Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The DemoRats know they can't beat Trump legally, so now , out come all the DIRTY TRICKS they can think up. LOOKING FOR ANYTHING TO USE AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT !! FISHING !!

DeSantis, Rubio, Fried, Crist: How Florida leaders are reacting to Mar-a-Lago raid  Aug 9, 2022  FOX 13 Tampa

As the federal investigation into former President Trump continues, reactions are pouring in across the country, including here in the Sunshine State. The governor, the candidates running against him, and Florida lawmakers are all weighing in. Many Republicans are criticizing the surprise raid while DemoRats applauded the move. MORE: https://www.fox13news.com/news/florid...

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Dan said...

Classic example of "lawfare". The use of the legal system as a weapon against anyone who opposes you. Expect more of this as the left ramps up there attacks on freedom.