Monday, May 27, 2019

Tf you've ever watched Fallons show, you will understand the rating drop. He based his monologue on BASHING the point He was no longer funny. His SNL cohort who's show follows Fallons, Seth Meyers is/was even worse

Late Night Comic Sees Ratings Plummet

The "Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon is reportedly in turmoil as ratings plummet. In response, a major staff shakeup is underway.

According to Page Six:
Amid Jimmy Fallon’s stunning loss in the ratings, Page Six hears that there’s turmoil at the top of the “Tonight Show” with one exec suddenly and mysteriously out and another tearing into boss Lorne Michaels as they struggle to fix the faltering show.

Fallon’s “Tonight Show” has been steadily falling behind newcomer Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show,” and on Wednesday it was revealed that Colbert has topped Fallon for a full season for the first time.

As Fallon’s famously fluffy show began to fall behind Colbert’s politically charged material, Fallon tried to ape Colbert by bringing in “Today” show vet Jim Bellas showrunner to inject some topical heat to the show.

But we’re told that — as the ratings continue to suffer in spite of that gambit — an anguished Bell is sniping at executive producer and NBC royalty Michaels, who heads up “Saturday Night Live” and a glut of NBC comedies.
To top it all off Fallon's longtime producer, Kate Hockmeyer left the show after returning from maternity leave.

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