Friday, August 9, 2013

Gosh, we just keep getting it wrong folks.
It seems that Obama meant something entirely different when he claimed that he killed bin Laden and saved Detroit.
Because, you know, like a lot of problems Obama has tried to tackle, the result has been the exact opposite of what we’ve been told.
In fact, Obama killed Detroit and saved Al Qaeda.
And it seems: he meant to do that, in the words of the immortal of poet of the Big Eighties, Pee Wee Herman.
But what can you expect from a guy who thinks the United States has 57 states, that port of Savannah resides on the Gulf of Mexico and China provides a model economy.
As community organizer, it seems, Obama rarely travelled outside of, say, West 26th Street and East 79th street in Chicago, at least mentally, politically and philosophically.
I’ll close Gitmo.
We don’t spy on Americans.
The economy is finally gaining traction.
Obamacare will reduce the deficit.
The new Egyptian government is democratic.
Welcome to Recovery Summer.
Green jobs are important to stimulate the economy.
We are not arming Al Qaeda.
Benghazi was a long time ago.
There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.
There is no sexual relationship.
I won’t bring up the point that the media rarely, if ever, calls Obama out on his faux pas… whoops, there I pointed it out and I didn’t mean to.
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