president obama was at it again over the Christmas weekend and it’s clear the apathy has reached all new heights as he seems to be throwing anybody he can under the bus.
Disregarding the fact he still has a job to do – on second thought, maybe that’s a good thing – Obama gave an interview to his former campaign chief David Axelrod on his CNN podcast called Axe Files – and spewed some outlandish rhetoric that has no basis in reality.
Probably the most outrageous anecdote of this deranged interview was when he called Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont “a pretty centrist politician.”
Obama responded to a question on whether he feared the Democratic Party might soon closely resemble the British Labour Party:
 “I think that, the Democratic Party has stayed pretty grounded in fact and reality. Trump emerged out of a decade, maybe two, in which the Republican Party, because it had to say no for tactical reasons, moved further and further and further away from what we would consider to be a basic consensus around things like climate change, or how the economy works.
 And, it started filling up with all kinds of conspiracy theorizing that became kind of common wisdom or conventional wisdom within the Republican Party base. That hasn’t happened in the Democratic Party.
 I think people like the passion that Bernie brought, but Bernie Sanders is a pretty centrist politician relative to Corbyn, or relative to some of the Republicans.”
In what world are we living in where Bernie Sanders is a centrist politician?
In fact, he’s so non-centrist, so far left, that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic National Committee conspired to overthrow his candidacy because he was too far left compared to Hillary Clinton, and they thought he had no shot of winning a General Election.
So when the left says that Sanders is too far left – I’m pretty sure classifying him as a “centrist” is hyperbolic at best.
Continuing in the same podcast, Obama asserts he could have won a third term against President-elect Donald Trump if he had run again on his claim of hope and change.
What is curious about this statement isn’t the obvious, but rather did he mean a hypothetical first election or re-election, because obviously a third term is a moot point.
Obama said on the podcast:
“I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it.”
But isn’t that throwing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton under the bus?  Essentially what Obama is claiming is that his campaign and his prowess was and would have been a better product.
In saying this, he might have realized the error in his insinuation because Obama shifted the blame of Clinton’s campaign to the media and claimed that she “performed wonderfully.”
He clarified what he meant about the media when he said,
“Understandably, I think she looked and said well, given my opponent and the things he’s saying and what he’s doing, we should focus on that.”
The irony here is that this is exactly what Donald Trump was saying throughout the entire duration of his campaign, which was indicting the clear and unfair bias against him from the established media.
Now they’re claiming the bias wasn’t fair against Hillary Clinton?  That is hilarious.  Who’s buying this?