Barack Obama is not going quietly into the night.
It’s been pedal to the metal in implementing his agenda and working to hamstring Donald Trump.
And he just unleashed his most underhanded plot to undermine Trump’s presidency.
Since Hillary Clinton lost the election, Obama, Clinton, Democrats and the media have pushed fake news and conspiracy theories about Russian “hacking” costing Hillary Clinton the election.
The conspiracy theory is that Russian hackers penetrated the email accounts of the Democrat National Committee and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and turned them over to WikiLeaks in order to elect Trump.
Many in the media, such as the New York Times and Politico, are peddling the fake news headline that Russia “hacked the election.”
The left is running with this story to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and weaken him for the 2020 election.
There is no evidence Russia tampered with any vote totals.
Even Barack Obama has said the vote was legitimate and Trump won fair and square.
The story that the CIA reached an assessment that the Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta to swing the election to Trump broke just before the Electoral College vote.
Many saw this as a transparently political leak by Obama officials to try and steal the presidency from Trump.
Now, just weeks before the inauguration, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security and FBI released a joint report on the Russian hacking.
It provides no evidence to substantiate any of the conspiracy theories or fake news about Russian hackers.
Even prominent liberal journalists describe the report as “weak.”

  Sam Stein    

I find this report by DHS/FBI to be pretty weak w/r/t actual details. not much evidence provided at all.
In response, Trump said it’s “time to move on to bigger and better things.”
Politico reports:
“Insisting it’s time “to move on,” President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday he will nonetheless meet next week with leaders of the intelligence community “to be updated on the facts” of alleged Russian cyberattacks.
“It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things,” he said in a statement. “Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.”
While the media is trying to play up the report as “serious,” it’s a fake news story.
Russian hacks had no effect on the election.
And the Obama administration did not treat them as a major problem during the contest.
NBC News reports that one reason the administration didn’t do anything was because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win anyway:
The Obama administration didn’t respond more forcefully to Russian hacking before the presidential election because they didn’t want to appear to be interfering in the election and they thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win and a potential cyber war with Russia wasn’t worth it, multiple high-level government officials told NBC News.
“They thought she was going to win, so they were willing to kick the can down the road,” said one U.S official familiar with the level of Russian hacking.
Critics argue this story is nothing more than a politically motivated hit-job to kneecap the incoming Trump administration.
No votes were tampered with.
The leaked emails were no different than the leak of Trump’s 1995 tax return to the New York Times.
And the administration has yet to provide any evidence to back up the claim that it was the Russian government behind these hacks.