesday that Russia is sending a warship armed with new hypersonic cruise missiles that Moscow has touted as unstoppable off on a deployment that will take it into the Atlantic.

The frigate Admiral Gorshkov will travel on a long-range voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a ceremony, according to state-run media outlet TASS .

He explained that the "main efforts during the campaign will be focused on counteringRussia's threats, maintaining regional peace, and stability together with friendly countries."

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who also attended the ceremony, said that the Admiral Gorshkov and its "powerful weapons" will safeguard Russia from "potential external threats." This frigate is the lead ship for Russia's Project 22350, an effort to develop advanced multi-purpose combat ships.