obamalies  Martha’s Vineyard residents are expressing their fury over Pres. Obama’s upcoming vacation plans.

The exclusive, quaint island just miles off the coast of Massachusetts has long been the vacation spot for the president and first family. While residents don’t often fuss over the president’s presence on the island, sentiment is quickly changing
  Martha’s Vineyard newspapers report that residents “can expect extraordinary delays and lengthy up-island detours, after Pres. Obama and his family arrive Saturday.”

The Secret Service and other personnel will close South Road from Saturday afternoon until the president heads back to Washington on Aug. 18.

Meeting house Road and Wooten Basset Road will also be closed to everyone except Obama’s security and emergency vehicles.

“He really needs to find another place to go. He treats people here terribly,” said one resident.

Chilmark town selectman and chairman of the board Warren Doty criticized Obama for his increasing narcissism, and the inconvenience it’s placed on the people of Martha’s Vineyard.

“We’ve had the president come to our town three times and it’s been very cordial and there’s been very little disruption,” Doty said. “This would change that approach…and be very disruptive,” he added.