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White Male Survival Guide 2017  Posted: Jan 02, 2017

White Male Survival Guide 2017
China got it wrong: 2017 is not the year of the rooster—it’s the year of the white male. 2017 is the year the white man takes back his worth.

Black Male Supremacists. Unheard of. Brown Male Supremacists. Unheard of. Because it’s only trendy for American elites to bash white males. Especially white males who never owned slaves; white males who never “stole” land from Native Americans or Mexicans; and white males who never hired an unqualified male over a qualified female in the workplace.

How do white men handle the hatred hurled their way? Good question. I’ve prepared a short survival guide for white men who wish to reclaim their dignity in America.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
“Mayday” is an international radio call signal to denote distress. Elitist comments like the following seven examples help illustrate the distress in which white males find themselves.

  1. Trump “doesn’t know much… [but he] knows how to get angry white men to vote for him” –Bill Clinton
2.              White men “vote against their own economic interest because of guns; because of gays; and because of God” –Nancy Pelosi

3.              Trump’s win “was whitelash against a black president”Van Jones
4.              “Donald Trump gives white men permission to be sexist and racist” –Cosmopolitan

5.              “Trump reflects white male fragility” –The New York Times

6.              “White guys: … Black lives just matter [i.e. only black lives matter and only white men are racist against blacks]” –MTV

7.              “White guys: … Learn what mansplaining is, and then—stop doing it!” –MTV

These quotes represent a small sample of the politically correct insanity bubbling to the surface in American pop culture.

READ ON     BUT....Be careful, don't read too much into this.....It is written by a WOMAN

Katie Kieffer  Katie Kieffer

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