Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Written by by "black" reporter, Thomas Sewell. NOT your sharpton or jackson type "african American"

A New Year and Old Problems
Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell Dec 31, 2013
   Increasing numbers of people seem to have finally -- after nearly five long years -- begun to see Barack Obama for what he is, rather than for what he seemed to be, when judged by his image and rhetoric.
     What kind of man would blithely disrupt the medical care of millions of Americans, and then repeatedly lie to them with glib assurances that they could keep their doctors or health insurance if they wanted to?
     What kind of man would set up a system in which people would be forced by law to risk their life savings, because they had to divulge their financial identification numbers to strangers who could turn out to be convicted felons?
     With all the time that elapsed between the passage of ObamaCare and its going into effect, why were the so-called "navigators" who were to be handling other people's financial records never investigated for criminal convictions? What explanation could there be, other than that Obama didn't care? ........................these are the last few paragraphs in article, click below for full story..

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