Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Breaking News - Hillary Clinton exposed by WikiLeaks email that is a definitive smoking gun.   angrypatriotmovement.com
THIS confirms everything I have been saying for weeks. One word: Guilty!

Smoking gun revealed by WikiLeaks.

DNC officials and Hillary Clinton must wake up and shiver in fear, worrying what fresh hell WikiLeaks has in store for them today. The latest round of DNC hacked emails do not directly implicate Hillary Clinton, but we all know by now the party elites have really been working for her all along!

An email from Jacquelyn Lopez of the Perkins Coie law firm to DNC officials may have just proven the pay-to-play claims levied against the Democrat Party – and by extension cast shame and corruption allegations onto Hillary Clinton.
“Can we set up a time for a very brief call to go over our process for handling donations from donors who have given us pay to play letters?” a DNC hacked email from Jackie Lopez to party officials reportedly read, according to a USA Politics Today report.
Lopez is a licensed attorney who practices international political law, according to the Free Republic.

“Want to make sure we have a robust process in place to make sure that donations that come in from those donors, in any form, get put into the operating account,” Lopez’s email to the DNC continued.
Jackie Lopez graduated from Duke University with a degree in public policy in 2011.

The lawyer now embroiled in the DNC and Hillary Clinton pay-to-play scandal got her law degree from Harvard in 2014 and was a member of the Harvard Journal on Law and Gender.
Perkins Coie was ranked #42 among the highest-grossing law firms in the United States by The American Lawyer this year, according to the firm’s website.
Given the highly successful and well-connected nature of her firm, Lopez likely had clients with some very deep pockets who were more than capable of engaging in the DNC’s alleged pay-to-play scheme.
Do you think Lopez will claim she had no criminal intent while getting caught red-handed in an email scandal – and get by with it like Hillary Clinton did?

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