When John McCain ran for President back in 2008, he was lauded as a war hero. He certainly has the scars to prove it, serving as a POW in the jungles of Vietnam, and now he can’t raise his arms over his head because he was beaten so badly.
So it’s quite a surprise that he wants to go to war again and send our youngest and brightest over to the meat grinder.
He and Senator Lindsey Graham are eager to squeeze the screws against Russia with McCain declaring Russia’s hack attacks as acts of war and demanding that America tighten sanctions against Russia.
But there’s only one thing. It hasn’t been equivocally proven that Russia hacked the US.
And Donald Trump seems to lean that way as well.
Trump actually tweeted about Putin being smart for the change of the guard between Obama and Trump.
‘Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!’ Trump wrote, even momentarily pinning the tweet to the top of his timeline.
Russians are playing @CNN and @NBCNews for such fools – funny to watch, they don’t have a clue! @FoxNews totally gets it!’
McCain, if you’ll recall was a Republican who hardly ever supported Donald Trump. So was Lindsey Graham. They’re making all this ballyhoo about Russian attacks in weeks following the election where Donald Trump beat out insider Hillary Clinton….
But when Clinton’s emails were released earlier in the year and some thought Russia was involved, there was barely a peep from inside the Beltway. There was hardly a mention from McCain about Hillary’s private emails being used to bypass government security.
It’s only now that Trump won that anyone is raising a finger about cyber security. It’s too bad really. Donald Trump defied the odds, beating out 16 other candidates to secure the nomination. He then fought a ground game against Hillary Clinton for months, criss-crossing the country and tapping into what Americans really wanted- Change from the Washington Establishment.
When he won, liberals said he cheated, the system was rigged, the Electoral College was a hoax, and now even mainstream Republicans are alleging that Russia hacked the vote when there’s no proof.
And it’s because Trump didn’t campaign on politically correct. He didn’t campaign on playing nice. He campaigned on Making America Great Again.
And that’s something RINOs like McCain and the liberal establishment refuse to accept. Their policies didn’t work and their long stints of power aren’t something the American public is keen on.
John McCain served his country honorably, without a doubt. But he’s been a career politician since then. He vowed that he wouldn’t support Trump. And now his attempt to make good on that promise might be dragging us towards an encounter that our country doesn’t have the stomach for-war with Russia. .