Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jim Kenney... Asshole Mayor of Philadelphia Pa. pushed for a "sugary drink" tax. Supposedly to fund free city wide daycare. (AKA citizen paid babysitting service). And of course AFTER city council passed the one and a half cent per OUNCE tax, we find that only a fraction will be used for daycare, so I guess when funding runs short, they will tax something else. Sugar tax is more than alcohol tax. They even taxed Almond milk (lactose intolerant peoples alternative to cows milk) because it has sugar added. Everyone looking to buy OUTSIDE the city.....

Check Out The Jaw-Dropping New Soda Tax in Philadelphia  Christine Rousselle  Posted: Jan 02, 2017

Check Out The Jaw-Dropping New Soda Tax in Philadelphia
Philadelphia rang in the new year with a controversial new beverage tax on soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks. The tax, which went into effect on Sunday, is the first one of its kind in a major city in the United States.
While the tax is technically 1.5 cents per ounce, which doesn't sound too terrible, when buying a 10-pack of 20 oz bottles those numbers climb pretty quickly. In this case, a 10-pack of Propel flavored water that originally retailed for $5.99 had an additional three dollars tacked on to it in taxes.

Jamie Slonis @JamieSlonis  
@johnkim @SalenaZito Alchohol taxed at 10% per drink. "Soda" tax is per ounce. It's crazy. Check out new price of Gatorade in Philly...
Frank Luntz    

If you're wondering why 2016 voters chose Republicans to run the government, look at this 50% tax on soda in Democrat-run Philadelphia. https://twitter.com/salenazito/status/815915662325547008 

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