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BREAKING AND VERY CHILLING VIDEO! A MUST WATCH ABOUT THE TRUTH ON THE BORDER.  video from our good friend and Patriot, Dennis Michael Lynch. It's a MUST WATCH!!!!!       [Published June 14 2014]

PLEASE, please take action and contact our elected individuals to tell them to CLOSE THE BORDER NOW~ NOVEMBER IS COMING!!! Nothing wakes up a politician more than thinking his job is in jeopardy.

Friday, June 20, 2014

"His curiosity got the best of him – so Andrew tried logging on to several pro-gun control websites. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the pro-gun control websites were not blocked."

Jesus, Republicans and NRA Banned on School Website            Todd Starnes | Jun 19, 2014   

One of the lessons that Andrew Lampart learned from being on his school’s debate team was to gather facts for both sides of an argument. So last month when his law class was instructed to prepare for a debate on gun control, Andrew went online using the school’s Internet service.
“I knew it was important to get facts for both sides of the case,” said the 18-year-old at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut.
When Andrew tried to log onto the National Rifle Association’s website, he realized there was a problem – a big problem.
“Their website was blocked,” he told me. Andrew decided to try the Second Amendment Foundation’s website. That too, was blocked.
His curiosity got the best of him – so Andrew tried logging on to several pro-gun control websites. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the pro-gun control websites were not blocked. READ MORE


I'm convinced, nothing will cause a call for impeachment where obama is concerned. We will probably have to wait for his term to run out, [if we're still in existance by then]

Could the Release of Gitmo Prisoners Lead to Obama’s Impeachment? 

Obama Negotiates with the Taliban   In an effort to limit the reckless movement of the executive branch and “safeguard against Obama making unilateral decisions on releasing terrorist detainees,” the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included a provision that would require the President to inform Congress of any possible detainee transfers at least 30 days in advance.
Though Obama signed the act into law on Dec 26th, he apparently felt no need to follow it.
Obama’s recent exchange of the Taliban “Dream Team” for a possible “deserter” was a clear sign of his refusal to submit to the law of the land, and has left many puzzled, scratching their heads and wondering how this could happen.
While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) praised the President’s decision to negotiate with terrorists, it’s doubtful whether the release was wise or even lawful.

Isn't that wonderful, like they dom't have anything better to do with their time. Next will be, you can't age whiskey in oak barrels.

FDA clarifies that it won't ban cheese aged on wood    Toni Clarke and Krista Hughes, Reuters 

           FDA won't ban aging cheese on wood after all. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration moved on Tuesday to tamp down fears among artisanal cheesemakers that it was poised to ban the practice of aging cheese on wooden boards.
The agency said it did not have a new policy banning wooden shelves in cheese-making, adding there was no requirement in recent food safety regulations requiring the agency to address the issue.
In January, Monica Metz, an FDA official, responded to questions posed by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, which sought clarification on the FDA's policy after several cheesemakers in the state were cited for their use of wooden shelves during FDA inspections

So, they got caught, and it was deemed illegal, but now the court is going to let them continue ??

Court Approves NSA Gathering of Phone Metadata for Three More Months
Hillary Not Amused When Journalist Asks Her To Inscribe Book For Benghazi Victim Chris Stevens   By Michael Hausam         
Journalist and writer Jason Mattera does not avoid controversy, that much is clear. In this video he asks Hillary Clinton to inscribe her book to Benghazi victim Chris Stevens and throws in a ‘What difference does it make?’ jab as well. We’ll be anxiously awaiting news of his soon-to-come IRS audit.........................................................................................
Jason Mattera caught up with Hillary Clinton at one of the DC stops on her book tour this week, and asked the former Secretary of State if she would mind signing a copy of Hard Choices… but with a twist. “If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens,” Mattera queried. “I think you knew him.”
Christopher Stevens, of course, was the U.S. ambassador to Libya who was murdered along with three other Americans on Clinton’s watch, when Jihadists attacked two U.S. outposts in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.
Hillary, surprised by the request, replied, “Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens.”  Mattera followed-up with, “What difference does it make?” a reference to Clinton’s infamous 2013 Senate testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee.
Mattera, the publisher of Daily Surge, also noted during their exchange that Hillary’s security detail appears to be larger than what Ambassador Stevens was provided in Benghazi. Clinton’s entourage filled up a town car, two SUVs, and consisted of security personnel from the building she had just exited.
Recently, Diane Sawyer pressed Hillary on the “systemic” security failures at the American consulate in Libya, where both Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith died. Clinton gave a rather Clintonian answer: “I take responsibility, but I was not making security decisions.”
Will Harry Reid Tell This 100% Navajo Indian High School Their ‘Redskins’ Mascot is Racist?

Red Mesa High School, located on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, is a public school in which nearly 100% of it’s students are Navajo Indian.
Their mascot and logo?

The “Redskins.”

Yes, that’s right, the eeeevil and raaaacist term, the “Redskins.” It’s exactly the same name the Washington football team, the Redskins, have called themselves for seven decades.

high school’s website even has a a tab titled “Redskins News” and features this logo:


Oh my, how “racist” is this Harry! How could this be Harry?

Why would a 100% Native American school name use as their own mascot a “racist” term?

Maybe Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should be asked this important question of the day.

Harry Greed and other white elitist communists latest distraction/obsession is with forcing the Washington Redskins to change their name because they’ve  determined, after decades of being silent on the word, that the term “Redskins,” a term that was chosen to HONOR Native Americans, must now be banned.

As the Middle East implodes, Obama’s restocking enemy terrorists, more Americans are dependent upon government handouts and out of the work force than ever before, Americans are being targeted by the Obama IRS for their political beliefs, and a plethora of other important issues of the day, changing the name of an NFL team is the focus of anti–free speech Democrats.

But will Harry force Red Mesa High School to change their name too? But then after the anti-free speech Democrat forces them to change their mascot, will he then force them to take the word “Red” out of “Red Mesa High School?”

Because we all know that word is racist too, right Harry? Tell us which words we can and cannot say, will ya Harry? 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Redskins Decision Symbolizes Government That Fiddles While Iraq Burns          Matt Towery | Jun 19, 2014

Let's make this clear: Barack Obama is not responsible for the Federal Trademark Trial and Appeal Board's decision to cancel certain trademark protections related to the NFL's Washington Redskins, due to the "disparaging" nature of the word 'Redskins.' But is symbolic of a government so off course that it defies belief.
The last five years are quickly becoming the plot to a movie that, just a few years ago, no one would have believed plausible.
We now have a government that targets folks both in taxation and private communications. One that "wags the dog" with the capture of one lone perpetrator of a Benghazi crime, but never admits the crime should have never occurred in the first place. And we have a leader, who until forced to do otherwise, sat by while whole portions of Iraq fell into enemy hands. This stuff has passed from the merely unbelievable to the outright bizarre.


Obama: I'm Sending 300 "Military Advisors" to Iraq              Daniel Doherty | Jun 19, 2014

President Obama met with his national security team at the White House today to discuss the state of affairs in Iraq. Afterwards, during his afternoon press conference, he announced a number of steps his administration will be taking to stabilize the country and avert a civil war.
“First, we are working to secure our embassy,” he announced. To that end, he said, he has evacuated some diplomatic staffers, and is sending in additional security personnel to protect those who remain. [Keep Reading]

CDC: 75 Scientists Possibly Exposed to Anthrax

As many as 75 scientists working in government laboratories may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday. The scientists are being offered treatment to prevent infection.
"Out of an abundance of caution, CDC is taking aggressive steps to protect the health of all involved, including protective courses of antibiotics for potentially exposed staff," spokesman Tom Skinner said in a statement. "Based on most of the potential exposure scenarios, the risk of infection is very low."
The potential exposure occurred after researchers working in a high-level biosecurity laboratory at the agency's Atlanta campus failed to follow proper procedures to inactivate the bacteria. They then transferred the samples to lower-security CDC labs not equipped to handle live anthrax. Because workers believed the samples were inactivated, they were not wearing adequate protective equipment.                                                                                                              IN-DEPTH   U.S. Says 75 Government Scientists Possibly Exposed to Anthrax

The Most Outrageous Part of the Bergdahl Trade

By now you’ve heard about the prisoner swap of five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for Seargeant Bowe Bergdahl, who has been held by a Taliban-friendly group in Afghanistan since 2009. Military reports and a platoon medic said that Sgt. Bergdahl had a history of deserting his post

As egregious as these revelations are, this may not be the most outrageous part of all. The final order to make the trade wasn’t made by President Obama… but instead by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. This makes us wonder about the President’s leadership style and how decisions are really made in the White House.
What do you think is the biggest mistake by the President: Keeping Congress in the dark about the situation, or having his Secretary of Defense give the final order for the trade?

I guess this isn't AMERICA anymore



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

He’s Just Ignoring the Constitution’: GOP Rep Says There’s ‘Probably’ Enough Votes to Impeach Obama

Appearing on News Radio 910 WSBA, Republican Congressman Lou Barletta asserted that President Obama has broken so many laws that he “probably” would not survive an impeachment vote in the House.
“He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws and ignoring the checks and balances,” the Pennsylvania Republican told host Gary Sutton. “The problem is, what do you do? For those that say impeach him for breaking the laws or bypassing the laws – could that pass in the House? It probably could.”                   


Verlin  Deer In Water, a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma shows his t-shirt during an interview in Washington, Oct. 7, 2013, calling for the Washington Redskins NFL football team to change its name, prior to the start of the Oneida Indian Nation's Change the Mascot symposium. Carolyn Kaster, AP               
Last Updated Jun 18, 2014 12:00 PM EDT
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled six federal trademark registrations for the Washington Redskins, ruling that the football team's name is "disparaging to Native Americans.     FULL STORY


related to previous post......THE STUPIDITY OF OUR ELECTED LAWMAKERS

Texas board unwittingly approves reparations for slavery

DALLAS - Dallas County leaders have passed a resolution supporting reparations to African-Americans for years of slavery - without even realizing they had done so.
County commissioners unwittingly gave their OK by unanimously passing a Juneteenth resolution on Tuesday that stated blacks' suffering should be "satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations."
The meeting agenda made no specific mention of it, but it was read aloud by Commissioner John Wiley Price, who introduced the measure.
The resolution went beyond supporting Juneteenth. It included a list of injustices endured by blacks before it endorsed reparations in the final paragraph.
The Dallas Morning News reports other commissioners admitted afterward they hadn't read the resolution before voting.
Commissioner Mike Cantrell, the court's lone Republican, later changed his vote to an abstention, the News reported.
"The reason why I didn't abstain this morning is that I had not received a copy of the resolution," he said.
The vote is nonbinding, so no reparations - through payments or other means - will be made.


Slavery Reparations         Walter E. Williams | Jun 18, 2014  

Calls for slavery reparations have returned with the publication of Ta-Nehisi Coates' "The Case for Reparations" in The Atlantic magazine (May 21, 2014). In making his argument, Coates goes through the horrors of slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow and gross racial discrimination.
First off, let me say that I agree with reparations advocates that slavery was a horrible, despicable violation of basic human rights. The gross discrimination that followed emancipation made a mockery of the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. I also agree that slave owners and slave traders should make reparations to those whom they enslaved. The problem, of course, is that slaves, slave owners and slave traders are all dead. Thus, punishing perpetrators and compensating victims is out of the hands of the living.


WH on Lerner Emails: 'You've Never Heard of a Computer Crashing Before?'Guy Benson | Jun 17, 2014

 New sneering, dismissive spokesman, same as the old sneering, dismissive spokesman. The Washington Post offers the IRS' version of how Lerner's emails "disappeared."                   
Friendly reminder, America. They think you're stupid:
A top White House official blamed a computer crash for the disappearance of emails from embattled former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner, echoing the explanation the agency gave Congress last week for the two years' worth of missing subpoenaed correspondence. "I think it's entirely reasonable. And it's fact," incoming White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One Monday. "You've never heard of a computer crashing before?" he asked. After the IRS informed Congress of the missing emails last Friday, Republican lawmakers have accused the White House of a cover-up. Earnest called those accusations "not at all surprising and not particularly believable," adding 67,000 emails "sent by or received by" Lerner have been offered to Congress.

Humor is Contagious's photo.

Amazing how quickly obama administration goes into action AND CAPTURES A SUSPECT, after republicans start congressional investigation

Benghazi Suspect Captured by US Special Forces

Monday, June 16, 2014

Supreme Court: Federal government can ban ’straw' purchases of guns

© Image Broker/Rex Features
Monday, June 16, 2014,

In the 5-4 ruling, which amounted to a victory for gun-control advocates, the justices concluded that ‘straw’ purchases of guns — when someone buys a gun with the intent of transferring it to another person — are illegal. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


back in March, but a GOOD one....... his sorry ass deserves it

Awkward: It Only Took 5 Seconds For This Audience To Crush Obama’s Ego
The clips and soundbites keep rolling out of Obama’s speech yesterday at the Hague. It’s almost not even to relevant to mention what he spoke about in detail.
Russia this…America that…loose Nukes…. Thank you – cue thunderous applause…..
No one claps!
Ok, well ONE guy clapped kind of, and I’m willing to put good money on the fact that guy was a staffer.
The clip is just too good for words.

I’m sure that had to hurt his pride.
Photo: Good luck trying to share this I couldn't get to work , imagine that . I had to save pic & post on my status. Let me know if you try to share. & what happened.

Obama Is So Serious About The Border Crisis, He's Sending Biden To Run Off Would-Be Immigrants

Talk about a major power play...STORY

Colorado Governor to Sheriffs: Hey, Sorry About That New Gun Control Law    Katie Pavlich | Jun 16, 2014   

Back in March 2013 (and after a massive cash dump from former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg), Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed new anti-gun legislation into law.
Colorado's governor signed bills Wednesday that place new restrictions on firearms, signaling a change for Democrats who have traditionally shied away from gun control in a state with a pioneer tradition of gun ownership and self-reliance.

The legislation thrust Colorado into the national spotlight as a potential test of how far the country might be willing to go with new gun restrictions after the horror of mass killings at an Aurora movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed bills that require background checks for private and online gun sales and ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

The debate in the Democratic-controlled Legislature was intense, and Republicans warned that voters would make Democrats pay. The bills failed to garner a single Republican vote.
In response to the legislation, a few months later Colorado State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron were recalled in a historic defense of Second Amendment rights. Further, not only did Colorado sheriffs refuse to enforce the law, they sued over it.
Now, Hickenlooper is apologizing for signing the legislation without meeting with sheriffs beforehand and is admitting his office did not expect the backlash.
Governor John Hickenlooper is offering an apology to some of his fiercest rivals on the issue of gun control: Colorado’s sheriffs.

The governor’s mea culpa came Friday when he spoke before an assembled group of sheriffs from around Colorado.

A Hickenlooper spokesman confirms that the Governor apologized to the sheriffs for not meeting with them prior to the passage of gun control bills they opposed. Hickenlooper also said his administration didn’t do a good job anticipating pushback on gun control. According to his spokesman, Hickenlooper pledged better communication in the future.
Funny how apologies like this always tend to happen right around election time.
Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?     
As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) - which has already captured the cities of Tikrit and Mosul and is threatening to take the capital city as well - grows in strength and numbers, will it pose an immediate threat to the United States homeland as well?
Experts say the group's increasing power and reach is concerning, though it's not entirely clear when they might be able to threaten the U.S.     VIDEO 

U.S. health care system ranks lowest in international survey

A new report from the Commonwealth Fund finds the U.K. and Switzerland have the best health care systems of industrialized nations; Americans and Canadians fare the worst

The U.S. spends more money on health care compared with other industrialized countries, but Americans still get the least bang for their buck -- and many still don't have access to care -- according to a report just published by the Commonwealth Fund. The report from the private health care research foundation examined data on expenditures, delivery and access to health care services among 11 industrialized countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.     READ MORE


Marines Sent to Protect Embassy as Tensions Rise in Baghdad

ABC News
Jihadi Forces in Iraq Close in on Baghdad

About 100 Marines are headed to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad today
and some embassy staffers being sent out of town as tensions rise due to the advance of a radical Islamic insurgency.
PHOTO: About 100 U.S. Marines are headed to Baghdad as young Iraqi men have volunteered to fight militants on June 16, 2014.



The Media’s Mental Illness On Guns

I really intended to take Father’s Day off to be with my children (and I will do that, once I can pry my ever-sleeping teenager from her bed), but first I felt compelled to address an unsigned Denver Post editorial, Still waiting for Congress on guns.
Like so many members of the media, the editorial board of the Post betrays a a complete lack of understanding of the intent of the Bill of Rights, and of the Second Amendment in particular, as the following passages from their op-ed make abundantly clear.
In the wake of another school shooting, this time in Oregon, President Obama last week was asked what he was going to do to stop these kinds of incidents.
Obama said there was nothing to be done until there was a “fundamental shift in public opinion where people say, ‘enough. .. This isn’t the price we should be paying for our freedom.”
Sadly, the president is right.
The package of legislation that Obama proposed in 2013 after the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut would have banned assault-style weapons, mandated universal background checks and placed a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines.
They were modest but prudent reforms.
The purpose of the Second Amendment is now, and has always been, crystal clear.
                                               FULL STORY
NAILED: Moms Demand Action/Everytown Is Busted Lying… Again |

Correct Number Of Mass School Shootings Since Sandy Hook: ZERO

Ruthless: ISIS Tweets Photo of Severed Head for World Cup  Leah Barkoukis | Jun 14, 2014  

The World Cup kicked off this week and to show their “support,” ISIS savagely tweeted a photo of a Sunni police chief’s severed head and joked about it being a soccer ball.

“This is our ball,” the Iraqi jihadists said in the tweet showing the picture. “It is made of skin #WorldCup #WorldCup2014.”
Via the New York Post (click if you want to see the blurred-out image):
     Increasingly violent rebel forces have been documenting their savagery with a steady stream of graphic photographs and videos as they rampage toward Baghdad. 

One clip shows them barging into the police chief’s home in the dead of night and blindfolding him before cutting off his head with a large knife                              

The rebels claim to have slain more than 1,700 Iraqi soldiers and cops as they push toward the capital in an attempt to topple the increasingly fragile Iraqi government.      

The graphic murders are intended to shatter morale among Iraqi officials, officials said 

Other videos show the rebels carrying out drive-by shootings of random pedestrians and uniformed personnel along bloodstained streets.        

Leaning out of cars, the rebels are shown running other cars off the road and riddling drivers with bullets. 
It’s no wonder ISIS has been described as a “group so extreme it got booted from al Qaeda.”


Darrell Issa Takes Aim at Eric Holder’s Extortion Racket
Michael Schaus | Jun 16, 2014
The nation’s top extortion artist, Eric Holder, is at it again (or still). This time, rather than running guns to Mexican drug cartels or investigating reporters who publish inconvenient facts about the administration’s scandals, Holder is taking aim at America’s small businesses. While Holder and Co have been busy collecting billion dollar fines from big banks, they’ve taken a more direct approach to snub out businesses that don’t necessarily conform with the Holder/Obama view of America.
Operation Choke Point, as it has been known, was a DOJ initiative that was intentionally designed to pressure banks and lenders into avoiding certain industry-specific businesses. Ostensibly, Operation Choke Point was designed to fight money laundering and fraud. The secretive initiative was launched with little fanfare in 2013. According to the Justice Department, it was aimed at “choking out” companies the Administration considered high-risk, despite the fact that they were legal businesses that had shown no signs of fraud.
In other words, the program was aimed at punishing businesses for merely existing. One of the primary victims of Operation Chokepoint has been gun manufacturers, and legal firearm dealers. (What a shock… I’m sure that’s completely coincidental.)
                                          View Full Article

New Rules for Iraqis: Repent or Die, Say 5 Daily Prayers, Women Not Allowed Outside; Grim Massacres                  Mike Shedlock | Jun 15, 2014

Al Qaeda forces are within 50 miles of Baghdad. Some reports say 30 miles. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda forces announce rules for Iraqi territory they now control: Repent or Die.
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has set out a list of rules for residents of Mosul as it seeks to impose its Islamist rules on Iraq's second city.

Referring to the area by its ancient name, Nineveh, the group says it has a clear set of instructions for the remaining occupants of the city and surrounding area.

Firstly it tells "anyone who is asking," who its members are and what it is about: "We are soldiers of Islam and we've taken on our responsibility to bring back glory of the Islamic Caliphate."

1-All Muslims in the city have been instructed to attend mosque for the five daily prayers. Any one of its members who breach this promise will have their hands cut off.
2-No drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes
3-All shrines, graveyards and monuments will be destroyed
4-All women must dress in concealing clothing that preserve decency. Females should only go outside "if necessary".

Al Qaeda confirms that it seized up to half a billion dollars from the Mosul branch of the Bank of Iraq but states it can be trusted with the funds.