Friday, March 25, 2016

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Whizz Bang! Watch how these natural ingredients can make gunpowder
Cody is the real deal. He's a hardcore prepper who walks the talk on a large tract on land in the middle of nowhere. He even has his own mine. 
So he has a need for gunpowder. And being a smart, self-reliant guy, he worked out a way to make it that keeps him largely independent of stores and other people. 
This is real SHTF prepping. It's a combination of doggedness and smarts. 



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Dan said...

Do not confuse black powder, an explosive, which is what he is making with
smokeless gunpowder which is a propellant. You cannot reload modern ammunition
with homemade black powder. It is MUCH more difficult to make smokeless powder
without very special equipment and processes.