Thursday, September 25, 2014

How To Destroy Your Credibility (PA State Cops)

FLASHBACK TO BOSTON BOMBING   How long before some innocent gets shot ??
2014-09-24  by Karl Denninger 
Yeah, I get it. 
Someone got the best of you.  He shot two of your guys and you can't find him.  This*****es you off (as it would anyone else if their friend or relative had been targeted.)  The difference is that "anyone else" doesn't get this sort of response -- ever -- from the police.
Nonetheless that you're*****ed off does not provide legal or moral cover to suspend the entire Constitution, including everyone's right to quiet enjoyment of their own private property, because you're incapable of dealing with one nutcase.
The search for Frein — now in its 12th full day — has resulted in frequent unannounced and indefinite roadblocks in Canadensis. Some residents have resorted to sleeping in their cars due to entire neighborhoods being cordoned off.
Troopers issued a “shelter-in-place” order last week that kept some residents from leaving their homes for more than a day, while others who weren’t already at home could not return. Residents said the directive left elderly residents unattended and pets unfed, as well as lost wages for workers who couldn’t reach their job sites.
That's outrageously unconstitutional and well beyond any sort of "hot pursuit" exemption they may try to claim.

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