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Past Time to End This Democratic Witch Hunt  David Posted: May 12, 2017 5:21 PMLimbaugh  

Past Time to End This Democratic Witch Hunt  

I don't deny that President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey was handled poorly, but it pales in comparison with the Democrats' ongoing partisan witch hunt against President Trump concerning Russia. That should be the story.
Shortly after Trump's dismissal of Comey, Trump defenders had plenty of ammunition. Widely respected and nonpartisan Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had reportedly recommended that Trump fire Comey.
But then the communications from Team Trump on the matter seemed to muddy the waters. Though maintaining that Rosenstein's recommendation was pivotal, Trump spokespeople added other reasons. They claimed that Trump had fired Comey based on his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and because numerous FBI agents and employees were dispirited by Comey's actions.
Then acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified, "The vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep, positive connection to Director Comey." A number of retired FBI officials also apparently showed solidarity with Comey by using his face for their Facebook profile photos. And though Rosenstein has contradicted mainstream media reports that he was contemplating resigning over the narrative that he had recommended Comey's dismissal, he reportedly claims that he did not expressly recommend the firing. Oh, boy.


I don't think this was a screw up



Maxine Waters: I Don't Support Trump Firing Comey, I Would Support Hillary Clinton Firing Comey Posted By Ian Schwartz

NBC's Peter Alexander grills Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Cali.) for her displeasure at President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey after she had announced in January that he has lost all credibility after attending a classified briefing conducted by the now-former director.

In March
, Waters issued a press release that read Comey "advanced Russia's misinformation campaign."

"I do not necessarily support the president's decision," Waters said. " I think that if the president would have fired him when he first came in, he would not have to be in a position now where he is trying to make up a story about why. It does not meet the smell test."

However, in the interview Wednesday on MSNBC, asked if she would be okay with a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton dismissing Comey from his position, Waters said yes.

President Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice
By Alan Dershowitz
A dangerous argument is now being put forward by some Democratic ideologues. Namely that President Trump should be indicted for the crime of obstructing justice because he fired FBI Director James Comey.
Whatever one may think of the president's decision to fire Comey as a matter of policy, there is no legitimate basis for concluding that the president engaged in a crime by exercising his statutory and constitutional authority to fire director Comey. As Comey himself wrote in his letter to the FBI, no one should doubt the authority of the president to fire the Director for any reason or no reason.
It should not be a crime for a public official, whether the president or anyone else, to exercise his or her statutory and constitutional authority to hire or fire another public official. For something to be a crime there must be both an actus reus and mens rea — that is, a criminal act accompanied by a criminal state of mind.
Even assuming that President Trump was improperly motivated in firing Comey, motive alone should never constitute a crime. There should have to be an unlawful act. And exercising constitutional and statutory power should not constitute the actus reus of a crime. Otherwise the crime would place the defendant's thoughts on trial, rather than his actions.
Civil libertarians, and all who care about due process and justice, should be concerned about the broad scope of the statute that criminalizes "obstruction of justice." Some courts have wrongly interpreted this accordion-like law so broadly as to encompass a mixture of lawful and unlawful acts. It is dangerous and wrong to criminalize lawful behavior because it may have been motivated by evil thoughts.
People who care about the rule of law, regardless of how they feel about President Trump, should not be advocating a broadening of obstruction of justice to include the lawful presidential act of firing the FBI Director.
Such an open ended precedent could be used in the future to curtail the liberties of all Americans. So let's put this nonsense behind us and not criminalize policy differences, as extremists in both parties have tried to do.
Both Republican and Democratic partisans often resort to criminal law as a way of demonizing their political enemies. "Lock her up," was the cry of Republican partisans against Hillary Clinton regarding her misuse of her email server. Now "obstruction of justice" is the "lock him up" cry of partisan Democrats who disagree with President Trump's decision to fire Comey.
I opposed the criminalization of policy differences when former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Congressman Tom Delay and Sen. Bob Menendez were indicted; and I strongly oppose the investigation now being conducted against Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Criminal law should be used as the last resort against elected officials, not as the opening salvo in a political knife-fight. There is no place in a democracy for elastic statutes that can be stretched to fit lawful conduct with which political opponents disagree. If they are allowed to be stretched today to cover your political enemies, they could be stretched tomorrow to go after your political friends.
The debate over the proprietary of the president's actions, about which I have opined repeatedly, should continue. But let's take the allegations of criminal obstruction of justice out of this important debate. There is more than enough fodder for a debate over the merits and demerits of the president's actions without muddying the waters with politically motivated charges of criminality.
Partisanship seems to have no limits these days. Both parties are equally at fault, as are extremists among the public and within the media. It is getting harder and harder to have a nuanced debate about complex political issues. Everything is either evil or good. Nothing has elements of both.
Actions either deserve criminal indictment or the Nobel Prize. Nobody benefits from this kind of ideological shouting match. So let's agree to disagree about important issues, but let's not distort the debate with extremist slogans like "lock her up" or "obstruction of justice." We are better than that.

BOMBSHELL: World’s top psychiatrist says Trump most BRILLIANT president ever  By lifeadvicebook  

No, Donald J. Trump is not crazy.  He’s “crazy like a fox” according to world renowned psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Donald Trump may do things differently than anyone has ever done things, but it’s not just “off the cuff” as it may look. Trump has a genius mind, and everything he does is by design. Many times the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) may think they are getting the best of President Trump, but in reality, they are doing exactly what he anticipated. How else do you think a presidential candidate could spend 1/2 as much as his opponent and win?
The liberal media is doing everything they can to bring our new president down.  It’s our job to get the TRUTH out on social media.

Dr. Keith Ablow: We've got a genius in the Oval Office 
Partial transcript (Dr. Ablow’s words)
You can’t run a multinational corporation, enjoy the respect, and love of your children, and your wife, and recruit to your administration, which by the way, you happen to be occupying, because you defeated 16 Republican primary opponents, and the heir-apparent to the Democratic administration, and then be called unbalanced. He’s quite balanced! He’s achieving things no one else has achieved. That doesn’t mean he’s usual, he can be extraordinary, and he can have a very different approach, but to call him crazy, would be well, craziness you know.
When I trained in medicine, part of my rotations were through surgery. Some of the best
surgeons had some quirks, right, an errant word, something yelled out in the OR. You know you’d want doing your surgery? Those very guys! They weren’t the polished ones, they were the geniuses man!  And, we’ve got a genius in the Oval Office, and if we think he’s going to subscribe entirely to protocol and be flawless and polished, think again!  

Hang on tight – this is going to be a presidency to remember!

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Muslim Nation Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler  05/08/2017  by: AAN Staff

Muslim Nation Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler
A new report out from the DailyMail is reporting that a Muslim country has opened the first concentration camp since Hitler.

Chechnya, a small muslim country of 1.2 million, which notoriously produced the Boston Marathon Bombers has made some staggering claims:
Chechyna has opened the first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler, where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death. 

It comes after it was claimed 100 gay men had been detained and three killed in Chechnya last week.
Why is the mainstream media not reporting this? You could take a few guesses, but the easiest answer is that it likely does not fit the media's narrative.

The Russian's have been particularly tough on Chechnya for a laundry list of reasons. The decades long Russian-Chechen conflict dates back to the 18th century and the MSM does not want to paint Russia in any positive manner or islamic extremism in any negative manner.

If Chechnya were a Christian nation or an enemy of someone other than Russia perhaps you would find this story on the front page of the New York Times and wall-to-wall coverage on the major news networks.

Heck, you might even remember the time Rolling Stone magazine glorified one of the Boston bombers:

Image result for rolling stones mag. with boston bomber picture on cover


Lawmaker: Report shows FBI ignored accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan out of political correctness

Everyone looks at the FBI as an elite force.... but they screw up too


In emails to a known terrorist, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians, while the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, encouraged Hasan to stay in touch.
The Associated Press Webster's report offers some new details that show the FBI was concerned about investigating an American Muslim in the military, and that is why an investigation was not pursued.

(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - The FBI was too concerned about 
political correctness and did not launch an investigation into a
man who was later charged with killing 13 people in the 2009
attack in Fort Hood, Texas, despite significant warning signs
that he was an Islamic extremist bent on killing civilians,
according to a lawmaker briefed on the new report.

In emails to a known terrorist, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan expressed
his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians, while
the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, encouraged Hasan to stay in

"I would assume that (a) suicide bomber whose aim is to kill
enemy soldiers or their helpers, but also kills innocents in the
process is acceptable," Hasan wrote in one of the e-mails to
Awlaki, according to CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

Independent investigation shows agency failed to investigate Nidal Hasan, despite suspicious emails


Trump Made A Major Announcement About The FBI Director

FBI Director James Comey turned into a figure of great controversy.
Critics believe he tanked the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
But Donald Trump just stunned officials in Washington with his decision on Comey’s fate.
Trump announced the shocking news that he had fired FBI Director Comey based on the recommendations of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Breitbart reports:
“In a statement from the press office, the White House said Trump acted on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Borenstein.
“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” Trump said in a statement announcing Comey’s termination.
In a letter to the president Tuesday, Sessions wrote that after an evaluation, he had concluded that “a fresh start is needed at the leadership of the FBI.”
“It is essential that this Department of Justice clearly reaffirm its commitment to longstanding principles that ensure the integrity and fairness of federal investigations and prosecutions,” Sessions wrote. “The Director of the FBI must be someone who follows faithfully the rules and principles of the Department of Justice and who sets the right example for our law enforcement officials and others in the Department.”
Rosenstein laid out the grounds for firing Comey based on how he handled Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.
In his memo, Rosenstein cited the various missteps Comey made throughout the course of the investigation.
Rosenstein stated Comey overstepped his boundaries by announcing the case was closed with no prosecution.
That job is reserved for the Attorney General and the career prosecutors in the Department of Justice.
Critics ripped Comey for saving Hillary Clinton’s political fortunes by ignoring the law and not recommending criminal charges be brought against her.
Hillary Clinton and other Democrats spent the last six months blasting Comey for costing her the 2016 election.
Outside of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Comey was public enemy number one for the left.
Now leftists are blabbering about “constitutional crises” and “abuses of power.”
But Comey served at the pleasure of the President and could have been removed at any time by Trump.
Trump acted within his lawful authority and sacked the FBI Director – the same FBI Director the left had spent months demanding to be fired.

I don't know how long the feds have been investigating Trump ties to Russia BUT....If they have NO concrete evidence by now that there WERE any ties, then...IT'S TIME TO END THE INVESTIGATION and time for the Dems (and some Reps. ) to QUIT fighting Trump on EVERYTHING he is trying to do, like "MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" He has been President elect for 6 months.....GIVE IT UP !!

The Hypocritical Democrat Feelings on James Comey  05/10/2017  Source: Breitbart News by: Lucas Nolan

The Hypocritical Democrat Feelings on James Comey
Following the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Donald Trump, many Democrats have criticized the President’s decision — despite having called for Comey’s resignation only a few months ago.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer told Bloomberg in November that he no longer had confidence in the abilities of former FBI Director James Comey following his decision to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.“I do not have confidence in him any longer,” said Schumer adding, “to restore my faith, I am going to have to sit down and talk to him and get an explanation for why he did this.”

In stark contrast to this, Schumer posted two tweets questioning the firing of Comey and calling for a special prosecutor to investigate relations between President Trump and Russia.

Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer
First Pres Trump fired Sally Yates, then Preet Bharara. Now . Doesn't seem like an accident. We must have a special prosecutor.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

ANSWER.....When it's OK to kill BLACKS......And you-tube allows this to be put up on their site ???

When Is It OK To Kill Whites?
Tommy Curry is an associate professor at Texas A&M. He is black, and specializes in Critical Race Theory. Prof. Curry does not limit his teaching to the classroom. He has a strong presence on YouTube.
In this brief interview, he discusses when it is appropriate to kill white people:


Ask Texas A&M philosophy professor Tommy Curry

Tommy Curry is an associate professor at Texas A&M. He is black, and specializes in Critical Race Theory. Prof. Curry does not limit his teaching to the classroom. He has a strong presence on YouTube.
In this brief interview, he discusses when it is appropriate to kill white people:

“In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die,” he says.

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The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes

Obama Urges Congress To show 'Courage' On Health Care

Published on May 8, 2017
The Associated Press has reported that on Sunday former President Barack Obama, made his first public comments about the ongoing debate over his signature health care plan. Obama implored members of Congress to demonstrate political courage even if it goes against their party's positions. Obama briefly returned to the spotlight as he accepted the annual John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award at JFK's presidential library in Boston. The award is named for a 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Kennedy that profiled eight U.S. senators who risked their careers by taking principled though unpopular positions.
In his approximately 30-minute speech after accepting the award, Obama steered clear of partisan attacks and never mentioned his successor, President Donald Trump, who has often criticized the previous administration and has worked to undo many of Obama's initiatives, including the Affordable Care Act.
The former president recalled members of Congress who voted to pass the ACA during his presidency, only to lose their seat in later elections.
"They had a chance to insure millions," he said. "But this vote could also cost them their seats, perhaps end their political careers."
Obama made no direct reference to Thursday's House vote to dismantle much of the health care law, but declared that while it did not take courage to help the rich and powerful, it does require courage to help the sick and vulnerable.
"It is my fervent hope and the hope of millions ... such courage is still possible, that today's members of Congress regardless of party are willing to look at the facts and speak the truth, even when it contradicts party positions," said Obama, whose appeal seemed to focus on wavering Republicans.

shoulda been done 100 days ago...............

This is Trump's BIGGEST Firing Yet  05/09/2017 Source:
WashingtonPost by: Devlin Barrett

BREAKING: This is Trump's BIGGEST Firing Yet
FBI Director James B. Comey has been dismissed by the president, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

“The president has accepted the recommendation of the Attorney General and the deputy Attorney General regarding the dismissal of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” Spicer told reporters in the briefing room, according to a pool report.

Earlier in the day, the FBI notified Congress that Comey misstated key findings involving the Hillary Clinton email investigation during testimony last week, saying that only a “small number’’ of emails had been forwarded to disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner, not the “hundreds and thousands’’ he’d claimed in his testimony.

The letter was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, more than a week after Comey testified for hours in defense of his handling of the Clinton probe.
 Source: Washington Post 
Pope Summons Kandarian Demons From ‘Evil Dead’ To Combat Trump by  • 

Rome—Today the Pope, who usually tends to pooh pooh the intentional summoning of demons, unveiled his controversial plans to take down President Trump with an ancient evil. The Pope apparently stumbled upon the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the Vatican while “poking around the basement.” Many fear that since discovering the book, The Pope has become obsessed with it. “It’s a good read,” said the Pope. “The Kandarian Demons and their Deadite minions really out did themselves on this one. The book also makes reference to a Kandarian Dagger, but the basement in the Vatican is an impossible mess. Maybe if we had a garage sale or something.”
Many at the Vatican and beyond are aghast by the Pope’s decision to unleash the forces of evil into the world, but the Pope defended his actions today, “I have weighed the risks and have concluded it takes a bad ass to take down a bad ass. And there are no bigger bad asses in the galaxy than the Kandarian demons from the Evil Dead.”
The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis was created from the flesh of the ‘Damned Ones’ and opening it is generally regarded across the multiverse as a bad idea. When a reporter pointed this out to the Pope, he said, “I got this shit, okay, so relax. Portals to the underworld are easy peasy, especially when you have a personal connection to the divine creator. Also, there’s very clear instructions in this book, not only how to summon these things, but how to destroy them as well. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?”
If the Pope’s plan should fail, his Holiness made a passing reference to a plan B involving a Sumerian God, a Key Master and a Gate Keeper of one Gozer the Gozerian.
Zuul was unavailable for comment.

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WHOA!!!! They had no idea it was THIS bad! Blame the COWARDLY politicians on both sides of the border

Donald Trump Is Our President

WNP| Obama mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, got caught in a massive lie recently. He tried to claim Obama saved Ford. He did not. Ford took no bailout money from Obama. Trying to claim Ford’s recent success, Ford increased the number of its employees by 28,000, as his own Obama shows how out of touch he is.
And incompetent.

Ford CEO Mark Shields went on TV to take Obama down a few notches. Which he does with ease, then he tells the world he is looking forward to Trump’s pro-growth economic ideas and thinks not only Ford but America has some very bright days ahead.

Conway: Dems 'Critical,' 'Skeptical' of Hillary Return
Democrats are "critical" and "skeptical" of a return of former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton to the political arena, following reports that the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate was going to form a political action committee (PAC), White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway said Friday on "The Fox News Specialists."
Clinton could launch a political group as early as next week, Politico reported Thursday, with the purpose of working in resistance to the agenda of President Donald Trump, and is talking with potential donors and board members, sources told the website.  
"This political action committee, I would note for you that many elected Democrats this week and many of her comrades in the mainstream media were critical and skeptical of her return," Conway said.
"She's free to do what she wants, but the Democrats who gave money to her campaign and to the outside groups that supported her, they wanted her to win the White House. They don't want her to oppose President Trump," she added.
She mentioned Clinton's criticism of Trump during a presidential debate about accepting the outcome of the election, stressing it was "six months this Monday" since the November election.
"This is from the woman who said what? That it was 'frightening' he wouldn't accept the election results," she said.

This TV Host Might Be in HUGE Trouble for NASTY Trump Statement  05/06/2017  Source: Washington Post  by: Callum Borchers  

This TV Host Might Be in HUGE Trouble for NASTY Trump Statement
The Federal Communications Commission is scrutinizing Stephen Colbert's vulgar joke about President Trump on “The Late Show” this week, according to Chairman Ajit Pai, and will consider a possible fine.

“I have had a chance to see the clip now and so, as we get complaints — and we’ve gotten a number of them — we are going to take the facts that we find, and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Courtand other courts, and we’ll take the appropriate action,” Pai said Thursday on Philadelphia radio station WPHT-AM.

On his late-night comedy show on CBS Monday, Colbert said of the president: “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c--- holster”

Colbert responded to criticism (#FireColbert trended on Twitter) Wednesday night with a qualified apology.
 Source: Washington Post 

Late night T V "hosts" all play havoc with our President. jimmy fallon, Conan, Dave Letterman, Colbert and Seth Meyers. Meyers seems to be the absolute worst, non-stop insult after insult. I don't think he would have a show if he couldn't insult Trump. None of which I find funny, actually the remarks are usually ALL in bad taste and shouldn't be allowed. As far as Colbert is concerned he should be suspended for a period of time and fined. Actors and T V personalities think they have no bounderies but they should all be accountable for their words.

This TV Host Might Be in HUGE Trouble for NASTY Trump Statement  05/06/2017  Source: Washington Post by: Callum Borchers  

This TV Host Might Be in HUGE Trouble for NASTY Trump Statement
The Federal Communications Commission is scrutinizing Stephen Colbert's vulgar joke about President Trump on “The Late Show” this week, according to Chairman Ajit Pai, and will consider a possible fine.

“I have had a chance to see the clip now and so, as we get complaints — and we’ve gotten a number of them — we are going to take the facts that we find, and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Courtand other courts, and we’ll take the appropriate action,” Pai said Thursday on Philadelphia radio station WPHT-AM.

On his late-night comedy show on CBS Monday, Colbert said of the president: “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c--- holster”

Colbert responded to criticism (#FireColbert trended on Twitter) Wednesday night with a qualified apology.
 Source: Washington Post 

Please....Tell me they're kidding. For what ? Flying paper airplanes in class, or "GETTING HIGH" (sic)

Florida University to Award Posthumous Degree to Trayvon Martin
Slain African American Teenager Trayvon Martin Honored with Posthumous Degree in Aviation
Florida Memorial University said it is honoring Mr Martin for the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot. Photo Credit: electronic village
Trayvon Martin, the African-American teenager whose shocking murder in 2012 at the hands of a volunteer neighborhood watchman gave rise to the BlackLivesMatter Movement, will be honored with a posthumous degree in Aviation.
Inspired by his uncle, Martin took time out to study at the George T. Baker Aviation School during his freshman year of high school.


If they want these monuments taken down,because they are "offensive", then I DEMAND all the african american "museums and monuments" be taken down because they are "OFFENSIVE" to me !!

Tempers Flare Over Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans  By RICHARD FAUSSET

NEW ORLEANS — For Malcolm Suber, the Confederate monuments that dot this Deep South city stand for white supremacy, pure and simple. Instead of just taking them down, Mr. Suber, an African-American activist and organizer, would like to see the city pass out sledgehammers and “let everybody take a whack — just like the Berlin Wall.”

For Frank B. Stewart Jr., a white New Orleans native, the city government’s plan to remove the statues — an idea championed by New Orleans’s white mayor, Mitch Landrieu — feels like an Orwellian attempt to erase history. This week, Mr. Stewart, 81, a businessman and civic leader, argued as much in a letter he published as a two-page advertisement in The Advocate, a local newspaper.
“I ask you, Mitch, should the Pyramids in Egypt be destroyed since they were built entirely from slave labor?” he wrote.
Mr. Stewart added: “What about the Roman Coliseum? It was built by slaves, who lived horrible lives under Roman oppression, but it still stands today and we learn so much from seeing it.”
Such are the irreconcilable parameters of an ugly battle over race and history in New Orleans that only seems to be growing uglier, one that demonstrates the Confederacy’s enduring power to divide
Americans more than 150 years after the cause was lost.
“I can’t believe this is happening in my city,” said Charles Washmon, a 51-year-old contractor who was standing near a statue of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president, on Thursday. Mr. Washmon, who is white, was part of a group of protesters waving Confederate flags who had been attracting both honks of support and invectives from passing cars all afternoon. Like Mr. Stewart, he feared that removing the statues would deprive a history-laden city of a crucial layer of its past. “It’s a travesty,” Mr. Washmon said.
In December 2015, Mr. Landrieu, a Democrat who will leave office next year because of term limits, signed an ordinance calling for the removal of four monuments related to the Confederacy and its aftermath. It was six months after Dylann Roof, a white supremacist with a fondness for Confederate symbols, massacred nine black people in a church in Charleston, S.C. One of the monuments, an obelisk honoring a violent uprising in 1874 by white New Orleanians who rejected Reconstruction, was taken down on April 24
by workers wearing flak jackets and scarves to conceal their identities.


This was posted on facebook this way...............I know a lot of people who would "like" this

Bananas Tied To Noose Are Found Around American University Campus

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