Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH FAITH YOU PUT IN "Department of Homeland Security".! !....ME..... Not so much

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Two videos today. One is from the Brussels airport as the bomb went off. The other is from the Department of Homeland Security.
One shows what can happen when your guard is down. The other reminds you what to watch out for.
Just because the explosions on Monday were in Europe, doesn't mean we're safe here. Terrorists mimic. They work in webs, stretched across the world. The jihad is international and it could be plotting in a basement near you. 
Train yourself to look for signs of terrorism. Train yourself to look for exits. Train yourself to fight your instincts if you're caught in a situation.
Scour our website. We have dozens of articles that can help you.
And please, take care out there. 

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