Tuesday, February 23, 2021

After seeing what the demoRats did this past year, I'm not surprised at anything they try to push forward...!!!

How DemoRats Plan to Make Voter Fraud Legal with H.R. 1    February 23, 2021 AAN Staff

1) It would include components of the late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)’s “Voter Empowerment Act,” which will create automatic voter registration across the country, expand early and absentee voting, restore voting rights for felons, streamline the vote-by-mail process, and many other proposals.

2) Democrats would swing elections in their favor with “independent commissions” in each state instead of redistricting that currently happens in legislatures following Census years. One report says these districts “would be more easily challenged on the basis they are partisan and unrepresentative” in the courts, which is likely to favor Democrats.

3) The bill would institute the so-called “DISCLOSE Act,” which forces through “honest ad” policies where corporations must disclose to shareholders their political activity, and “beef up disclosure requirements for organizations engaging in political spending, including by reinforcing the Internal Revenue Service’s powers and prerogative to investigate misuse of charities to hide the source of political money,” according to Esquire

4) The bill would also cap maximum donations to certain political committees to even harsher criteria, which would attempt to undo the landmark Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United vs. FEC, ensuring free speech through political monetary activism. 

5) The bill claims to be restructuring lobbying while simultaneously forcing presidents  to release their tax returns, expanding conflict-of-interest policy, restricting government staff on where they can work following public service, and barring members of Congress from serving on corporate boards. 


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Anonymous said...

They don't have to bother making cheating 'legal' - they have succeeded in getting away with it, with the collusion of their propaganda arm and that of various levels of courts. Why should they bother when there are far more important for them to push thru - like bailing out their failed states and banning legal gun ownership for starters.