Monday, May 8, 2017

Conway: Dems 'Critical,' 'Skeptical' of Hillary Return
Democrats are "critical" and "skeptical" of a return of former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton to the political arena, following reports that the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate was going to form a political action committee (PAC), White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway said Friday on "The Fox News Specialists."
Clinton could launch a political group as early as next week, Politico reported Thursday, with the purpose of working in resistance to the agenda of President Donald Trump, and is talking with potential donors and board members, sources told the website.  
"This political action committee, I would note for you that many elected Democrats this week and many of her comrades in the mainstream media were critical and skeptical of her return," Conway said.
"She's free to do what she wants, but the Democrats who gave money to her campaign and to the outside groups that supported her, they wanted her to win the White House. They don't want her to oppose President Trump," she added.
She mentioned Clinton's criticism of Trump during a presidential debate about accepting the outcome of the election, stressing it was "six months this Monday" since the November election.
"This is from the woman who said what? That it was 'frightening' he wouldn't accept the election results," she said.

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