Monday, January 2, 2017

Who gave the permission for THIS or any other picture to be hung in OUR Capitol ?? This "painting" is in OUR Capitol building............OURS !

Democrat Won’t Remove Painting Depicting Cops As Animals From Capitol, Let’s CALL HIM

Artwork a St. Louis congressman displayed depicts cops as animals who are harassing minorities. Is this just individual expression?
No, its offensive to the men and women in blue who work to protect our nation from crime and we should call Missouri Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay and urge him to take it down. The cops are not “predators” who are always on the hunt for minority individuals.

Photo published for Clay says he won't remove painting in U.S. Capitol tunnel that has drawn criticism from police,...

TAKE IT DOWN! Anti-cop crap must stop. This "art" hangs in US Capitol-Contact Rep Lacy Clay (D-MO) demand it removed
Of course, the BLACK congressman is arguing that the piece is “free expression.” Ultimately, it was his free choice to display the artwork, demonstrating he has no respect for the police.
The artist of this piece w David Pulphus. His “award-winning” work is a downtown street scene with the Gateway Arch fully visible and the animal police brutalizing those in the ghetto. A number of marchers are present and a number of them are depicted holding up signs.

The lead marcher is holding up a sign that says “history” and another marcher has a sign with “racism kills” along with another sign that reads “stop killing.” On the right of the painting there is a man being crucified wearing a graduation cap and the scales of justice in his hand.
While there is no question the artist put a lot of time and dedication into the work, one cannot escape from the fact that the work isn’t a fair representation. Folks, it isn’t the police who are holding minorities down. It’s something else. And the liberals will do whatever they can to sensationalize the issue so YOU don’t realize it.

The real issue that is causing so many problems for both minorities and whites alike is….drum roll please…..a whole host of social problems that seem to grip minorities the hardest. In the Black community, there is an immense amount of fatherless children. There are drugs on every corner, and less job opportunities than in some other communities.
We have to start getting real about what the problem is in the inner city. We need to invite more liberals to do “officer simulations” so they understand just how fast things can happen in an officer-involved incident.

Because until both of these things happen, we will have more more misguided artists who keep the misconceptions going. And we will have more liberal congressmen such as Lacy Clay who believe they are doing the right thing by having this art up in such a prominent place.
All of Congressman Lacy’s contact information is HERE, but if you are just looking for his phone numbers, I have already done the legwork for you:
Washington, DC Office Phone: (202) 225-2406
Florissant Office Phone: (314) 383-5240
St. Louis Offices Phone: (314) 367-1970 & (314) 669-9393

Let’s make our voices known and note our displeasure with this blatant display of anti-police rhetoric.

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