Sunday, February 21, 2021

GUN CONTROL...Your Good News of the Day: NO LONGER CONSENTING, Carlsbad California Restaurant Owners Defy Order and Open for Indoor Dining

I'm equating Bidens'... "Gun control" measures with "Covid" restrictions...Don't see why it wouldn't work the same if ALL gun owners took the same actions...!

If one person refuses to comply, say to an executive order, government can, and likely will, intervene...HOWEVER,.... if tens of thousands (or millions) rebuke these unconstitutional decrees, there isn’t a damn thing government can do to stop it… and they know it.

Organization and resistance to tyranny.  LINK >>This is the way

This is why some state governors are quickly starting to retract or modify their dictates.

Let's hope this is the start of better things for our country.  The last year plus has been a disaster. 


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cannon said...

We Will I/Iot Comply